Bullet Journal Headings: 20 Attractive Designs

bullet journal headings

Headings are a great way to add some artistic touches to your bullet journal.

Headers can be used for every type of spread you do on your bullet journal, whether it be a monthly spread, a weekly spread, a daily spread, or your habit trackers. You can use it anywhere you want!

There are many ways to present bullet journal headings – you can use calligraphy, banners, fonts, and many more!

Whether you own a minimalistic BuJo, or a very creative and artistic one, bullet journal headings will always be a staple!

Why use bullet journal headings?

Bullet journal headings are essential because they explain what content should be expected on that page or in the following pages to come. They usually are bigger than the normal text and made to stand out artistically so that your eyes are directed to them when you turn the page.

In simpler terms, bullet journal headings call attention to the title of the page.

Aside from indicating the page content, it is also a chance for you to add some creative and artistic elements on the page. It can be a fancy font, a colorful banner, frames, making doodles around it, or simply post stickers by it.

Common bullet journal heading styles

1. Arrows

This is a very popular bullet journal heading style.

You can present arrows in different ways for your headers. These may be under your header, be the frame itself, and even have the header as a part of the arrow. Check out this page of arrow ideas from @write_it_on_the_wall.

2. Banners

Banners look fancy and hard to make, but they are actually very easy!

But once you learn the steps, you will get used to making them. Creating a variety of banner styles will just be a breeze!

Banners are great if you are not really into fancy fonts or calligraphy. You can just use your regular handwriting, and the banner will make it stand out for you.

These come in different styles and shapes, so you do not have to just stick to one generic design all throughout. Check out this step-by-step tutorial from @bujoabby on Instagram.

Bullet Journal Headings -  Banners
Image from Bujo Abby

3. Frames

Using frames is another simple way to make your headings stand out without putting much pressure on your handwriting quality!

They are like banners; only you can get to design them any way you want, and they can give you more variety and colors to choose from! Take this sample page by @mimitsudoodles.

Bullet Journal Headings -  Frames
Image from mimitsu doodles

4. Calligraphy

If you have the talent to do calligraphy, bullet journal headings will be a breeze for you!

Just like the arrows, you may present calligraphy in different styles. Give them an outline, show them in gradient colors, and even overlay them with another font. Check out these calligraphy header samples by @studyingtune.

Bullet Journal Headings -  Calligraphy
Image from Instagram by Study intune

5. Doodles

Oh this, I love!

Doodles are a common tool for artistic bullet journal headings. These are usually used as a background or a frame. Check out these header samples by @craftycurlee. They may seem intimidating to look at, but these doodles are just simple line drawings that you can easily imitate if you look closer.

For more doodle ideas that are just so simple and easy to make, check out our post on Simple Doodles: 40 Easy Doodles for BuJo

20 Attractive Designs for Bullet Journal Headings

Now here’s to more inspiration in creating your bullet journal headings – 20 attractive designs that you can imitate or draw ideas from!

1. Layered header by @breeeberry

This header looks so creative and chic, and yet it is very simple to make. Just write your title in all caps with a highlighter. Then layer it with your cursive writing using a sign pen.

2. Highlighted cursive by @thedoodleplanner

The “September” header was created by an uneven cursive written with a sign pen. Then give emphasis by tracing the letters with a highlighter. It is so simple and pretty!

3. Outlined highlighter font by @haleys_journal

Check out this retro-pastel themed month cover page! Write the word with a highlighter first, and then trace the outer lines with a pen. Pretty simple!

4. Banner header by Kate Louise

This is a pretty simple bullet journal header. The font is her ordinary handwriting, but is made to stand out as the header by using banners. You can easily imitate this. It will look excellent on minimalist bullet journals!

Bullet Journal Headings -  Banner header
Image from Kate Louise

5. Pixel header by @twinklytanya

Pixel charts are common in bullet journal trackers. @Twinklytanya incorporated the use of pixels in her header by the font she chose and the pixel doodle.

Bullet Journal Headings -  Pixel header
Image from Instagram by twinklytanya

6. Bulb doodles by @studyabl

Headers do not have to be so big. The July heading is actually small in size and uses faux brush lettering font. Draw some bulb doodles around it and it stands out as a header! Pretty cool!

7. Finance header with icons by @squarelimedesigns

The headers on this page stand out because of the icons @squarelimedesigns added to them. Her bullet handwriting and framing of the header are also executed neatly, adding to the spread’s overall appeal.

8. Star-embellished letters by @nobodyelse.nl

There is nothing fancy with the lettering when you look closely, but when she embellished the letters with stars, it turned out to be something creative and unique! The space-themed doodles that came with it gave more life to this page as well.

Bullet Journal Headings -  Star-embellished letters
Image from Nobody Else

9. Test tube header by @metro_boulot_bujo

This is a unique spring-themed header, and you can imitate this idea if you are good at drawing. The header is incorporated in the drawing, a bunch of test tubes being used as a flower vase. It definitely creatively catches your attention.

10. Banners by paperandink.co.

This self-care page uses different types of banners for headings. The fact that the banners are outlined with dashes is incorporated with the fact that the boxes are made out of dashes. The main heading “Ideas for self care” uses two different types of font and is framed in a cloud, making it stand out from the sub-headings.

Bullet Journal Headings -  Self care Banners
Image from Paper and INKco

11. Cactus header by @jane_carrot

If you are a cactus lover, you will love this bullet journal heading style!

The font starts out with a green highlighter. Then, dots are placed all over the letters, and cactus-like thorns are placed on top of the letters. It’s very cute and eye-catching!

12. Cute and dainty header by @lilbrownjournal

This fall spread has cute and dainty headers that use simple cursive bordered by a box. Highlighter is used to give the box a shadow effect. It is so neat and straightforward, and the leaves doodles by each heading establish the fall theme.

13. Stretched cursive by pageflutter

The headers in this layout make use of simple cursive that is stretched out across the page. This type of heading can also act as a border or page divider.

Stretched cursive
Image from Page Flutter

14. Mixed font header by little miss rose

This header is a mixture of two different fonts. The way the cursive has stretched lines makes it look like a border too. The combination is a unique pairing that is very pleasing to the eyes!

Mixed font header
Image from Little Miss Rose

15. Comic-inspired header by @sj_bujo

Check out how the header stands out in this habit tracker spread! This is a fun way to catch one’s attention as a heading. You can easily recreate this on your own.

16. Letter stamps and handwriting combo by Hannah Emily Lane

Check out this cover page by Hannah Emily Lane! She uses a combination of her handwriting and letter stamps to form “twenty nineteen.” She then added a few doodles around the text.

Using letter stamps for your header is a great idea if you do not have the time to learn more lettering techniques or fonts. It can also give your BuJo a more serious or formal vibe!

17. Faux 3D effect by @jess_journals

The header on this monthly spread makes use of simple capital letters on which tips are embellished with dots. Then, it is given a faux 3D effect by outlining the letters with a pen. The colors are so pretty to look at on this spread too!

18. FRIENDS inspired header by @shootingstarbujo

If you are a fan of the iconic 90s sitcom FRIENDS, you will love this bullet journal heading style. The font imitates the font of FRIENDS, and it is simple enough for you to copy. Then, just add colored dots in between, and you are good to go!

19. Hanging letters by @kim_artventures

This October cover page shows hanging letters dangling from the top of the page. This is very easy to copy since you do not have to worry about writing your letters in a straight and uniform manner.

20. Medieval-inspired banner by @plinthced

Check out this mood tracker page. The heading uses a banner, which was drawn beautifully to give you medieval feels. The font chosen also works well with the overall theme.

Tips when it comes to creating your bullet journal headings

1. Take lessons.

You can take classes online if you want to learn the art of calligraphy and other brush lettering styles. You will even find free video tutorials on different video hosting platforms!

2. Practice makes perfect.

If this is your first bullet journal, do not expect to have it all on your first go.

Constant practice will help you achieve the neat handwriting and fancy headings you want for your bullet journal. In fact, people who have been at it for several years still keep a practice journal or drawing book to experiment on first before they do the actual work on their bullet journal.

3. Embrace styles that cover up your imperfection.

There are bullet journal heading styles that can cover up your insecurities when it comes to your handwriting.

You can do uneven lettering where your letters come in different sizes. You can also mix different fonts in one word so that people will not expect perfection. Not everything has to be uniform and neat!

4. Use reinforcements.

If you do not have the time to learn or practice, you can just “cheat” the process.

Use stickers for your headings – bullet journaling is a worldwide trend that you can find BuJo stickers anywhere. You can also make your own by creating your headers on your computer and then printing them on sticker paper!

Another reinforcement that you can use are stamps. This is actually another popular BuJo tool, whether it be words, letters, calendar spread, to-do list – you will find a BuJo stamp that will suit your needs.

Last but not least, make use of stencils. Stencils come in different sizes and forms and are available in most stationery shops or in your local department store’s school supplies section.

5. Embellish.

You can make your ordinary handwriting look fancy or artistic by using embellishments in your letters. Add floral decals, hearts, or circles on your letters. Or outline your words with dots or dashes. You can find a lot of handwritten fonts that look fancy but are actually easy to do!

6. Embrace your own handwriting.

Many are often frustrated because they want to copy somebody else’s handwriting for their bullet journal headings and end up with something different.

Everyone has a unique handwriting and style – you will not be able to copy someone’s handwriting perfectly unless you practice hard on it.

So why not just embrace your own handwriting and style? This frees you from comparing your bullet journal to that of others, and it lets you enjoy the bullet journaling process!

Check out minimalist bullet journal spreads – these do not need fancy calligraphy or fonts for their headers! You can do the same with yours!

You will get the hang of it!

One of the perks of doing your own bullet journal instead of having a pre-formed planner is that you have the space to decorate it and personalize it any way you want.

This is true even for your headers!

If you do not have good handwriting, do not worry! Just practice every day on another paper or have a practice journal, and soon you will get the hang of creating artistic-looking headers!

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