20 Best Plants to Freshen Up Your Home Office

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best plants for home office

These days, a current trend for home offices is using indoor plants as part of the interior design or as desktop decor.

And for good reasons!

It is not just for aesthetic purposes or improving your air quality. Apparently, having plants in your workspace reduces your stress levels, improves focus, boosts your productivity, and increases your creativity. Who wouldn’t want these benefits?

This is why plants is my top preference when it comes to home office decor. When my eyes are tired, I simply look at the greenery around me, and sometimes that’s what all I needed.

Not only that, it makes me feel like I’m working fresh and I’m so close to nature. Well, I love nature (that’s another plus!). It make me think clearly when there’s green all around me.

However, not every plant is fit for the home office. Get the wrong plant and it withers. You need something that thrives indoors.

In case you do not know which plants are these, here’s a collection of 20 best plants for your home office. I’ve included the light and water requirements for each plant. Take note of that so your little green friends don’t die in there.

You don’t have to get everything. Pick just one or two plants and that’s enough for a start!

So, let’s do this!

1. Jade plant

Light requirements: at least four hours of direct sunlight each day. Young jade plants should only be exposed to indirect but bright light.

Water requirements: once every two to three weeks in winter; once a week in summer

The Jade plant is a small, succulent plant that bears little pink or white flowers in the spring.

best plants for home office - jade plant
Image from ProFlowers

In Japanese folklore, the jade plant is considered to bring financial good luck, referred to as the “money plant.” This makes it such a popular plant to keep in offices.

It also has medicinal benefits that you can use to treat diarrhea, nausea and warts.

Read more about jade plants here.

Here’s a jade plant that you can order from Amazon.

Look for other jade plants here.

2. Mini succulents

Light requirements: at least 3 hours of direct sunlight daily

Water requirements: Once a week

Mini succulents are adorable and colorful home office plants. They are waxy plants that come in different variants with different sizes and colors. You can even group different variants together in one pot and have a mini garden in your office!

best plants for home office - mini succulents
Image from Jonkers Garden

Position your succulents by the window to receive sunlight every morning. It is best to let them have their sunlight in the morning since the afternoon light can be too harsh for them.

3. Cactus

Light requirements: needs direct sunlight, but not too much (shades of yellow or orange means it’s getting too much sunlight)

Water requirements: water when the soil seems dry

The cactus comes in different varieties, colors, and sizes. Several are small enough to be on your desktop.

A combination of different mini-cactus plants makes for an adorable decor in the office.

4. Aloe vera

Light requirements: bright, indirect sunlight (don’t put in direct sunlight)

Water requirements: once every three weeks – and less than this when it’s winter

Another of the best plants for the home office is aloe vera. It looks good to display, adding some aesthetic appeal to your workstation. It also carries with it amazing benefits – so it’s not just an indoor plant for decor.

aloe vera
Image from Almanac

I remember putting fresh aloe vera gel in my hair many years ago. It feels cool to the head, and also keeps your hair dandruff-free.

Apart from that it is known to have medicinal uses, so having this at home will definitely benefit your entire household!

Read more about caring for aloe vera here.

5. Peace lily

Light requirements: partial shade but needs bright light if you want it to flower

Water requirements: once a week (keep the soil moist)

The peace lily has attractive dark green foliage, and it blooms white flowers that last long. Just looking at its flowers can already help you to feel calm and refocus on your task.

It’s low maintenance too. It won’t die immediately just because you forgot to water. And it doesn’t need direct sunlight, so keeping it in a shady corner is just fine. It can even thrive in rooms without windows!

Pro tip: When shopping for a peace lily, it is best to buy them with buds and blooms already since it could take a while for them to start blooming again if you coop it indoors.

Read more about caring for a peace lily here.

6. Spider plant

Light requirements: Partial light, low light, shaded areas

Water requirements: can go 1 to 2 days without water

The spider plant is also a low maintenance plant, even easy to propagate. Just pinch off small sections of the plant and place them in fresh soil.

The spider plant helps in removing pollutants and volatile organic compounds from the air. You can place it in hanging baskets and it’s a beautiful and natural decor for your home office!

Can you see those dangling little leaves right under the plant? They’re like green spiders. Now I see how it got its name!

7. Lucky bamboo

Light requirements: Little sunlight, can survive in shaded areas

Water requirements: Once a week

This plant looks like bamboo, but it actually comes from the Lily family. It grows even in small dishes of water.

lucky bamboo - for good luck in your work!
Image from Bold Sky

In Japanese culture, bamboo is a symbol of prosperity because of its sturdy roots. This may just be the lucky charm that you need!

8. Parlor palm

Light requirements: low to bright indirect sunlight

Water requirements: Once a week

This plant is a slow grower, so you will surely be able to enjoy them on your desk for a few years. They are more visually appealing when grown in clumps, so plant more than one in a pot!

best plants for home office-  parlor palm
Image from Buzzfeed

9. Lemon balm

Light requirements: can thrive on both direct sunlight and shaded areas

Water requirements: Needs water daily

This plant will give your office a subtle lemon scent. The wonderful fragrance will definitely boost your mood and help you work at ease!

It is believed that lemon balm can help with anxiety, indigestion, insomnia, and stress.

best plants for home office - lemon balm
Image from Nursery Live

10. Red aglaonema

Light requirements: Thrives in medium or indirect indoor lighting

Water requirements: Water when the soil dries out. Keep moist but not soggy during the summer and spring.

If you’re looking for something that’s naturally pink or red, then the red aglaonema must be for you! It’s a gorgeous indoor plant with pink stems and pinkish or reddish leaf tips.

red aglaonema
Image from Costa Farms

It has different varieties, and there’s even one which has white spots on the leaves instead of pink or red. I like the red one, but I think you can have a combination. They look really beautiful together!

11. Snake plant

Light requirements: can withstand both direct and low light but is most ideal with indirect sunlight.

Water requirements: once every two weeks; some variants can last six weeks without water.

Snake is a scary word for me. But it turns out that not all snakes are scary. Some are even good for the home – like a snake plant!

The snake plant filters out pollutants like formaldehyde. And its sword-like foliage makes it a stunning decor for your home office!

When you’re too busy, you many neglect it for weeks, but it will still look fresh, making it one of the easiest plants to look after.

12. Watermelon peperomia

Light requirements: best grown in moderate or medium light conditions

Water requirements: once every two weeks; make sure that the plant is almost dry before you water it again.

This has nothing to do with the watermelon fruit (hmmm… love that fruit!), but it looks really similar to a watermelon.

watermelon peperomia
Image from My Home Nature

Now I see how it got its name! With it’s silver and green foliage, it really does look like little watermelons!

Even looks like heart-shaped leaves. Oh you’re gonna love those leaves!

13. Bromeliads

Light requirements: bright light but not direct sunlight

Water requirements: once a month

Bromeliads are colorful and stable plants. It gives off a tropical vibe. They may look like high-maintenance plants, but they are actually easy to care for.

best plants for home office - bromeliads
Image from Costa Farms

Take note though that these plants bloom only once in their lifespan, then it dies. But this is not entirely discouraging since their flowers last for 3 to 6 months.

When the mother plant starts saying goodbye, there’ll be baby bromeliads growing around it, so the cycle goes on and you don’t really lose a bromeliad plant!

14. Air plants

Light requirements: Bright but not direct sunlight

Water requirements: Soak in water for two to three hours every 10 days

Air plants are spider-like plants that do not need soil to survive. So if you do not want to get your hands dirty with soil, this is the best plant for you!

When you soak them in water, shake off the excess water and allow the plants to dry completely to avoid moisture damage.

air plants
Image from Lifestyle Asia

15. Chain of hearts

Light requirements: bright, indirect sunlight

Water requirements: water only when the soil is completely dry

This makes a great hanging plant with its wispy strings and pretty heart-shaped leaves. They look great on top of shelves or on hanging baskets that are suspended on the ceiling.

They are like succulents that can go long weeks without water, so it’s easy to maintain. Just trim the vines from time to time.

chain of hearts
Image from Pinterest

16. Pothos plant

Light requirements: moderate indoor light

Water requirements: once a week

The Pothos plant comes in different colors and it’s low maintenance.

You can quickly tell if the pothos plant needs care. When it droops or slumps, it is a sign that it needs water. Yellow leaves mean that the soil is too dry. Brown spots will appear if it’s getting too much sun.

The pothos plant is hard to kill. So if you’re a newbie in planting, this is one of the best plants to start with.

best plants for home office - pothos plant
Image from Deskplants

17. ZZ Plant

Light requirements: can thrive in any light condition but best under direct sunlight

Water requirements: once a month

The ZZ plant is like a cactus that needs minimum water – you do not have to worry about watering them all the time.

This plant is hard to kill too. If you neglected it too much, you could still revive it, and it will bounce right back to life!

Fair warning, though – the ZZ plant has a reputation for being poisonous when consumed. So put it out of reach of your kids and pets.

18. Yucca

Light requirements: bright but not direct sunlight

Water requirements: once or twice a month

The yucca plant is a desert plant, so it can go for a long time without water. Aside from being low maintenance, it’s also stylish.

Because it requires little attention, it is one of the best plants for when you do not have a green thumb or you are new in plant caring.

Pro tip: Turn the yucca plant once a week to ensure that every part of its foliage gets sunlight. Otherwise, it will grow fuller only on one side and will look uneven.

Image from Tree 2 My Door

19. Orchids

Light requirements: bright, indirect sunlight

Water requirements: two to three tablespoons of water every two weeks

We used to have orchids – but it was outside the home, not inside.

Many shy away from orchids thinking that it is such a high-maintenance plant. The truth is, taking care of one is actually more comfortable than it looks. You can have these pretty blooms to inspire you while you work!

best plants for the home office - orchids
Image from Gardenista

Orchid flowers are pretty (my Dad loved them too). They also add a touch of elegance and class to any room.

Orchids have a wide variety of species that gives out different-looking blooms. With such a massive array of colors and sizes to choose from, you undoubtedly would want more than one variety to liven up your home office!

20. Money plant

Light requirements: bright, indirect sunlight

Water requirements: once a week

The money plant has flat and round leaves that looked like coins – hence the name. In Asia, it is believed that this plant brings luck and prosperity.

You can also visualize that those leaves are real coins to attract financial success in your life.

But whether it brings you good fortune or not, it is very refreshing on the eyes and so easy to care for – which makes it a great candidate for your home office.

Pick your plant!

As you have seen, there are many indoor plants you can add in your home office. All that’s left now is for you to pick one.

Which plant is best for your home office? Where will you place it?

Most importantly, will you be able to care for it?

I used to have a cactus. But it died.

Apparently, that was because I didn’t take good care of it really. I just left it there thinking it would take care of itself.

So silly of me!

While many of these plants here don’t need much attention, they still need their owners to care. Water it as needed. Make sure it gets the light it needs. Trim it when the leaves are going unruly.

In short, do not neglect it. Even if it’s a low-maintenance plant, don’t expect it to take care of itself. It still needs your care.

So… ready to put some greens in your home office? Time to pick!

Looking for more ideas for your home office? How about these?

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