20 Ideas for Living Room Wall Decor to Enliven Your Space!

Brighten up your home with these ideas for living room wall decor!

ideas for living room wall decor

Putting up wall decors in your living room can easily affect how the room looks like. You can use your wall decor to add some glam, make your living room look refreshing, show your style, or express your personality!

A lot of us put so much thought when it comes to designing our living rooms. Well… why not? It’s the place where we entertain our guests.

Now if you’re not sure how to decorate your living room walls, or you need a bit of inspiration, this post is for you! We have gathered 20 ideas for living room wall decor that you can easily pull off on your own!

Here we go!

1. Put up a large-scale art.

If you want something easy yet neat, the simplest way to decorate the living room wall is to go for a large-scale art piece. You can frame up a huge photo, canvas art, or poster.

ideas for living room wall decor - large-scale art
Image from Big Wall Decor

Notice in this example how the furniture also goes well with the colors of the art on the wall. Everything looks neat and coordinated.

To do this, choose an art piece that has the right colors for your home.

2. Go for an eclectic gallery wall.

An eclectic gallery wall in the living room is a common favorite. It works so well because it can work for any living room size and you do not have to be so neat and organized about it.

ideas for living room wall decor - eclectic gallery wall
Image from Art Finder

You can start with a mix of paintings, photos, quotes, and posters. Feel free to mix a wide range of subjects and sizes.

For example, if you are interested in swords, you can include artwork or photographs depicting historical battles or incorporate various sword replicas.

But if you want it neat you can choose to go with a theme. Anything is possible with this concept!

3. Fill the walls with a bookcase.

If you are an avid reader, turn your living room into a library of some sort by putting up a full bookcase on the wall.

A floor-to-ceiling built-in bookcase is great to fill the entire length of a wall. You can also use it to display cool objects, like show off a collections, or other objects that you’d think would make a good conversation starter.

ideas for living room wall decor - bookcase
Image from House Beautiful

4. Show off your plates.

Did you inherit a good China set from your grandmother? Or perhaps you are just fond of collecting colorful ceramic plates?

Here is one unique way to keep them on display – use them as your living room wall decor! It will definitely make a great conversation starter especially when you have some interesting pieces. Also, make sure you use the right adhesives so they really stick on the wall!

ideas for living room wall decor - decorative plates
Image from Of Design

This may not be advisable if you still have little kids running around the house.

5. Do a chalkboard accent wall.

If you live in a small house or a tiny apartment, it is important to make as most as you can with the space without making it look cramped. Hence, a black chalkboard accent wall will definitely pop out in the living room.

ideas for living room wall decor - chalkboard accent wall
Image from Tiny Apartments

The best thing about it is that you can change the look whenever you want! If you’re an artist, go for it definitely!

6. Pom-pom tassel wall hanging

Do you have a boho-themed living room? Or maybe you want something that will give your wall a lot of colors? Well, try to copy this pom-pom tassel wall hanging!

ideas for living room wall decor - pom-pom tassel wall hanging
Image from Brit+Co

Just look how colorful it is and how it goes well with the pillow on the couch. It helps to pair it with some major elements in your living room for a more coordinated look.

7. Set up a grid gallery wall.

You can turn your wall into an Instagram feed with this grid gallery wall suggestion!

Frame up pictures of the same size and create a symmetrical grid with them. This is perfect when you have several good pictures that you love to display. In fact, it does not have to be limited to pictures. You can display what you want as long as it is arranged neatly like a grid.

ideas for living room wall decor - grid gallery wall
Image from Haute Off the Rack

8. Hang up a wall tapestry.

Add a pop of color to your walls with a wall tapestry!

It also brings in some softness especially when you want your living room to be a neutral space. Plus, you get the advantage of moving them around easily compared to framed paintings – so it is a great idea for when you’re just renting out.

ideas for living room wall decor - wall tapestry
Image from Style Motivation

9. Wallpaper on an accent wall

There was a time when wallpaper could be very tacky. If you do not know how to choose your prints well, they could be all scattered and look like an eyesore.

One way to avoid this from happening is to use wallpaper as an accent wall. This means just choosing one big wall of the living room and leaving the others blank.

There are lots of clean patterned prints so you can have plenty of options. Or you can have them customized too!

10. Hang up wall-mounted plants.

Got a green thumb? Why not set up some wall-mounted plants in the living room?

Indeed, doing so is a nice way to add an element of nature into your space. Plus, greenery makes your living room look more refreshing!

ideas for living room wall decor - wall-mounted plants
Image from Balcony Garden Web

Don’t know how to take care of plants? Don’t worry – there are a lot of faux plants now that look like the real thing! No one has to know!

11. Go for statement mirrors.

If you are not fond of artwork or displaying pictures, here is a simple solution to give life to your living room wall – choose a huge statement mirror or go for several small ones.

The mirror will not only make your living room brighter because it reflects light but it also gives the illusion that your living room is bigger. You can choose one in a bold or fun shape, or simply go for a huge one.

Image from Dekor Company

12. Choose a mural.

Give your living room some personality. Put up a mural on the walls! It’s very captivating.

You can have someone actually paint your walls. And if you want something cheaper, there are wallpaper murals available now.

Just check out how this foggy forest mural gives the living room a very cool and relaxing vibe.

Image from DigsDigs

13. Set up floating shelves.

Another great way to decorate your living room wall is to install a few floating shelves. Instead of hanging stuff, you get to put them on display.

To make this work, mix the sizes of what you have on display while showing off your own personal style. Just remember that if you do not want the shelves to look cluttered, less is more.

Image from Decoholic

14. Put up a family tree display.

Do you love displaying family pictures around the house? Why not put up a family tree display on your living room wall?

You can easily DIY this or just order ready-made wall decal stickers like this one!

Image from Etsy

15. Fold 3D paper flowers.

Love origami? Use your crafty skills in paper folding to help decorate your living room wall. And you can do this with any color theme!

It’s perfect if you want a lot of colors or for Springtime! They don’t only look good but they also make great photo backgrounds!

Image from Pinterest

16. Invest in a textured accent wall.

Judging from this list, I guess you now have an idea that accent walls are the trend when it comes to interior design. The contrast is just eye-catching! And you can do the accent wall idea with textures!

Simply choose a different wall material for your accent wall and you are good to go!

Image from Trendey

17. Statement clock

Make everyone aware of the time by putting up a statement clock as the focal point on your living room wall. It’s functional and attractive at the same time.

Image from Dedobob

18. Go rustic.

Rustic decor always adds coziness to any space and can make any area feel like home. It is no wonder why it is a common theme in interior design. It’s also my favorite among these ideas for living room wall decor.

Simply fill up your walls with rustic decor. Arrange them any way you like! Include a lot of wooden elements, signs with various calligraphy, add a hint of vintage, and maybe throw in a few pictures!

Image from DigsDigs

19. Geometric panels for a modern look

Want a very modern yet trendy look? Geometric panels on the walls will do the thing!

Cover your whole wall with geometric panels. If you are crafty, you may DIY the whole look by simply adding some wooden contours.

Image from DigsDigs

20. Try clipboard frames.

Are you the type who loves to switch things up from time to time? We bet you easily get tired of the way your living room looks.

This DIY wall decor project will not only let you display different things whenever you want to but it is also very cheap and easy to do! Now your wall decor can easily come and go as you please!

Let’s decorate!

As you can see, there’s no need to leave your walls bare. Any of these ideas for living room wall decor will definitely put more life into your home!

So go on and choose something that resonates with your personality and style. Decorating your living room is not only for pleasing your guests.

It’s your home. Hence, make it beautiful and keep it warm!

Need more decorating ideas for your home? Check these out!

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Be inspired with these ideas for living room wall decor! Apply any in your own home.

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