20 IKEA Hacks for an Organized Bedroom

Create space in your bedroom with these IKEA hacks!

Do you think your bedroom needs more organization?

Or perhaps you just moved into a new place and you are starting from scratch, wanting to get effective bedroom organizing to maximize your space?

Tell you what – an IKEA hack could be just what you need!

IKEA hacks are very popular in household furniture. IKEA pieces can be easily combined with other IKEA models, and they are incredibly easy to put together! With a creative eye, you can easily create something totally unique to fit your organizing needs!

The best thing about it is that IKEA items are a lot cheaper too so you can be assured that you will be able to get budget-friendly furniture for your bedroom.

So in this post, we give you a list of 20 IKEA hacks for bedroom organization that you will surely want to steal!

Let’s get on with it!

1. IKEA Faktum platform bed hack

This is a great IKEA hack for a small bedroom with no built-in closet!

Create your own platform bed with the use of kitchen cabinets.

Yup! Kitchen cabinets!

In this example, nine IKEA Faktum cabinets were used. The top platform can be lifted up to reveal additional storage space hidden under the bed space. What a great space saver!

platform bed
Image from Oh Yes

2. IKEA Malm platform bed hack

Here is another IKEA hack for forming a platform bed. This time, the bed was created using IKEA Malm drawers.

This is great when you prefer your storage space to be made out of layers of drawers instead of the kitchen cabinets suggested earlier.

platform bed
Image from IKEA Hackers

3. IKEA Kallax nightstand hack

Let’s admit it – most nightstands are too small. The limited space usually could just accommodate a reading lamp and probably your gadgets or a book. Wouldn’t it be better if you had more space than that?

You can turn the IKEA Kallax (formerly known as the IKEA Expedit shelf) into a bedroom nightstand. Its height is low enough to be one and it gives you a lot of storage space. Now you can have more items just by your bedside!

Image from The Every Girl

4. IKEA Lack wardrobe hack

The IKEA Lack shelf can be used as a closet organizer. The cubby spaces it creates can handle your shirts, or keep seasonal clothes in order when they are not in use.

In this example, the shelf unit was placed over the rod so you have the shirts above and the dresses and jackets hanging below. Now you can have a more organized arrangement in your closet!

Image from Lil Lamb Lost

5. IKEA Brimnes bed bridge bookcase hack

A bed bridge bookcase is definitely an elegant storage solution for any bedroom! Instead of nightstands, you get bookcases on each side of the bed and on top of your bed as well.

Create it in your bedroom using two IKEA BRIMNES bookcases and one IKEA Billy bookcase!

bed bridge
Image from IKEA Hackers

6. IKEA Trones headboard hack

One way to add additional storage space to your bedroom is to turn your headboard into a storage headboard. However, this means that you can’t position the bed’s headboard against the wall.

In this example, six IKEA Trones shoe cabinets were used to create the headboard. This gives you a lot of storage space not only for many things like books, art supplies and toys.

Image from IKEA Hackers

7. IKEA Malm desk hack

Here’s another hack using an IKEA Malm!

If you need a desk in your bedroom, either for work purpose or a place for all the important documents for the family, this is for you!

You will need two IKEA Malm chest drawers and a tabletop. It will give you a lot of drawer and table space!

IKEA malm desk hack
Image from Lust Living

8. IKEA Tarva movable desk hack

Here is another IKEA hack for a bedroom desk – very useful when you are working from home.

This allows you not just a workspace in the bedroom, but a workspace that you can move around the entire house!

movable desk hack
Image from In My Own Style

You can work in the kitchen or in the living room during the day when you have toddlers to look after. Then drag the desk back to your bedroom at night. It’s a great choice for busy moms!

9. IKEA Kallax storage bench hack

Do you fancy having a reading nook of your own by your bedroom window? You may not have that built-in nook but you can do it by placing a bench by the window and making it comfy!

Get an IKEA Kallax bookcase and flip it on its side to create a storage bench. This gives you not only a place to lounge with a good book but also additional storage space in your bedroom.

storage bench
Image from Decor Lovin

10. IKEA Rast media console hack

If you have a TV in the bedroom, this is for you! This was made of four IKEA Rast drawers.

IKEA hacks for bedroom - IKEA Rast drawers
Image from In Between Chaos

As you can see from this example, you get a lot of storage space for clothes, accessories, purses, bags, and other stuff. Plus, you can use the tabletop to display some decor and add more beauty and personality to your bedroom.

Actually, even if you don’t have a TV, this is still a very useful space to organize your bedroom stuff.

11. IKEA Luröy wall hanger hack

Your walls can be converted into hanging storage space. This IKEA hack lets you do that in your bedroom!

With the IKEA Luröy, you can set up a hanging wall display. Simply use hooks to hang things. You may also use baskets and even over-the-door racks.

IKEA hacks for bedroom - wall hanger
Image from Ich Designer

12. IKEA Vittsjo upholstered bench hack

A bench on the foot of the bed is a pretty common bedroom arrangement. It provides you a place to sit as you dress. And it gives additional space to organize your stuff!

Convert an IKEA Vittsjo TV unit stand into a golden upholstered bench. This bench is great for the master bedroom where a full-sized bed is usually the norm!

13. IKEA Marietorp necklace rack hack

You know the pains of having your necklaces all tangled up together, or the chains forming knots when you place them along with other trinkets in a jewelry box.

No more tangled necklaces with this hack!

Mount an IKEA Marietorp picture ledge on the bedroom wall. Then screw hooks below and hang your jewelry!

IKEA hacks for bedroom - necklace rack
Image from Broader Borders

Looks like nice decorative pieces too!

14. IKEA Hvosta jewelry hanger hack

Here’s another IKEA hack to organize your jewelry!

This gives you a unique way to store your jewelry and also turn it into decorative pieces in the bedroom. Use together IKEA Hvosta frames and a foam core board.

IKEA hacks for bedroom - jewelry hanger
Image from Curate

As you can see, this allows you to hang your jewelry so that the chains will not get tangled up and form into knots.

15. IKEA Skubb boxes drawer organizer hack

Organize your bedroom drawers with your own unique drawer organizers using IKEA Skubb boxes!

This will help you sort your clothes and organize them separately – your socks, lingerie, handkerchiefs, scarves, stockings, and other small clothing items. This way, they do not have to get lost under bigger clothes in the drawer.

IKEA hacks for bedroom - drawer organizer
Image from Feeling Nifty

16. IKEA Ribba under the bed storage hack

The space under your bed is often overlooked when it comes to storage. When you’re tight in space, you can use that to store a lot of things!

Now this IKEA hack gives you an option to store items under the bed. Simply roll in and out with the help of the IKEA Ribba frame and caster wheels!

17. IKEA Billy bookcase shoe closet hack

Store your heels, boots, flats, sneakers, sandals, and other shoes in the bedroom with an IKEA Billy bookcase and some glass doors.

This DIY hack gives you a full-length shoe organizer that would make you feel like you have your own boutique in your bedroom.

18. IKEA Rast wall closet hack

Not everyone has the space for a walk-in closet with generous storage space. However, you can easily convert a whole bedroom wall into one!

Create this IKEA closet hack with the use of two bookshelves and two IKEA Rast dressers. The end result is an open closet on the wall with lots of storage space for your clothes and accessories!

19. IKEA Borgsjo built-in storage hack

Here is another elegant bedroom storage IKEA hack for when you need a lot of space for your wardrobe and other stuff.

This IKEA hack transforms a whole wall with the help of five IKEA Borgsjo bookcases. Install in a way that make these look like these were built-in into the wall. And the end result is an expensive-looking storage space that actually costs less than you’d think!

IKEA hacks for bedroom - cabinet
Image from Avery Street

20. IKEA Ekby Alex vanity table hack

Create your vanity table – small enough not to occupy so much bedroom space, yet stylish enough to be considered chic!

This IKEA hack uses Ekby Alex drawers and wooden table legs. You can place all your makeup in the drawers and have plant and decorative pieces on the tabletop. Position a mirror above the table and you already have a good vanity space to help you dress up and get ready!

IKEA hacks for bedroom - vanity table
Image from A New Bloom

Make way for IKEA!

As you have seen, when you need to organize your bedroom, IKEA hacks may just save your life!

With a little bit of creativity and DIY effort, you can transform your bedroom into what you have always dreamed of, and in a budget-friendly way! This can also motivate you to keep your room organized and clean. It’s a sure win-win solution!

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Organize your bedroom with budget-friendly furniture using IKEA! Check out these IKEA hacks and how these can help you keep your room organized!

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