Simple Doodles: 40 Easy Doodles for BuJo

A collection of simple doodles you can draw with ease, so you’ll have beautiful bullet journal pages without having to make complicated designs!

I’m not good in art works. My bullet journal is very minimalist.

For the least, I only have the daily tasks listed along with the symbols I use to indicate whether a task has been started, completed, transferred or cancelled.

But I’m completely fine with it.

As far as organization and productivity are concerned, I can pretty much say that bullet journaling has helped me a lot to organize my thoughts and get things done.

But I must admit, I like seeing beautiful designs. Not to mention the fact that it is because of these creatives that I started my own BuJo.

Thankfully, there are lots of doodles that can easily be copied!

These may not be as intricate or artistic as some of the BuJo designs that you may find on Pinterest and Instagram.

But for someone like me, who doesn’t have much artistic abilities, these are enough to satisfy my need for designing my bullet journal, and of course, to make things fun!

I’m very glad and thankful that many bullet journalists share their doodles online, along with the tutorials so that anyone can do them too.

Here are the pictures of the doodles that I love to copy! If you find something that you like, PIN it and copy it later in your own BuJo.

Let’s start!

Simple and Easy Doodles You Can Easily Draw in Your Bullet Journal

1. 3-Step Doodles

These are random designs, but… three steps only… and you already have a drawing!

2. Fruits

Pineapple… strawberry… watermelon and blueberry.

My favorite fruit to eat in this collection is watermelon. Didn’t know this is also the easiest to draw!

Here is similar version.

I’m biased with the watermelon. But I can say that the cherry is easy to draw too.

3. Cactus

My brother brought a cactus at home many years ago.

No one took care of it. So you can guess what happened.

When I saw these doodles, it made me feel somewhat guilty. Perhaps if I took time to take care of it then, it wouldn’t have died.

Well anyway, if I can’t take care of a cactus in real life, maybe that’s because it has somewhere else to grow – in my bullet journal.

Here’s another cactus doodle.

4. Ice Cream

I love eating ice cream! I must have gotten it from my Dad.

Our favorite flavors are chocolate marble, double dutch, rocky road, and chocolate and vanilla combined.

I remember my Dad tried to make an avocado flavored ice cream when I was still a kid.

It was very delicious! And it was quite an experience.

When we took it out of the freezer, it was very frozen. Like ice frozen, as hard as a rock.

We tried scooping it out but every time we did, the spoon bent. Couldn’t handle the pressure I guess.

If I remember it correctly, we had to wait for almost an hour before we could finally scoop it out of the container.

I guess it had something to do with the texture. Well, it was homemade and it was an experiment.

Add the fact that there was no internet yet at that time. So you couldn’t google how to make avocado ice cream.

But again I was still a kid. I didn’t care about the texture.

All I wanted was the yummy ice cream and the fun. And I had both!

5. Rose Doodles

Rose is among the favorite flowers of many women.

It’s what your man may give you on special occasions. And it’s a beautiful decoration.

When I see a drawing of this flower, I know how difficult it must be to draw one. But with this doodle tutorial, maybe it won’t be as hard as I thought.

Here’s another that I think is even easier.

6. Sunflower Doodles

This will definitely brighten up your day!

Draw as many sunflowers in your bullet journal and it’s like you have a garden full of them!

bullet journal doodles - sunflower more detailed drawing
From The Draw Page

Not only that it brings color to your BuJo, but, when you take a look at a sunflower, it’s like the sun is always shining brightly. So when things don’t go as you planned, it’s a quick reminder that there is always hope and you should never lose it.

7. Flower Doodles

Rose and sunflowers are not the only flowers you can doodle with ease.

I don’t know each and every flower in the world. But they’re definitely beautiful!

8. Bugs Doodles

This is probably one of those that I thought I would never take interest to draw.

Looks like I’m wrong again because here I am and I’m so awed by how cute these bugs can be on BuJo!

When I look at these drawings, I can’t help but smile.

9. Branches with leaves and flowers

This is actually just a step in drawing wreaths, and the combinations do make beautiful wreaths.

However, you can also have them as stand-alone designs.

I personally think that they can be great borders for your pages.

10. Wreath Doodles

I picked this collection of wreaths because they look really simple. So it doesn’t feel overwhelming to start.

It really helps if you have a pattern to draw the circle so you can get an accurate shape.

11. Leaf Doodles

If you love nature, you’re going to enjoy these different leaf designs.

Combine these leaves, add a couple of flowers and you have a plant theme for your BuJo.

12. Food Doodles

I found the cup and the pizza to be the easiest to draw in this collection. But it is the hot dog stand that made me enjoy the most.

I’m not good at drawing curves so I found it a little challenging to doodle the hotdog and pretzel.

But it’s not that bad.

13. Snowflake Doodles

Simple yet stylish. Beautiful and classic.

That’s how I find these snowflakes.

These also remind me of the Disney movie Frozen. I’ve watched it several times already but I still enjoy it a lot!

And these snowflakes seem like stars to me – simple designs that can brighten not only your BuJo, but your day as well!

14. Dividers

I know you can make all those previous designs as dividers. But if you want something even simpler, you’ve got lots of options here!

These won’t take much time to draw because basically, they’re just a series of lines and points.

Whenever you’re in a rush and you need a divider real quick, my best advice is just draw a horizontal line.

Then you can design that later, when you’re not in a hurry anymore.

15. Banner Doodles

Do you make the banner first before you put in the title of the page?

Not really.

My pages are all titled, but there are no banners.

So if you have titles all over your BuJo already, and you’re thinking they will look good with banners, there’s nothing to worry about.

Just doodle the banners around the titles.

As for me, I am yet to decide whether I would doodle banners because my BuJo titles look pretty much good to me already.

But well, that’s me. You, on the other hand might be thinking of more banner options to add in you BuJo.

So here’s another set!

16. Morning Delights

How are your mornings?

I hope you have great ones, no matter how busy or crazy the days are.

To brighten up your morning, here are some mornings doodles you can add to you bullet journal.

bullet journal doodles - morning delights
From freepik

My hubby loves to drink coffee in the morning. So you can guess what attracted me to these doodles.

Not that every hot drink here is coffee. It can be anything.

It’s just me assuming it’s coffee.

17. Mixed Doodles

Here are more doodles to copy. Draw whatever piques your interest.

18. Fireworks

How do you feel when you watch fireworks?

I’m betting there’s a lot of ooohh and aaahhh and wow when you watch them!

Remember those feelings when you bring them to your bullet journal.

bullet journal doodles - fireworks
From AmandaRachLee via Instagram

19. Mr. Froggie

I don’t know about you but this definitely makes me laugh!

Oh hello too, Mr. Froggie!!!

Now who’s gonna tell me doodling isn’t fun?

20. Happy bees

Ah… another doodle to make you smile.

21. Cupcake

Cupcakes are yummy and a really nice dessert and treat.

It’s also an easy object to draw and decorate your spreads with.

22. Doughnut

This makes me remember those sweet and colorful doughnuts we occasionally buy for takeout when we were kids.

Not only is this a treat, but it sure is a delight to add in your bullet journal’s layouts!

You can make your doughnut simpler, like this one.

23. Ice Lolly

Just like ice cream, cupcake, and doughnut, an ice lollipop can make your mouth water.

If you’re avoiding sweets, better not include this food group into your BuJo as it might add to the temptation.

24. Ancient Camera

Okay… not at all ancient. But looking at how we can easily take a picture now from our smartphones, it feels like the use of cameras happened long long ago.

Nevertheless, it’s still one of the things that’s easy and fun to draw!

This may not be as easy as the others here, because of its tilted angle, but definitely a lot easier than an artist’s work.

Still, if you want something that’s simpler, straight and not tilted, here’s another camera for doodling. Look at number 3 drawing (and also try the other doodles with it!).

25. Shells

Don’t you just love collecting shells?

I do! Especially when that means a lot of wandering along the seashore, which is totally fun and relaxing!

And that’s another cute doodle to add into your bullet journal.

26. Happy Feet

You like penguins?

They want to say Hello to you too!

27. UP!

Not the animated movie Up, but what you will find occasionally when you travel in the air, or just plainly look up!

28. Books

You love reading?

Then this books doodle is going to inspire you. You can even draw these all over your Reading List page!

29. Post It Notes

Bullet journaling can indeed save you from a lot of using post it notes. But, it doesn’t mean you must get rid of it totally!

You can even draw a post it note around your task lists or reminders. This way, even if you are not using a physical post it note, your to-do lists still look like they’re on post it notes!

30. Planets Doodles

Planets is among those easiest-to-doodle because the basic shape is just a circle.

You can always draw a perfect circle. Get a coin or any small object in your home with a circular shape. Trace it on your bullet journal then add a few designs in the circle, and you’re good!

31. Winter Drinks

This is perfect for your bullet journal during the winter season.

But even if it’s not winter, you’ll still find these doodles easy and fun to draw!

32. Summer Goodies

I love summer! It’s the time for bonding in the beach with refreshing drinks under the sun.

And here are summer themed doodles that are just perfect for a beginner!

33. Paper planes

I remember making paper planes when we were kids. We made lots and lots of it!

How we love making it fly around the house!

Experience the fun in your BuJo with these doodles. Never thought it was this easy to draw!

Oh, and don’t forget to add some love!

34. Paper boats

If there are paper planes, then there must be paper boats too!

And yes, we made these too when we were kids. It was so fun making it float in puddles after a rain!

Have some in your bullet journal.

Also try drawing the origami bird.

Here’s another set.

35. In the movie house

Remember when you watch a newly released movie? Sounds fun right?

It’s even more fun when you do it with family and friends, and with some snacks!

Take the fun from the movie house in your BuJo with these simple drawings.

Drum roll please…

36. Hanging plants

When I think about drawing hanging plants, I always thought it was difficult.

I guess it depends on the plants you want to draw, because this one here looks pretty easy.

37. Cute pineapple

There’s already a pineapple doodle in this collection (see Fruits at #2). But I need to include this because it’s just so cute and happy!

A smiling pineapple! Don’t you just love that?!

Oh, and it’s a lady pineapple – it’s got a ribbon!

38. Hummingbird

Don’t you just love it when birds are chirping? When it’s summer, that sound is music to my ears.

Let a bird rest in your bullet journal. Here’s a hummingbird!

39. Happy milk

Here’s another cute and happy doodle to add to your notes! A smiling milk!

40. Easy Fishy

If you’re a fish lover, maybe you’ve got an aquarium or something, this is for you!

Let the fish swim in your journal!

Draw. Combine. Experiment.

Here’s the page where I copied some of these doodles.

Simple Life of a Lady doodles practice page
Simple Life of a Lady doodles page

I told you before, I’m not an artist. Yet, this proves that you don’t have to be an artist to create designs for your bullet journal.

Simple doodles are already a great start to bring life to your BuJo and give you more enjoyment in bullet journaling.

Just don’t be afraid to make mistakes because that is part of learning and experimenting.

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