20 Bench for Shoe Storage You’ll Absolutely Love!

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It is quite natural to feel irritated when you have to rummage through a heap of shoes and sandals. Especially when you are running late for work, meeting, or even just a simple party.

This is why you should be organized with your shoes.

To make it easier, one of the best things you can do is to buy or make a furniture that supports shoes organization.

Among these furniture is a bench.

Whether it’s a bench that you can park in the hallway, or a bench fixed in a corner of your mudroom, you can’t go wrong with a bench for shoe storage!

So here are different benches to consider adding in your home!

1. Hallway bench with cushion and baskets

Add a bit of vintage or classic charm to your hallway using a cushioned storage bench with baskets.

The baskets are a perfect place to stow away your shoes, as well as your outdoor accessories like hats and gloves.

You can also add a few hooks near the bench to hang your scarfs and coats.

2. DIY Bench with crates underneath

Now here’s a cool DIY project to get your shoes in order!

Use leftover planks to build a large, rugged wooden bench. Make sure to leave extra open space underneath. Then place old crates or cardboard boxes in there, to shove in your shoes and flip-flops.

And here’s another one! I like the black and white color combination of the crates.

Just put a cushion on top for a more comfortable seating experience!

3. Bench with drawers

If you prefer a fixed storage in your bench, a drawer is a nice idea.

It’s simply like the baskets and the crates, it’s just fixed in the bench.

bench for shoes storage - using drawers underneath
From Pinterest

4. Closet bench

How does the idea of a closet-under-the-bench sound to you?

Cool! Isn’t it?

A closet bench has a handful of variations.

This one is just like your typical closet.

closet bench
From Pinterest

And here’s one that’s quite similar to it. Only that… instead of the usual closet door which you pull either to the right or to the left, you’ve got a pull down door.

closet bench
From Pinterest

So pull it down to open the closet and get your shoes.

Now here’s another pull down closet but this one makes your life a little bit easier.

closet bench
From Pinterest

You don’t have to reach for your shoes under the bench. Simply pull down the closet and there’s your collection for easy picking!

5. Hinge top shoe storage bench

Here’s another cool DIY project. It’s just like an ottoman.

Flip the top and you’ve got plenty of storage. And not just for shoes! You can store your kids’ backpacks, school supplies, hats, gloves, and more inside!

It’s a perfect solution to bring all the hallway chaos into order!

6. Ottoman bench

If you’re not into DIY, then just get yourself a ready-made ottoman.

Remove the top and that’s plenty of shoes storage for you!

ottoman bench
From Pinterest

7. Open shelves bench

If you’re cool displaying your shoes in the open, then go for a bench with open shelves!

bench for shoes storage - open shelves
From Pinterest

I personally prefer open shelves because I don’t have to close or open a door to get what I need. It’s there and I can see it clearly!

The only downside of this is, you’ve got to keep your footwear organized all the time. Because just imagine when it’s all a mess down there. You don’t want to keep seeing that mess everyday!

The funny thing is that I also think this is not a downside. When organizing is not in your DNA, open shelves can even help you to organize.

It will force you to organize. Otherwise, you’ll be seeing your jumbled shoes everyday, and you know that’s not very relaxing at all!

So don’t be afraid of open shelves. If you need something to force you to organize, this may very well be it!

8. Bench with drawers and shelves

Get the best of both worlds!

Put drawers under your bench, and also provide space for a shelf.

bench for shoes storage - using shelves and drawers
From Pinterest

Use the shelf for the shoes that you regularly wear. Then the drawers for those that you don’t use that much.

9. Regular bench with a rolling drip tray underneath

Some of us don’t have the luxury of having a mudroom. This is when a drip tray comes in handy.

A drip tray is an easy way to cope with the dirt that your shoes and slippers bring in. Just put it under the bench.

bench for shoes storage - using a drip tray
From Pinterest

Go for a drip tray with rollers so you just roll it when needed. Easy peasy!

10. Fit in the mudroom

Do you want your bench to stay in its rightful place A.K.A the mudroom, forever?

Well… build something that’s fit in your mudroom, and fix it there!

When you already have the bench fixed, it’s easier to decide what kind of storage you should build with it.

Will you put drawers like this?

Or maybe open shelves will be just fine?

bench for mudroom
From Pinterest

You can even add a panel of hooks to hang coats, scarfs, bags and hats above the bench.

11. Simple open space

No shelves or drawers. And no baskets or crates.

Just pure open space.

bench for shoes storage - open space underneath
From Pinterest

If you have just a few shoes, you may not need that much of a storage. So just enjoy the open space underneath the bench.

Keep it tall enough to accommodate your boots.

bench for shoes storage - open space underneath
From Pinterest

Should you find the need to add a storage, like a basket, simply slip it in and you’re good!

bench for shoes storage - open space underneath
From Pinterest

Okay maybe you have lots of shoes, but you don’t want your bench to have so many underneath.

Well, simply assign a separate storage for your shoes. Then be selective with what you will put under the bench.

So yes, you can still enjoy an open space!

12. Tilted shelf

If you want a pretty visual of your shoes, use a bench with a tilted shelf. It’s like what you see in a retail store.

It’s great for shoes that you want to showcase. Like maybe, the shoes add to the color and mood of the room.

tilted shelf bench
From Pinterest

The downside of this however is that, the tilt takes up space. That makes this shelving in need of more space than the usual no-tilt shelves.

So if you live in a tight space, think about whether this is really the best bench for shoe storage in your home.

If not, it’s okay. There are plenty of ideas in this post. I’m sure you’ll find something appropriate for your place.

13. IKEA KALLAX shelf hack

One thing I really like about IKEA is its ability to get “hacked” and be transformed in so many ways.

Just look at this IKEA KALLAX shelf turned into a bench for shoe storage – and with drawers!

Amazing, isn’t it?

Okay… you can use the storage not just for shoes, but for other stuff too! And you can place it in the hallway, in the mudroom, or by the window in your bedroom or living room. You decide!

14. DIY with style!

One of the things I like about bench for shoe storage is that you can do it yourself. And when you do, you can customize it to your own style.

Like this bench. I find this really unique and cool!

15. Not just for shoes!

Okay… I’ve been talking a lot about using the bench primarily for shoe storage (apart from sitting of course).

Now another great thing you’ll love about these benches is that, you can use them for organizing other stuff too.

Yup! Not just for shoes.

Think about the things that you can put inside this bench.

storing other stuff in a bench, not just shoes
From Pinterest

More shoes? Of course.

Backpack… why not?

Winter hats and gloves… sure!

Your pet? Uh oh… Not this one.

Anyway, the point is, even though every bench here is meant to be a shoes storage (as much as it is for sitting), you can use it to store things other than shoes.

So when you live in a small home, especially when you’re in a small home, a bench with storage is something you’ll definitely appreciate!

16. Bench with wheels

Wheels make it easier to move the bench around until you find the sweet spot for it.

bench with wheels
From Pinterest

Not to mention, cleaning becomes a lot easier too! You won’t need to lift your bench to move it. Just push or pull it, and the wheels will do its job!

bench with wheels
From Pinterest

17. Small and cute!

Lacking corner space for a bench?

No problem! Pick a small one – just the right size for your corner, like this cutie bench here.

small bench for corners
From Pinterest

Slip a crate underneath for shoes storage (or other stuff), and you’re good!

If you’re into rustic theme at home, try this style below!

18. Shoe cubby bench

Cubbies or cube storage allows a specific space for each of your shoes.

No bumping on each other. And no stacking (which can get jumbled if there’s a lot).

Vertically and horizontally, you’re able to maximize the space under the bench since it’s already divided into compartments.

Doesn’t it look so organized?

19. Coffee table turned bench!

Here’s another project for the DIY enthusiast!

If you can find an old coffee table and a headboard, this one’s for you.

Head on to Home Steady for the full tutorial.

At a glance, I really wouldn’t think of it as something from an old coffee table. Would you?

20. Just for kids!

Give your kids a bench for shoe storage too!

Train them to organize their stuff as early as possible, and they will remember it when they grow up.

Giving them a bench for organizing their shoes is one way to show them that a simple furniture can make a big difference in organizing.

shoes storage bench for kiddos!
From Pinterest

Shop for a bench that doubles as shoe storage!

If you’re looking to buy a bench that can help in shoe storage, here are our favorites from Amazon.

  1. 2-Tier Shoe Bench with Padded Seat Cushion
  2. SONGMICS Shoe Rack Bench
  3. VASAGLE Shoe Bench with Cushion
  4. Pipishell Bamboo Shoe Rack Bench
  5. HOOBRO Shoe Bench
  6. Shoe Rack with Hidden Drawer and Side Holder
  7. IRONCK Shoe Storage Bench
  8. Prepac 24 Pair Shoe Storage Cubby Bench
  9. Lift Top Shoe Storage Bench
  10. HOMEFORT Shoe Bench with Lift Top Storage

Check out this page for more choices!

No more shoes getting out of hand!

You don’t have to feel that shoes organization is an uphill battle. With the right bench, you can reduce that problem and make storing shoes a little bit easier.

Who knows? A bench for shoe storage could be just what you’re missing!

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