20 Awesome Accent Wall Projects for Your Living Room

Accent wall ideas and projects for the living room

Accent walls are a timeless trend when it comes to interior design – it works for every room! And when it comes to decorations for your living room, an accent wall creates a huge impact on how you want your family or guests to feel in your home.

If you’re wondering what an accent wall is, it is a wall that has a different color, material, design, or shade from the other walls around it.

To put it in simple terms, you choose one wall in a room that will serve as the focal point and make changes on it, while leaving the rest of the wall as is!

Now here are some great living room accent wall ideas that will deeply inspire you to put up a better-looking living room!

Let’s get on with it!

1. Paint it with a different color.

The cheapest way to create an accent wall is to simply paint the wall a different color!

Choose a color that contrasts the rest of the walls, making it a focal point. It must also work with the other elements of the room like the chairs, table and decorations.

accent wall for living room - paint it with a different color
Image from House Beautiful

2. Hang up a wall art.

Here is one of the most common ways to do an accent wall. Simply hang an art piece.

You have the option to go for one big statement art piece, or do a gallery on the wall with several pieces. It helps if the colors also complement your furniture and the other elements in the living room for a more coordinated look.

accent wall for living room - wall art
Image from Nordic

3. Use the TV as a focal point.

Got a wall-mounted TV? Then it is probably the focal point of your living room. It just makes sense when the accent wall is also that wall where the TV is.

Notice how these wood panels make the wall stand out and at the same time, give the TV a nice frame.

4. Use curtains.

Not ready for something permanent yet? Perhaps you are renting, or still testing out the tides.

If this is you, simply use floor-to-ceiling curtains to create an accent wall! It adds a different texture to your living room space, and some softness and drama as well! This way, you can easily change the colors of your accent wall whenever you want to!

accent wall for living room - use curtains
Image from My Domaine

5. Pick a great wallpaper.

There is a lot of temporary wallpaper or renter’s wallpaper available right now.

Unlike the more permanent wallpaper, this one does not require you to use paste or water. You can replace it any time and take it off easily!

Vertical patterns will make your living room look larger while horizontal patterns will make your living room look wider.

accent wall for living room - wallpaper
Image from Design Cafe

6. Showcase bookcase

What better way to draw the eye than to have an entertainment center on one wall?

Build a ceiling-to-floor bookcase where you can place your TV and put on display other entertainment electronics and some collectibles.

accent wall for living room - showcase bookcase
Image from Family Handyman

7. Put up a mural.

If you are an artist, you can make your accent wall entirely unique by painting a mural on it.

Keeping your art on one wall will make everyone focus on your masterpiece. Plus it is a great way to show off your talent!

Now if you do not have the talent but you like a mural, simply hire an artist to do it, or just purchase a printed one to stick on your wall.

accent wall for living room - mural
Image from Design Milk

8. Go hard with a stone accent wall.

This will make you feel like you’re so close to nature. And it feels really cool. Indeed, using stone materials as an accent wall is a great way to add a natural element to your home!

The look of rugged stone in an indoor space is a very elegant contrast. If you have the budget, you can use actual stones. But if you want something simpler, there are tiles and 3D printed wallpaper that can help you pull off the look at an affordable price.

stone accent wall
Image from Pinterest

9. DIY with reclaimed wood planks.

Handy with woodwork? Use a change of texture for your accent wall with the help of reclaimed wood planks.

This works best when you have a rustic farmhouse, or shabby chic as your interior design theme. It definitely gives out a charming and cozy vibe!

accent wall for living room - wood planks
Image from Decoist

10. Create a portal to another world.

This is a great idea for when you love to travel or you want to go on an adventure all the time. You can create your own portal to another world through your accent wall.

This can easily transform your living room into a dream destination!

accent wall for living room - like a portal to another world
Image from Jass London

11. Tile it up!

Tiles should not be limited to the bathroom and kitchen area. You may also use these for your accent wall.

Tiles are high-quality with a high-end look. This may be an expensive option. But there are also peel and stick tiles now available, and there are now more elegant designs worthy of being used for accent walls.

12. Use mirrors.

A wall covered in mirrors is a game-changer for any room and it will do wonders for your living room!

Mirrors reflect light so it will make the room brighter and give the illusion that the space is larger. You have the option to make the entire wall a mirror, or go for a large statement mirror, or put up a couple of statement mirrors on the wall.

use mirrors
Image from AluSplash

13. Use bricks.

Brick walls are commonly used for accent walls. They are usually situated where the fireplace is, behind the sofa, or where the TV is.

The texture and depth it gives is an eye-catcher. Bricks do not only look good but they are also timeless and sturdy, making them a great material for your accent wall.

use bricks
Image from Designing Idea

14. Let the fireplace be the focal point.

Sometimes all you have to do is work with what you already have.

For instance, if you have a fireplace, that is an immediate accent wall space. It just needs some dressing up.

Turn it into an accent wall by adding some stonework, color, paneling, or even shelves. Any of these elements can draw attention to the fireplace!

15. Display your photos.

Make an accent wall stand out by filling it with photos. Show off the good memories you have with your family and friends! Go for any color scheme or arrangement that you like.

I suggest choosing a wall with enough space for your guests to gather around cause they will surely want to get a closer look at those pictures.

display the photos
Image from Color & Chic

16. Put color on your shelves.

Setting up shelves on your accent wall?

Make it stand out more by putting some color in the background. Do this with the help of wallpaper! It is a simple DIY project that anyone can pull off!

put color on the shelves
Image from Domino

17. Go small.

An accent wall doesn’t have to be the biggest wall in the living room.

If you have small nooks or awkward spaces in your living room, those can be accent walls too. This will give the space a facelift that will make you feel that it is not a wasted space.

a small accent wall
Image from Paintzen

18. Use geometric patterns.

Geometric patterns on an accent wall give it a modern and trendy look. Use wood panels, paint, or the cheapest one – foil tapes!

This will give your living room an eye-catching feature without being too much!

geometric patterns
Image from Make Do and DIY

19. Stick up wall decals.

If you’re looking for an instant and affordable solution, wall decals will do the job! These are like big stickers that you put up on your wall to give it instant decor.

There are thousands of options to choose from. This one is inspired by nature.

stick up wall decals
Image from Residence Style

20. Artificial living wall

Whether you are known to have a great green thumb or you simply love nature, an artificial living wall can give your living room a major upgrade.

Simply use faux plants, and it’s something that does not need to be maintained like the real plants.

artificial plants or faux plants
Image from The Spruce

Ready for your own accent wall?

Accent walls are one of the best pieces you can do for your living room. By blending texture, tone, color, and statement decors on the wall, you can show off your personal style and taste in an epic way.

Working on an accent wall in the living room can be expensive – depending on what type of idea you go for. But think of it as an investment! After all, your living room has the most traffic in your home so it makes sense to put more focus on its decor.

Remember, your home is unique and so is your accent wall! We hope that these ideas have given you inspiration for your next living room project!

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