How to Create Your Own Craft Room Plus 20 Ideas for Craft Room Set Up!

how to create your craft room

Setting up your own craft room will give you your own personal space. It’s also a storage for all the crafting materials you need. Most of all, it’s a dedicated place where your creativity can just freely flow!

Some crafts take up a lot of space and can cause a lot of clutter. This can be frustrating if you do not have your own craft room.

A craft room is also beneficial if you have kids who still go to grade school. They do have a lot of projects and they can benefit from what you already have in stock.

The best thing about having a craft room? You get to stay organized in a dedicated working space! This is important since the neater your surrounding is, the more creative you can get!

What you need in a craft room

The type of craft that you do will greatly determine what you need to set up in a craft room, and how much space you need for it. So, here is just a quick general list of the common items you will need, no matter what craft you do.


Do you need a lot of space to do your craft?

Also, a craft room does not need to be a dedicated, separate room. You can convert closets into a craft area. Or you can make do with just a crafts table in a corner of the house.

craft room space
Image from DIY Craft Corner

Others simply insert their craft space in other rooms like the laundry room, garage, or home office.

So when it comes to space, you just have to look for an area where you can work freely.

Craft table

You need a sturdy craft table that gives you a lot of working space!

A large table is ideal especially when you are working on big DIY or sewing projects. If possible, get a crafts table that provides storage – especially when you have no built-in storage available in the room.


Storage is very important for your craft room. Try to get as much shelf space as possible.

If you do not have a separate room to work with, set it up by a closet, or get a bookcase or cupboard. As mentioned earlier, there are also craft tables that can provide a lot of storage space for you.

Do not just think about where to store your materials. Think also of how you will store your craft supplies to keep everything organized and ready to use. You can get mason jars, plastic bins, wire baskets and dispensers for this purpose.

craft storage
Image from She’s Crafty


A pegboard will do wonders for your craft room no matter what type of craft you are doing!

It gives you a lot of additional storage that is not fixed – you can remodel and move things around any time you want. You can have them on the wall and even inside the cabinet or closet doors.

20 Craft Room Set Up Ideas

Now that you know what you generally need for your craft room, here are 20 craft room setup ideas that you can easily adapt to your home!

1. Office setup

If you work-from-home, then sell and blog about your craft, an office and craft room combo is a nice choice!

Have a dedicated area for your laptop and paperwork, and another spot for your craft needs.

It is better to separate the two to avoid accidents like spilling your art supplies over your workstation or knocking over your office supplies.

craft room in the home office
Image from Positively Jane

2. Dining room setup

I remember doing my art works in our simple dining table when I was in high school. Hence, your dining room can serve as your craft table too!

Simply add a storage area in the room to organize your craft supplies. It can be shelves or drawers.

craft area in the dining room
Image from HGTV

3. Attic setup

This attic setup is also a craft room and home office in one! So if you have a lot of space in your attic, why not do some cleaning? Then renovate it and turn it into a space that you can call your own, like this one!

4. Laundry room setup

Another common craft room setup is in the laundry room.

It’s a wise move if you ask me – you can work on your craft as you do the laundry! A great time saver!

If sewing happens to be one of your crafts, this can be a very convenient setup since this will allow you to repair your clothes right away.

craft area in the laundry room
Image from Rustic Crafts

5. Guest room setup

This craft room and guest room combo is a common set up these days for homemakers who do not have an extra room to spare.

If you seldom have guests, you can indeed use the guest room for crafting. You can even take a nap when you’re feeling tired already.

Check out this really neat sample!

6. Closet setup

Sometimes all you need is a closet!

Most closets are deep enough for you to insert a desk, shelves, and cabinets.

closet craft room setup
Image from DIY by Design

If you do not have a deep closet, use the closet for storage and just set up a desk beside it and you are good to go.

7. Retro setup

Feel like a Stepford housewife by giving your craft room a retro theme! Notice how the use of vintage suitcases and wooden crates as storage gives the entire thing a cute vibe.

retro setup
Image from Lolly Jane

8. Fold-down table setup

Don’t need much space for your craft?

Consider this fold-down craft table setup. It has just enough storage space for small craft needs and you can easily tuck the whole thing out of the way when you have guests.

9. Nook setup

Do you have a small nook in the house? You may turn that space into a craft room!

Invest in a lot of wall shelves and small cabinets for your storage. This idea is best if you do not need a huge table for your craft.

nook setup
Image from kotbury

10. Craft cart setup

Depending on your craft, a simple cart to contain your craft supplies may be just what you need!

craft cart
Image from DIY Passion

Have a cart containing all your craft supplies. Put wheels under it so you can take it anywhere around the house!

11. Glam setup

You can make a craft room look glamorous too! Take this one for example. It looks like a boutique.

glam setup
Image from

Notice how uniformed containers are being used to organize materials. The same fabric and color are used to incorporate everything into one thing. The chandelier and rug make a glamorous addition to the room as well.

12. Under the stairs setup

If you only need a small space and you have one of those awkward nooks under the stairs, why not turn the space into a craft room like this one? This cute little corner can be all yours!

I love that cat in there! Yay!

13. Basement setup

You can also use the basement if you need a separate room but don’t have that luxury.

Most of us just use the basement for storage. But you can convert a part of the room into a craft room! Install the right lighting as most basements are dim.

basement setup
Image from Semigloss Design

14. Balcony setup

Enclosing the balcony is a common renovation idea, and a really good one because it provides a small but useful extra space in the house.

Some convert their enclosed balconies into home offices or reading nooks. You can use the same idea and turn yours into a small craft room like this one!

balcony setup
Image from imgur

15. Garage setup

Another trend is to convert the garage into an extra room while keeping the car on the driveway. You can then turn the garage into an area for your craft!

There are lots of slim wall shelves and foldable furniture that you can easily purchase these days. Setting a craft room in the garage will not be a problem.

garage setup
Image from Sarah Hearts

16. Garden shed setup

Do you have a garden or a yard? You may convert a garden shed into your own craft room! It gives you privacy, which is great for times when you just need a break from the house.

Garden sheds come in different sizes. You can even create one yourself!

garden shed setup
Image from Artemis Russell

17. Trailer setup

Don’t have a garden shed? Why not get a small trailer and have it in your yard like this one?

18. Color-coordinated setup

No matter what kind of craft you are into, you are bound to work on supplies of different colors.

Keep the mixture of colors from being an eyesore by color coordinating your supplies. This makes everything easier to look at!

color coordinated setup
Image from A Beautiful Mess

19. Monochrome setup

Your craft room doesn’t have to be as colorful as how others do it.

The key is to have covered or hidden storage. Keep all the colorful stuff behind drawers, cabinets, baskets, and bins. This lets you pull off a neat, clean, monochromatic look in the room!

20. Hidden setup

Crafts can be messy – especially when you are in the middle of a project. And if you do not have a dedicated room, all the clutter can really make you look like a slob.

Keep everything hidden by wrapping a curtain around your work area. Simply pull the curtains once you have guests around!

hidden craft area
Image from Pretty Prudent

Set up your craft room now!

Crafting needs a dedicated working space whether you are just doing it as a hobby or as a means of generating income.

With these tips, I’m confident you now have an idea of how to set up your craft room (or craft area). Don’t worry if it’s not yet perfect at first. Over time, you will learn what works best for you. Just make the changes accordingly.

What’s important is that you get to create your craft space now, so you’ll know how it feels to have your own dedicated space! I’m sure you’ll be totally inspired to create and you’ll get even more creative in your craft!

Need more craft room tips? Check these out!

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