23 Photos on Walls Ideas for a Beautiful Home Decor

Remember every member of your family and relive your happiest moments with these photos on walls ideas!

photos on walls

An empty wall in the house is just like a blank canvas and there are many ways to decorate it and make it stand out. One of the most popular ideas is to arrange your photos on the walls.

We often take the best photos and post them on our social media accounts. We can also use those photos to decorate our homes. Create a photo wall. Make it an eye-catching feature in your home!

If you’re in, we have gathered 20 awesome photos on walls ideas that make up for a nice and beautiful home decor. Here we go!

1. Instagram wall

Got a lot of good Instagram photos?

Turn the wall into your own Instagram feed with this cute idea by Ali of Gimme Some Oven.

Fair warning though, this will take a lot of your time. To make this work, you have to make sure that the frames are evenly spaced. But as you can see from the end result, it will all be totally worth it!

photos on walls ideas - Instagram wall
Image from Gimme Some Oven

2. Clipboard frames

Line up clipboard frames on the wall, then clip your photos! It’s as simple as that!

Aside from being different, it makes it easy for you to swap photos around in case you want a change. This way, your guests will also have something new to look at every time they visit!

3. Travel photo wall

Do you love to travel? Display your best travel photos on the wall!

Here is a cute travel photo wall idea by Lindsey of Have Clothes Will Travel. She puts a map and then chooses photos and uses lines to point out where these were taken.

This could be a great conversation starter and of course – a simple way to “brag” about your travel adventures!

4. Hang your photos from a branch.

Here is another unique idea to display your photos on a wall. Attach a good-looking twig or branch to the wall, then hang your photos from it.

photos on walls ideas - hang photos from branch
Image from Shelterness

This is great for beach houses, boho-themed interiors, or when your home decor theme is nature. It’s unique, cute, and doable! It won’t even cost you a thing!

5. Use vintage windows as picture frames.

This is great when you live in a farmhouse, or you simply like a rustic theme. Just look at how charming the way these family pictures are displayed!

You can also have your own version of “windows to the past”. This is a really simple DIY project that anyone can pull off!

6. Chalkboard photo gallery

This is an affordable and fun idea to put photos on the walls! And this works best when there is an artist in the family.

Paint the wall with chalkboard paint, or purchase a huge frame and paint on it. Then, put up the pictures you want to display. Use chalk to frame them in any way you want! You can even add notes and drawings around the pictures!

photos on walls ideas - chalkboard photo gallery
Image from Better Remade

7. Ancestry wall

Teach your children about the importance of family and heritage by setting up an ancestry photo wall. Take a look at how this was done by Buffie from Buffie’s Home Decorating.

She gathered vintage photos from both her husband’s and her side of the family.

Using vintage picture frames of different sizes made it a more interesting view! You can just imagine what a hit this wall would be when relatives come over!

8. Hang a wire and clip your photos.

This is a very easy way to display your photos. Simply set up a wire, then clip up your photos!

photos on walls ideas - hang a wire and clip the photos
Image from Lomography

This will probably take you just a few minutes. It looks playful and neat at the same time!

9. Mimic the rainbow.

Looking for a splash of color in the room? Here is an interesting way to arrange your photos.

Mimic the rainbow and arrange them by colors! This is very pretty to look at and definitely catches the attention of anyone who enters the room.

photos on walls ideas - mimic the rainbow
Image from Photojaanic

10. Use wooden hangers as frames.

This is an easy DIY project by Emma Chapman of A Beautiful Mess. She converted wooden hangers into something that you can use to hang your pictures. Now all you have to do is put some hooks on the wall and hang them up!

photos on walls ideas - use wooden hangers as frames
Image from A Beautiful Mess

11. Metal grid display

Got a lot of polaroids? You can easily do this metal grid polaroid display. Metal grids of any size are available in most dollar tree stores. They are very affordable and you can use any material to clip your photos on the grid.

You can easily arrange your photos any way you want – it does not have to be tidy!

metal grid display
Image from Andy Sparkles

12. Go huge with engineer prints.

Got some nice black and white photos? If you do, give your home a whimsical touch by printing these photos in giant engineer prints. Then give them a nice frame.

engineer prints
Image from Chris Loves Julia

It’s a great way to show off some of your good shots! Most photo printing services can easily pull off the look of engineer prints if you can’t find a shop that does them in your area.

13. Macrame photo wall hanging

Do you like a bohemian theme. This photo wall idea fits well in it!

Macrame wall hangings can be used to display your polaroids! Here is an easy DIY project from Urk Art where a simple but pretty macrame is done with just the simplest materials!

macrame photo wall hanging
Image from Urk Art

14. Filling up an awkward wall

Does your home have one of those awkward walls that are not too big, yet not too small either?

Here is a wonderful idea to make these walls useful. Fill the whole wall with framed pictures from wall to ceiling.

Buy a couple of thrift store picture frames. Choose various colors, shapes, sizes, and textures. It looks very odd but there is no denying its call for attention!

fill up an awkward wall
Image from Do Design Yourself

15. Put up photo ledges.

Photo ledges are just slim enough to carry photo frames so they do not get in the way much. They are a great idea for tiny living spaces or hallways. Plus, a photo ledge allows you to easily switch out your photos if you want to update them.

To make it look more interesting, get similar frames of different sizes like this one.

photo ledges
Image from Shoe Makes New

16.Use washi tapes on polaroids.

Here is a cool, non-committal way to show off your polaroid photos. Place them on the wall and use washi tapes!

Washi tapes come in different prints so you can definitely find one that would show your personality and taste.

17. Put some quotes in the mix.

Inserting quotes in the mix saves you from getting lost in a sea of faces and they make great space fillers too!

You can keep your wall uniform or go random just like this one. This style is usually a hit for teenagers and young adults.

18. Geometric wiring

Geometric patterns are a very common theme for those who want a modern and fun look. So this is a cool idea – you can recreate it in any size you want.

The design also gives you a lot of wiggle room to set up your pictures. It’s really a great and simple way to show off your pictures without making a total commitment to the way things are arranged.

19. Put a decorative ladder against the wall.

If you are renting and you do not wish to damage the walls, you can improvise just like Kendra of Creative Ambitions. She propped up a handmade ladder against a corner wall and used it to display photos. Then placed some décor on the ladder to make it more attractive. Isn’t it cute?

decorative ladder
Image from Creative Ambitions

20. Use fairy lights.

When you like a touch of magic to your decor, this is for you. And yes this is my favorite in this photos on walls ideas list.

Use fairy lights to hang your photos on the wall! It definitely looks and feels magical!

fairy lights
Image from Real Homes

21. Art journal banner

Bring out old photos and breathe in new life to them!

art journal banner with photos
Image from A Beautiful Mess

Stick old photos to banners, then feel free to be artsy and design the banners. When you’re done, put them on display on your photo wall!

22. Stairs of memories

Sticking unframed photos on empty staircase walls is one of the best ideas to decorate such unused space. Let lovely memories unfold as you go up and down the stairs!

stairs of memories photo wall
Image from DigsDigs

23. From the heart

Build a collage of your photos on the wall, forming a heart shape. Put every photo that speaks out love, like family photos during gatherings and vacations.

heart-shaped design photo collage
Image from Shutterfly

Ready to set up your photo wall?

A photo wall surely adds a personal touch to any room. And yes you can do one in any room. There are no rules on where to make a photo wall!

So we hope these photos on walls ideas have inspired you to fill up any blank wall in your home. Remember, every picture is worth a thousand words. It will definitely give your family and your guests something to talk about!

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Gather your most memorable photos and let that be your home decor! Arrange them on the walls. Check out these photos on walls ideas!

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