20 Nail Polish Storage Ideas that You Can Easily Implement!

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storage ideas for nail polish

If you’re doing your own nails, you probably know what we mean when you can never have enough colors and shades! Unless you are the type who gets by with just one or two favorite nail polish shades.

But for most women, doing nails is a passion! You’ll want nails that would match your outfit for the day, or a standout color that reflects your personality, or how you’re feeling.

If you have lots of nail polish bottles in your collection, it’s about time you take organizing them seriously.

Before you know it, you might be wasting time rummaging around a basket or bin for a specific shade. Or worse – you end up not using some bottles because they are all stored way in the back or bottom of whatever container you are using at the moment.

So, here, we’re sharing with you 20 storage ideas for nail polish that you can easily implement in your home. In this list, you will see different solutions depending on whether you want to keep your collection hidden or displayed. There are also solutions when you want something portable.

Check it out and see which one best fits your needs!

1. Cake stand display

Got an old tiered cake stand just lying around? You can use it to store and display your nail polish! And this idea works for any tiered dessert display!

cake stand display
Image from The Dumbbelle

The tiered ones will also give you room to store and display other tools you use to do your nails. If it is an old one, you can easily give it a repaint, or decorate it in whatever way you want to give it a personal touch.

Here’s another!

cake stand for nail polish storage and display
Image from homedit

2. Wall-mounted spice rack

Not everybody can afford to buy a nail polish rack. So, Jaana of This Mom’s Gonna Snap decided to use a wall-mounted spice rack instead. She got a couple from IKEA, painted them off, and mounted them on the wall. She ended up having more space compared to a store-bought wall rack!

Check out how she pulled off this DIY project!

3. Jewelry box

If you only have a small collection of nail polish bottles, you can repurpose a jewelry box to store them just like this.

use a jewelry box
Image from The Dumbbelle

You can see all the colors you need from the top. But of course, it would help if your nail polish is from the same brand or have the same bottle shape and size to make it look as organized as this one.

4. Thread organizers

Get yourself some thread organizers and use that for nail polish storage, just like this! It’s nice to see the rainbow of colors neatly arranged.

thread organizers for nail polish storage
Image from Pinterest

These organizers will be able to handle most nail polish brands. But if you have nail polish in too tall containers, those may not fit in here. So, you’ll need another way to organize those.

Thankfully, there are lots of ideas in here! So, let’s continue.

5. DIY spinning display

Are you fond of DIY projects? You can create your own spinning nail polish display and make it as pretty as you want to! This one is made out of rotating kitchen bearings and pretty plates!

storage ideas for nail polish - DIY spinning display
Image from The Metrognome

The best thing about this DIY project is that you can create more for other items too! Check out The Metrognome for the tutorial.

6. Photo frame nail polish organizer

This is a very simple DIY project – even your kids can help! You will need an old photo frame and Velcro dots.

photo frame nail polish organizer
Image from The Links Site

Velcro dots can hold up as much as 500 grams so it works well for nail polish bottles! Check out The Links Site for the instructions.

7. Transparent cookie jar

If you only have a small to medium collection of nail polish but they come from different brands and come in different bottle shapes, you may simply store them this way. Make sure you get the wide-mouth ones so you can easily reach your hand in to grab the bottle you want.

storage ideas for nail polish - transparent cookie jar
Image from Pure Wow

8. Nail polish magnetic board

If you want all your nail polish on display so you can just grab and go, try working on this DIY project. You will need a magnetic board and some magnets. This is something similar to the storage for nail polish using old photo frame and Velcro dots.

storage ideas for nail polish - nail polish magnetic board
Image from Bite Sized Biggie

Indeed it’s very easy and convenient to store your nail polish bottles this way!

9. Candy bowl

If you change your nail polish weekly, use a candy bowl or other glass containers to hold your collection for the week. Then display on your countertop for easy access. It will look pretty in there!

candy bowl
Image from Pinterest

When you do it this way, you don’t have to go through your entire collection as you do your nails because you already have a set ready to be used for the week. After that, put them back to where you store your entire nail polish collection, and come up with another set for the coming week.

Here’s another!

10. Divider for nail polish drawer

If you want to keep your collection hidden, store your nail polish in a drawer. But do not just dump them all there. Create a divider to keep everything upright. This prevents you from making a huge mess.

divider for nail polish drawer
Image from Cristalleeee

You can simply use a cardboard to do this and it is pretty easy too!

11. Bookshelf side

Here is a space-saving storage solution for nail polish when you have a huge collection. Put up some picture ledges on the side of a bookshelf just like this one. You can also DIY this if you are good with woodwork.

storage ideas for nail polish - bookshelf side
Image from Pretty Designs

12. Over-the-door shoe organizer

Another space-saving storage tip for when you have a huge nail polish collection is a transparent over-the-door shoe organizer like this one.

over the door shoe organizer
Image from Lifehack

We love how the nail polish is organized by color shades. It does not only look good to the eyes but it also helps you find what you need right away!

Here’s another.

using an over the door shoe organizer
Image from Pinterest

By the way, you can use an over the door shoe organizer in many other ways to organize your home. Check out our separate post for it! – 20 Surprising Uses of an Over the Door Shoe Organizer (Other than Shoe Storage)

13. Plexiglass nail polish storage and display rack

If you have no time to make a DIY nail organizer, you may simply get a plexiglass nail polish rack and it does the job really well!

plexiglass nail polish display and storage rack
Image from Beautylab.nl

It looks really neat and beautiful when your bottles come from just one brand, and you arrange them by color. Put them on display on your counter and it’s a scene stealer!

14. DIY nail polish display rack

If you like a nail polish display rack, but you don’t like plexiglass or others found in stores, you can just make your own from a cardboard or a storage box that you’re no longer using.

This one here is made of scotch storage box. Then if you have a vacant bookshelf, place them there and you’ve got a nice display of nail polish!

If you don’t have a vacant bookshelf, that’s okay. You can still use your nail polish rack. Simply place them on your countertop.

15. Plastic drawer organizers

Here’s another way to keep your nail polish collection hidden in drawers. Use plastic drawer organizer trays like this one.

plastic drawer organizers
Image from Life of Marie

These come in different shapes, sizes, and heights. Choose drawer organizers that you can stack so it’s easier to arrange.

16. IKEA Alex drawer

You may commonly find an IKEA Alex drawer in a home office containing supplies. But as you know, an IKEA item can be used in many ways. And this time, using the Alex drawer can be just the right storage solution for your nail polish collection!

IKEA Alex drawer
Image from Pinterest

This is advisable when you have this huge collection, and you don’t want them on display. Indeed, it’s a very practical way to store your nail polish bottles. Also, use a divider to keep the nail polish bottles upright all the time.

Then, for an even easier access, just take out those nail polish bottles that you will be using for the week. Then use a glass bottle or a candy bowl to have them displayed on your countertop.

17. Mirror ledge storage

This is another smart storage solution for when you have a small nail polish collection. If your mirror has a frame that can act as a stable ledge, you can use that to display your nail polish bottles.

mirror ledge storage
Image from Pinterest

It looks pretty cool too when you have a bohemian chic interior going on in your bathroom!

18. DIY wooden nail polish rack

If you just love wooden organizers, here’s another DIY project – a wooden nail polish rack! You will need basic woodworking skills to make this, plus time and effort, but it’s all worth it when done!

DIY wooden nail polish rack
Image from Young and Reckless

19. Egg carton for nail polish drawer

Here’s another drawer organizer for your nail polish drawer – egg cartons!

The compartments are just the right size to handle any nail polish bottle shape and keep them looking neat and organized.

egg carton for nail polish drawer
Image from Home Hacks

20. DIY shoebox nail polish organizer

Here is a neat and simple way to organize all your nail polish without spending a cent! All you need is a shoebox and some cardboard to act as a divider. We can’t believe how simple this DIY project is!

DIY shoe box nail polish organizer
Image from Nail Design Code

Our Amazon favorites!

If you want to make things easier, like if you have no time for DIY, you can just buy nail polish organizers and storage from Amazon. There are many, but these are our favorites. Go check them out!

1. Rotating nail polish display

If you want your collection displayed on the counter but don’t have much space, this rotating nail polish display may just save the day! It’s huge enough to carry about a hundred nail polish bottles (depending on the size of the bottles). Simply turn it around to look for the color that you need!

2. Nail polish carrying case

If you want something portable to take your favorite colors with you anywhere, check out this nail polish carrying case! It can fit up to 20 bottles of nail polish and has space for other things you need while doing your manicure and pedicure. The bottle dividers are detachable so you can also use this carrying case for other purposes.

3. Nail polish transparent suitcase

If you have a cute collection that you would like to bring around with you, here is a great product to try. This transparent suitcase keeps your nail polish upright and organized as you carry it around. It can hold as many as 60 nail polish bottles and also have a separate compartment for other manicuring tools.

4. Drawstring nail polish bag

If you want something small and portable here’s a drawstring nail polish bag that’s worth considering. It can carry up to eight nail polish bottles and has space for other tools you need to use. The bag is easy to lay out and pack up and it provides you a clean surface to do your nails on.

5. Metal wall-mounted nail polish rack

If you have a large collection and you want them displayed, check out this nail polish rack that you can easily buy online. This ready-made wall-mounted nail polish rack can come in different sizes to accommodate and display any collection size.

6. Tiered nail polish display rack

If you want your nail polish displayed on the counter, this tiered nail polish display rack is a great choice! Because of the stair-like display, you easily get to see all your nail polish and pick out the one you need in just a matter of seconds!

Want to see more from Amazon? Go to this page!

Let’s get those nail polish bottles organized!

Painted nails can help us be more confident with what we do with our hands. So, it is just understandable when you want nail polish for every color! Collecting them is not so bad as long as you keep them neat and organized, so you get to use them all.

With these nail polisher storage ideas, we are sure you would end up with a more organized space. Now you can grab and go and do your nails in a faster way! No more wasted time looking for specific nail color!

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Get your nail polish collection organized with these storage solutions!

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