20 Awesome Ideas for a Farmhouse Laundry Room

Add a rustic charm to your laundry room with these farmhouse ideas!

tips and ideas for a farmhouse laundry room

A farmhouse theme for the home is turning out to be very popular these days. It’s no wonder why.

Everything just has a warm, approachable, and soothing feel to it. It makes a home feel more welcoming and inviting. This interior design theme is a style that would prioritize simplicity and practicality topped off with a rustic charm.

Converting your house into a farmhouse is very straightforward for most rooms. But what about the laundry room? How can you bring all that simple, practical rustic charm into a room made for chores?

Well, we got your back! Here is a list of 20 farmhouse laundry room ideas that I’m sure you’ll fall in love with!

1. Use wicker baskets.

Wicker baskets are often used in farmhouse interiors and you can incorporate them in your laundry room too. Here, Livvy of Livvyland uses wicker baskets for her laundry hamper, storage containers, and indoor plants!

The whole thing together gives off a warm charming feel in her tiny laundry room.

farmhouse laundry room - use wicker baskets
Image from LivvyLand

2. Install a wooden ladder as floating shelf and drying rack.

Who would have thought a wooden ladder would fit well in a laundry room? Carissa from Bless This Nest thought so when she renovated her laundry room for a farmhouse look!

She had a small laundry room and was running out of space. So she made use of the ceiling with this idea!

farmhouse laundry room - wooden ladder as floating shelf and drying rack
Image from Bless this Nest

You can store things on top of the ladder and all you have to do is put some hooks on for your drying needs!

3. Have some wooden crates for storage.

Hannah of We Lived Happily Ever After used white-washed wooden crates for additional storage in her farmhouse laundry room. A custom-made wooden shelf was created to hold the wooden crates in a cabinet frame and the top part gives another solid surface to store things.

Now that’s a lot of storage in one simple setup!

4. Add cubicles in folding station.

Every laundry room must have a designated area for folding.

Here, Traci of Beneath My Heart went above and beyond with her folding station with this custom-made folding station with cubicles.

farmhouse laundry room - folding station with individual cubbies
Image from Beneath My Heart

Each person in the house has a cubicle assigned to them. Each cubicle has a wicker basket that holds the clean laundry. So, all they have to do is check their cubicle for clean clothes.

Convenient, isn’t it?

5. Put liquids in jar dispensers.

Laundry products come in brightly colored jars in odd shapes and different sizes. That does not go well with a farmhouse-style laundry room, unless you plan to hide them behind cabinet doors or in a storage container.

These glass jar dispensers work just right for a farmhouse laundry room. The cute little pails that act as measuring cups are also a nice touch!

farmhouse laundry room - put liquids in jar dispensers
Image from Pinterest

6. Repurpose an old dining room hutch.

Most laundry rooms do not have enough cabinet space or built-in storage. Lisa of Gracie Blue shows how an old dining room hutch gets a new purpose as a laundry room cabinet. The hutch even gives counter space that you can use to fold and sort out your laundry.

farmhouse laundry room - repurpose an old dining room hutch
Image from Gracie Blue

7. Use neutral colors.

Simplicity is a major element when it comes to farmhouse style. One way to show it is to stick with neutral colors.

For instance, Haylie and Amber of Joyfully Growing go for a very neutral color combination for their laundry room. We love how the elements of greys, whites, and wood just go well together!

farmhouse laundry room - neutral colors
Image from Joyfully Growing

8. Have a wire laundry cart.

If your farmhouse style is all about blending modern amenities with vintage decor, you should get a wire laundry cart like this one.

farmhouse laundry room - wire laundry cart
Image from A Night Owl

Here, Kimberly from A Night Owl makes use of a wire laundry cart with a canvas laundry bag in it.

The fact that the cart has wheels is a plus! You can just roll it around when you are gathering laundry from everyone’s rooms.

9. Use large glass canisters for laundry products.

In this farmhouse laundry room makeover, Simply Beautiful by Angela used large glass canisters for her laundry products like detergent pods, dryer balls, and OxiClean powder.

She was also lucky enough to find a wooden coffee scoop that is exactly the same equivalent of the level 1 line in the OxiClean plastic cup.

10. Add a galvanized metal washtub.

Every laundry room needs an oversized washtub or a deep sink for soaking dirt and stains out.

Shelley of Crazy Wonderful uses a galvanized metal washtub for this purpose in her modern farmhouse laundry room. We love how the faucet comes with a retro and antique look to keep up with the theme!

galvanized metal washtub
Image from Crazy Wonderful

11. Bring in some greens.

It helps to liven up the place with some indoor plants. This keeps the room looking fresh and welcoming.

bring in greens
Image from Pinterest

If you do not have a green thumb, do not worry. There are a lot of indoor plants that do not require much care!

12. Set up a lost socks bucket.

It is normal for socks to lose their pair somewhere in the hamper and you end up with socks that do not have their match. It happens to everybody.

To solve this solution, get a metal bucket and put up a chalkboard sticker label, and place “Lost Socks.” This gives an official place for everyone to put socks with missing pairs so it will be easier to reunite them.

lost socks bucket
Image from Knick of Time

13. Hide behind sliding barn doors.

If your laundry room is not actually a whole room but a tiny part of your home, you might want to cover it up when it is not in use.

Rebecca of Infarrantly Creative shares her sliding barn door plans to help you tuck your laundry space out of sight when you have guests over.

14. Make a laundry basket dresser.

Here is a DIY laundry basket dresser project that you can put anywhere in the house.

If you have a tiny laundry room, you can place this laundry basket dresser in the hallway and nobody will know that it contains dirty laundry! No need to be embarrassed in case you have some surprise guests coming over.

laundry basket dresser

15. Set up a laundry room loose change jar.

Some households have a lot of loose change ending up in the laundry room because, for some reason, people find it hard to check their pockets first before throwing their dirty laundry in the hamper. And as they say, finders keepers!

Krista of Life with Both Hands Full made herself a tips jar for this purpose. And you have to admit, it is additional motivation to do the laundry!

16. Choose industrial display for decor.

When it comes to decor, an industrial touch can work well with a farmhouse laundry room. Just look at what Sara of Twelve on Main displayed on her open shelves.

industrial display for decor
Image from Twelve On Main

You can easily find decors like these in antique shops.

17. Choose tiled walls.

If you want to put an elegant twist on a farmhouse laundry room and you have the budget, why not put up some tiles on the wall like this laundry room project by Becki Owens? After all, dealing with laundry is dealing with a lot of liquids and splashbacks.

tiled walls
Image from Becki Owens

The white subway tiled walls here make the room look super clean and it gives the illusion that the room is larger.

18. Repurpose washboards into decor.

Gone are the days when we need washboards, although they are still helpful when you need to handwash.

Courtney from A Diamond in the Stuff repurposed her old wooden washboards and wooden hangers to create this Wash sign as decor for her laundry room.

Such perfect decor for a farmhouse laundry room! You can do the same too!

19. Have a built-in laundry room cabinet hutch.

When it comes to farmhouses, wood is a major element in interior design. Here, Ana White builds a built-in laundry room hutch using stained wood.

built-in laundry room cabinet hutch
Image from Ana White

The great thing about customized cabinets is that it fits perfectly into the room and you can have as much storage as you want like this one.

20. Put up some rustic laundry room signs.

To give your laundry room a nice touch, put up some signs as part of the decor.

rustic laundry room signs
Image from Pinterest

There are many wooden laundry room signs available these days since rustic and farmhouse interiors are very popular. You will not have a problem finding one. If you are crafty, you can even make one of your own!

Ready for a farmhouse style laundry room?

Houses with a farmhouse theme are always stylish and charming. The combination of old-fashioned touches with modern amenities is a nice contrast and you can bring that look into your laundry room too!

We hope you have found an idea or two that you can apply to your own laundry room!

Need more laundry room ideas? Check these out!

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