20 Beautiful and Cool Wallpaper Ideas for Living Rooms

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wallpaper ideas for living rooms

Thinking about revamping your living room? You should consider using wallpaper!

Using a wallpaper is one of the best ways to decorate and place some personality in your living room. A lot of interior designers are turning to them for a reason.

Wallpapers are not only affordable, but the prints and designs are now updated. Gone are the days when you have to bear with tacky prints. You can choose from thousands of styles, colors, and themes!

Aside from traditional patterned prints, you can now have murals as wallpaper. Some even come with 3D effects for an illusion of texture.

And if you are artsy or have something specific in mind, you can even design one on your own and have it custom printed! Today, the possibilities that you can get with wallpaper is infinite!

We are not kidding when we say the choices can be overwhelming. So if you are torn about what to choose, do not worry – we got you!

Here is a list of 20 beautiful wallpaper ideas for living rooms. Whether you are looking for something removable, or something that you want to commit to, you will surely be able to find one here to freshen up your living room!

1. Vertical patterns

When it comes to wallpapers, vertical patterns, stripes and designs will make the ceiling look higher than it truly is. The illusion of a higher ceiling also gives the impression that your living room is more grandiose.

wallpaper ideas for living rooms - vertical patterns
Image from Graham & Brown

2. Horizontal patterns

Wallpapers with horizontal patterns, stripes, or designs can open up a room and make it look wider. But this only works best for living rooms with high ceilings since this also makes the ceiling look lower than what it truly is.

wallpaper ideas for living rooms - horizontal patterns
Image from Ali Express

3. Faux wall panel

Wall panels give any home a warm, old-school charm that you barely find in modern homes.

Do you desire to have panel walls in your living room but do not have the craftsmanship to create your own? Get that faux wall panel through the wallpaper! As you can see, it looks like the real thing!

4. Ombre

Subtle shading is another popular way to add color to your living room.

Choose your favorite shade. Then have a wall where the darkest shade starts at the bottom until the color fades to the palest shade on the way to the top. It can be very calming and easy to commit to!

wallpaper ideas for living rooms - ombre
Image from Anewall

5. Floral patterns

Wallpapers with floral patterns give your living room a feminine touch and softness that makes anyone feel that they are in a safe and relaxing place. They are timeless when it comes to wallpaper prints – you can choose between subtle and bold prints.

To make it less messy, make sure that the color palette is coordinated with the color of your furniture or other elements of the living room.

wallpaper ideas for living rooms - floral patterns
Image from Real Homes

6. Faux exposed bricks

You can easily mimic the look of exposed brick walls with faux wallpaper. Today’s prints can provide you with realistic-looking walls. This is a great idea for urban spaces and country dwellings.

wallpaper ideas for living rooms - faux exposed bricks
Image from Teahub

Here’s one of our favorites, the Akea Faux Brick Wallpaper, from Amazon!

Visit this page for more choices!

7. Optical illusion

Having an optical illusion for an accent wall is one way to make a statement in your living room. Now that wallpaper comes with 3D effects, stand out by skipping the delicate patterns and artistic murals by going all out for an optical illusion on your wall!

wallpaper ideas for living rooms - optical illusion
Image from Besto24

8. Landscape murals

Turn your living room into a restful and restorative space that can soothe the soul by putting up a landscape mural wallpaper on an accent wall.

The properties of nature in the indoor space can be fresh and nourishing. It helps if the furniture will complement the mural for a uniform look.

wallpaper ideas for living rooms - landscape murals
Image from Photowall

9. Metallic

A metallic wallpaper allows your walls to reflect and bounce around some light. This adds more sheen and light to the room, making it the perfect wallpaper idea for small living rooms, or for living rooms that do not get enough natural light.

wallpaper ideas for living rooms - metallic
Image from I Love Wallpaper

Here’s one of our favorites, Matte Silver Flower Metallic Wall Paper, from Amazon.

Find more metallic wallpapers here!

10. Fake bookshelf

If you’re a bookworm, here is a great idea for your accent wall! Fake-out a bookshelf through a wallpaper!

It is a great homey touch when you love books but do not have the space for all the books you want to read. If you choose one with the right print, it can create an optical illusion that makes it look close to the real thing!

wallpaper ideas for living rooms - fake bookshelf
Image from Ali Express

11. Diamond pattern

Diamonds pattern is a simple geometric design that is not too bold and overpowering for a wallpaper. It can give your room an elegant lift.

The best way to decorate with this type of wallpaper is also to go for cushions that will complement the color scheme of the wallpaper.

diamond pattern
Image from I Love Wallpaper

12. Go for bold murals.

Wallpaper murals are very popular these days. You can go for murals with big and bold patterns so that they can serve as an art work at the same time.

Take note that wallpapers like this will only work on accent walls, meaning you set it up on one wall only.

bold murals
Image from Ali Express

13. Terrazzo print

Wallpaper with terrazzo prints are another popular ideas these days, and these too are perfect for living rooms.

A terrazzo print is similar to a leopard print but in a more neutral presentation and in small geometric shapes. The pattern is very random so it is not too distracting. This wallpaper works best for when your furniture comes in vibrant colors.

Terrazzo prints
Image from Hello Circus

14. Tropical scene

If you are a beach lover but can’t hit the beach every day, you will love this idea!

Bring the beach to you by setting up a tropical wallpaper for an accent wall in your living room. The tropical elements will give you and your guests relaxed holiday vibes.

tropical scene
Image from Les Dominotiers

15. Plain and neutral

Wallpapers do not have to be bold and loud or colorful. The neutral color and plain wallpaper blend well with the surrounding interior. It also makes your living room look clean and neat.

This goes best for when you want a minimalist look, or you simply love to switch up colors in your cushions or furniture.

plain and neutral
Image from Ali Express

16. Arched alcoves

If you have arched alcoves in your living room, why not just place a complimenting wallpaper in the background? This is one way to make the arches stand out. This also adds a little bit of personality to the room.

arched alcoves
Image from Teahub

17. Paneling

If you have panels on the walls, you can still use wallpaper. Simply choose a wallpaper design that will go well against the color of your walls.

This works well if you have a living room with tall ceilings.

18. Combine with the wall trim.

Do your walls have panels or a painted wall trim? You can combine that element with wallpaper!

The trick is to choose a wallpaper with colors that go well with the painted wall trim. Just check out how well these two elements go together because their colors coordinate.

combine with wall trim
Image from Real Homes

19. Behind shelving

Do you have shelves in the living room? You should consider placing wallpaper in the background.

This works best when your shelves are not filled with books or accessories, of course. This way, there would be something lovely to look at even if your shelves are not filled.

behind shelving
Image from decor pad

20. Picture rails

If your living room has a high ceiling, there is a good chance that you have picture rails on the walls.

You can place the wallpaper on the space above it, letting you frame the room with a wallpaper of your choice. It is a great idea for when you are not so keen on placing wallpaper on the entire walls.

picture rails
Image from The Lassens

Feel free to experiment with these wallpaper ideas for living rooms!

The living room is one of the most important rooms you have to focus on when it comes to design and the vibe that you want to portray. It is not only one of the most used rooms in the house but it is also the place where you entertain your guests.

It is easy to see why wallpapers are still a hit when it comes to designing living rooms. Using wallpapers is a fun and easy way to add some texture, color, and style to the room at an affordable price.

Plus it gives you the convenience of saving time and energy on the project. You can easily give your living room a new look in just one afternoon!

We hope you are able to find inspiration from these beautiful wallpaper ideas for living rooms! We’re confident that any of the ideas above will transform your living room into a place where your family will love to hang out, and a space where your guests will be easily impressed!

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