20 DIY Stuff to Make From Recycled Plastic Bags

You’ll be surprised at the many things you can make out of recycled plastic bags!

practical things you can make from recycled plastic bags

Do you own huge wads of plastic bags that you never use? Instead of disposing them and just adding waste to the landfill, you can recycle them in very creative ways!

As we all know, more people and stores are avoiding using plastic bags these days because it takes hundreds of years before they break down. That does not do well for Mother Nature.

But the fact that they do not disintegrate right away means that you can use them as material for a number of craft projects! And that’s what this post is all about.

Check these 20 things you can make from recycled plastic bags!


1. Plarn

This is probably the basic thing you should learn about recycling plastic bags!

Cut off the handles, cut the plastics into strips, and then bring them together through a knot until you end up with your own ball of plarn!

Just like the usual yarn, there are many things you can make from a plarn (or plastic yarn). You can use it to knit, crochet and weave projects that you like!

2. Basket

This is probably my favorite DIY here because I have experienced making one like this before. That was a long time though, so yes, I’m planning to do this again from recycled plastic bags.

This basket was made from braided strips of plastic bags. Sew together the strips to form a steady basket.

It can serve you in many ways: for storing stuff, a trash bin, fruit harvesting, and even a laundry basket!

3. Pot scrubber

Here is a simple but great DIY project for your kitchen. Turn your plastic bags into a pot scrubber and use it to deal with stubborn grime on your pots!

recycle plastic bag -  Port scrubber
Image from My Recycled Bags

Scrub your pots with these, and your dishwashing duties will be so much easier.

First, make a plarn, and then crochet these pot scrubbers! It is a very easy project that will only take you a few minutes!

4. Planters

If you love gardening, you can have extra planters from recycled plastic bags! No need to spend so much money on expensive decorative planters!

recycle plastic bag -  Flowerpot
Image from Mami Made It

This DIY project is a crocheted basket made out of plarn. You only have to use single crochets, so it is very easy to make! This will also add some color to your garden!

5. Crafts apron

When dealing with craft projects involving paint, glitter, or other materials that can leave stains on your clothing, you can make use of a crafts apron. And you can totally make one from recycled plastic bags!

This DIY project was made out of crocheted plarn and is very handy for your craft needs!

recycle plastic bag -  Crafts apron
Image from My Recycled Bags

A word of caution: You must not use this for cooking – especially when doing barbecues and if you are around an open flame. Plastic can melt when exposed to extreme heat so using this apron for cooking is not only a bad idea but also a dangerous one.

6. Floor rug

Need a new rug? Save your penny! Just turn your plastic bags into a floor hook rug!

This rug is both durable and easy to clean. Simply shake the dust off or water them down with a hose.

It is very lovely to look at too. Plus, if you use a lot of plastic colored bags, it can be very colorful!

7. Crochet beach tote bag

Love going to the beach? I love it too!

Use this bag from recycled plastic bags for your beach adventures!

Crochet a plarn and turn that into a tote bag. No need to worry about your bag getting wet or sand clinging to the material.

It is durable too! You can use it to hold your sunblock, towels, books, and snacks!

8. Straw hat

This is a straw hat made of recycled plastic bags. It is waterproof, easy to clean, and the mixture of colors makes it look really unique!

This DIY project is perfect for a day at the beach, or when you’re lounging by the pool, or you have a trip to the tropics.

9. Blanket

Another thing you can crochet from recycled plastic bags is a blanket. But since it’s made of plastic, it’s not meant to warm you on cold weathers.

Rather, this DIY project is perfect for the outdoors, like a day on the beach or picnics in the park! Lay it down on the grass and have a great time with your family or friends! You can even use it on your camping trips.

It also comes with handles so you can easily carry the blanket around.

10. Kite

Because plastic is a light material, it’s excellent for kites! The lighter the kite, the higher it can go!

You will need a plastic bag, wooden sticks, fishing line, and a ribbon. and don’t worry, it’s very easy to make. Use this to have a fun bonding activity with your kids!

11. Bracelet

Do you have little girls who love to play dress-up? Give them these colorful bracelets made of ribbons and recycled plastic bags!

Now your girls can have all the colorful bracelets they need!

12. Pompoms

Pompoms are so festive looking and you can make them in different sizes! The small ones can be accessories for your bags and keychains. The big ones can be used for decor or as a ribbon topper! The possibilities are endless, and these are very easy to make!

13. Hanger cover

Do you have metal hangers around the house?

The thing about using them is that they can leave rust stains on your clothes. I remember tossing a lot of our metal hangers a few years ago because of this. Turns out I didn’t have to!

Make a plarn, then use that to cover your metal hangers. Now you can use them without worry! I just wish I had known this before.

Hanger cover
Image from My Recycled Bags

14. Jump rope

Here is a really fun project which I’m sure your kids will enjoy! Recycle your plastic bags into a jump rope! Girls love playing with them, and even you, you can use one for your exercise routine!

This DIY project is made out of braided plastic strips. You will need six strips to make one braid. This ensures that the jump rope has enough weight for swinging. Then put the ends together with a duct tape to create a handle.

15. Slippers

This will not win you plus points for fashion, but hey – they make excellent waterproof protection for your feet! They could also make great footwear for the beach!

Image from My Recycled Bags

16. Beads

Are you fond of bead crafts? Make beads out of recycled plastic bags!

You will have to fuse the plastic bags to make a more rigid material. So if you want to try this project, make sure you work in a well-ventilated room because melting plastics emit fumes.

17. Coasters

Do you love drinking but hate water rings? Recycle your plastic bags into coasters and you do not have to worry about water rings ever again!

Fuse plastic bags together to flatten them out and turn them into a tougher material. Again, you should work in a well-ventilated area.

18. Pillow filler

Did you know that plastic bags can make an excellent filler for pillows? This provides a totally cheap way to have more pillows!

They won’t be that comfy for your head, though, but they make great fillers for floor pillows and outdoor pillows.

You can even make giant floor pillows for the kids, and you do not have to worry if they jump on them because the plastic filler will not be deformed.

Pillow filler
Image from Creative Outpour

19. Flowers

You can turn plastic bags into something decorative, such as flowers. You will need a bloom loom for this DIY project. This device is used to make yarn flowers, but you can easily use it with plarn too.

Use these plastic flowers for gifts or just something colorful to adorn your walls!

Image from Wonderful DIY

20. Swing

Got a nice tree in your yard? Make a swing out of recycled plastic bags!

If it’s just for your kids, you can make it small. But if you’re thinking it should be stable enough to carry an adult too (a.k.a. YOU), then make one that’s big enough!

Image from Instructables by kcnoderer

Make sure that you do the knots correctly so that the plastic braids will be able to support the weight.

Let’s recycle your plastic bags!

Plastic has always been a problem for Mother Earth. They fill our landfills and pollute the environment. Plastics also contaminate our marine ecosystems.

Recycling your plastic bags and putting them into good use is one great way to help Mother Earth. With these projects above, I hope we have encouraged you to put all those stored plastic bags to good use from now on!

It does help a lot when we do our part to reduce our own plastic wastes.

Looking for more recycling projects? Check these out!

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