You’ll Love These Farmhouse Decor & Design Ideas for Bathroom!

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decor and design ideas for a farmhouse bathroom

We definitely love the farmhouse theme! Indeed, you can never go wrong with it!

It’s warm and cozy enough to make everyone feel at home, including guests. And for the bathroom, it does not have that intimidating and pretentious clean look that sometimes makes us feel hesitant on using the bathroom.

Henceforth, we give you 20 classy and lovely decor ideas for a farmhouse bathroom.


1. Dollar tree farmhouse wash bucket

Here’s a cute decorative piece that you can use either to store your toiletries or contain your indoor plants. This is majorly made out of a popular silver bucket from the dollar store.

Add some paint and other hacks and you come up with this farmhouse beauty. Check out DIY Joy for the tutorial!

farmhouse bathroom decor & design - dollar tree farmhouse wash bucket
Image from diy joy

2. Farmhouse rustic bathroom signs

Your bathroom decor can be something as simple as hanging up some signs. It gives people something to read while doing their thing.

Hang signs on your bathroom wall, and have them sit on shelves or on the bathroom counter.

Check out these hilarious bathroom signs set from Amazon!

Visit this page for more choices!

3. Antique books

Here’s another proof that you do not have to spend much on farmhouse decor. A couple of antique books add a nice rustic and homey touch to the bathroom.

Check out how Marian of Miss Mustard Seed used this decor and how it blends so well in her farmhouse bathroom.

farmhouse bathroom decor & design - antique books
Image from Miss Mustard Seed

4. Industrial toilet paper holder with shelf

If your farmhouse style is leaning towards the urban industrial look, have a look at this wall-mounted toilet paper holder!

It uses an industrial pipe to hold your toilet roll and it comes with a shelf on top of it where you can put down your phone while you clean up! Check it out on Amazon!

5. Tiered metal basket bathroom organizer

Organizing your bathroom products this way is a space-saver! It makes a surprising farmhouse decor for the bathroom too!

See how Layla of the Lettered Cottage did it in her farmhouse bathroom!

6. Galvanized bathroom accessories

Galvanized metal is a common element in the farmhouse style. You just have to make sure that the material is rust-resistant since there’s no avoiding moisture and liquids in the bathroom.

For a uniformed look, it helps to get things by the set like this one from Amazon.

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7. Sisal or jute rugs

Many have difficulty looking for an appropriate rug for a farmhouse bathroom. One of the best rugs that you can get for this theme is sisal or jute rugs.

These are neutral looking rugs giving a cottage, rustic charm, which is suitable for the farmhouse atmosphere.

Now in case you decide to redecorate again using a different theme, you can still use these because, again, it’s a neutral material.

8. Whitewashed towel ladder

Here is a decorative three-tiered towel holder in the form of a mini rustic whitewashed ladder. All you have to do is hang this on the wall and you are done – no messy setups or dealing with adhesives! The jute rope adds a vintage element to it too.

Check it out on Amazon.

9. Farmhouse bathroom tub table

If you love taking a long, relaxing soak in the tub with a good book, a big glass of wine, or to do some writing, you could make use of a bathtub table or a caddy.

Having one would make your “me” time more enjoyable! Check out this DIY project made by Angie of Knick of Time!

farmhouse bathroom decor & design - farmhouse bathroom tub table
Image from Knick of Time

10. Bucket toilet paper and magazine holder

Do you keep reading material in the bathroom? If so, you should consider this product from Amazon!

It’s a magazine holder and toilet paper in one. And it comes in the form of a free-standing bucket! You can’t get any more farmhouse than this.

Now all the magazines won’t have to look out of place in your farmhouse bathroom!

11. Galvanized tub sink

If you are into harder DIY projects, consider this galvanized tub sink.

Here, a galvanized tub is set on top of a wooden counter to form a sink. It is then paired with a vintage-looking faucet and pipes. Check how Jill Winger of The Prairie Homestead pulled off this look and take a peek at the rest of her extreme farmhouse remodel!

12. Indoor plants

You can never go wrong with a few small potted indoor plants around the bathroom. A little greenery can freshen up any kind of room – especially the bathroom!

farmhouse bathroom decor & design - indoor plants
Image from Cherished Bliss

Now if you’re not into real plants, you can always get by with real-looking fake plants like these faux plants from Amazon.

13. Window wall decor

Here’s a really nice DIY rustic farmhouse wall decor!

All you need is an old wooden window and then some illustrations that would fit into the window panes so that they look like they are framed inside. Here, Lauren of Bless’er House used a few pages from an old Audubon field guidebook.

farmhouse bathroom decor & design - window wall decor
Image from Bless ‘er House

14. Wooden pedestal stand

Add a decorative touch to your bathroom counter space with this wooden farmhouse pedestal stand.

You can use it to elevate certain bathroom products or decors. It even has a distressed finish to give that rustic and vintage charm. Its black feet can match a modern farmhouse theme too.

Check it out on Amazon!

15. Industrial factory window shower door

If you are going for the industrial-style farmhouse or modern farmhouse theme, this DIY project for your shower door will make your bathroom look better and well, more expensive! And it is not as difficult as you think it is.

Check out how Lauren of Bless’er House did this for just under $60!

farmhouse bathroom decor & design - industrial factory window shower door
Image from Bless’er House

You can also opt for a glass shower door upgrade from Gatsby Glass company to make your bathroom more appealing.

16. Rustic metal cage light fixture

This light fixture has the perfect look if you are doing an industrial or modern farmhouse theme for your bathroom. It has a wood finish with a black metal cage and is perfect as a vanity light if you place them on top of your bathroom mirror.

Check out the product on Amazon!

17. Old wooden window rack

This is a DIY project where you get to repurpose an old wooden window. The older it looks, the better!

Cracked paint just fits the farmhouse theme well. All you have to do is install the towel rack. Then, you can add more decorative pieces to it. Here, mason jars were added to hold cotton balls and Q-tips.

Check out how Tara of Strawberry Jam House pulled this off!

18. Barn door towel rack

This barn door-inspired towel rack complements a farmhouse bathroom very well. It definitely has a reclaimed or repurposed element in it except that it is actually new.

It is a great hack if you do not want to deal with old materials but want the farmhouse interior. You can install these as closet doors too if you want!

Check out the product on Amazon!

19. Subway tiles

Tiles on the bathroom walls can tie up the whole team of your farmhouse bathroom together since the walls take up a lot of space in the bathroom.

Classic subway tiles are a favorite when it comes to the farmhouse-style theme because they are not only giving off that vintage retro feel, but also they are clean to look at. Plus it makes the whole room look wider and more open!

farmhouse bathroom decor & design - subway tiles
Image from Today

20. Industrial pipe rustic wall shelf

This is a great bathroom decor that also doubles as storage space. You can choose to use the shelves to display additional farmhouse decor, store bathroom supplies, or better yet – a mixture of both.

This shelf also comes with a towel rack! Get this product from Amazon!

Ready for a farmhouse bathroom?

Your bathroom is a space of comfort, peace, and solitude. Anyone should be comfortable enough to use it – may it be a family member or a guest. One way to make it more accommodating and relaxing is by decorating and designing the room.

Farmhouse style is a mixture of shabby-chic, rustic, and industrial elements. Whether you are living in the countryside, the city, or renting out a tiny apartment, you can easily pull off a farmhouse bathroom with the suggestions above!

With a farmhouse theme, rest assured that you will be able to make your bathroom a place that comforts and makes an impression!

Looking for more ideas for your bathroom? Check these out!

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These farmhouse bathroom decor and design ideas will definitely inspire you! Go try what you like in your own home!

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