20 Mudroom Designs & Ideas You will Love!

These mudroom ideas will open your eyes to the possibilities of having a mudroom even when you only have a small space!

Mudroom ideas for the home

Mudrooms are becoming more popular these days for homeowners. They have evolved from a functional entryway space to dedicated storage space.

A mudroom is the space of transition between the outdoors to your living space. Mudrooms are usually situated at the back or front entrances of the house.

This is the space where people get to remove their outerwear like coats, jackets, scarves, and headwear.

This is also the spot where outdoor shoes are taken off and stored, and people slip on indoor shoes before going into the living quarters. When they enter the living space, they do not trail dirt, germs, and bacteria inside. It does not only help your living quarters stay clean, but it also frees the house of clutter.

The mudroom can be a dedicated room, the entryway or hallway, or just a simple corner or nook by the door. It usually features a bench, a coat rack or hooks, and storage space.

No matter how much space you have, there is an efficient mudroom design that can work for you and your home! Here are some mudroom designs and ideas that you will love!

Separate room mudroom ideas

Having a whole room dedicated to being your mudroom gives you more storage space. You can store more things, such as sports gear or seasonal items.

You do not have to live in a mansion to have a dedicated mudroom. If you have a room near your entryway, you can easily convert that into a mudroom. Some would even expand their entryways for a mudroom. For others, they use their garage and laundry room as a mudroom for more space.

Here are samples of separate mudroom ideas!

1. Standard Layout

Here is a standard layout for most homes that already have a separate mudroom in them. The entryway opens to a small room where you can see some cabinets and storage space, and another door leads to the living quarters.

Separate room mudroom
image from MASCORD

2. Closed Cabinets

I just love how clean and neat this mudroom looks because of the closed cabinets!

mudroom lockers and drawers
image from SUNNY SIDE UP

The owner had locker-style cabinets, and the name tags on each one are a nice touch! There is also a built-in bench with pullout drawers beneath it that you can use to keep shoes! The baskets on top add a homey feel to it too!

3. Office Mudroom

Who says you can’t have your office inside the mudroom? Turns out, you can!

There’s a built-in counter space and a desk that looks out of the window. The mudroom and storage space is behind you if you use the desk.

I also love how the cabinet’s side is used as a corkboard space that everyone can see before they leave or come home!

Just teach everyone to organize their stuff in the mudroom because it’s so hard to concentrate at work when there’s clutter all around you.

4. Garage Mudroom

This is a mudroom space that is located in the garage. There are hooks for coats and bags. There is enough shelving space above and below for anything you want.

I love the way that there is still space on the floor for more storage!

5. Laundry Room Mudroom

This mudroom is in the room with the backdoor entrance. Because of the huge space, it also doubles as a laundry room.

mudroom is in the room with the backdoor entrance
image from CLOSET WORKS

As you can see, there is a lot of storage space to keep your items. At the same time, there is enough room for everybody’s outer garments and shoes.

6. Mudroom by the laundry room

This could very well be another mudroom and laundry room combo! There is a small hallway from the door, and there is a room that leads to the laundry room.

mudroom and laundry room combo setup
image from MASCORD

I love how the laundry room has lots of storage in it! The mudroom feature may be small, but it also has enough shelving space and drawers for your stuff. The cushioned bench is also a nice touch – a cool space to rest when you’ve just gone from work or errands.

Entryway or hallway mudroom ideas

The most common mudroom setup is in the entryway or hallway. Some hallways are wide, while some are narrow.

Some redo their hallway to have floor to wall storage. This maximizes the space. And some are wide enough to accommodate cabinets and a bench.

Check out these entryway or hallway mudroom ideas!

1. Like an open locker

Isn’t it great to have a mudroom storage solution that allows each household member to have their own space? Mudroom furniture like this one is like having an open locker. The top compartments can hold hats, scarves, and other tiny items. The bigger, longer part has hooks to hold your coat or bag.

And the bottom space can be used for your shoes.

2. Screen door mudroom

I like the way screens were used in the cabinet doors. It gets to protect the more important stuff such as school bags or toys while providing visibility too.

cabinet doors in this mudroom makes use of a screen

The cubbies at the bottom also provide enough space for every member’s casual shoes.

I also like the type of baskets used as containers for the upper shelves since it blends well with the screened cabinet doors!

3. Colored Mudroom

Your mudroom does not have to look so neat and generic. A splash of color can turn it into a fun space!

This mudroom belongs to a beach house, and the orange wall and colorful throw pillows just make it look so homey. I wouldn’t mind hanging out and reading a book on the bench for a while!

4. Crates mudroom

This mudroom features crates mounted on the wall to serve as shelves for shoes.

There’s also a bench with a shoe rack beneath it. Above the bench is a place where you can hang your outer garments and scarves. The overall look is a unique mudroom that would impress your visitors when they drop by!

This mudroom setup was actually done in their garage, but it is also good enough for a hallway!

5. Closet on the wall

This entrance opens to a hallway where there is closet space on the wall.

It looks simple, but it has this one mudroom luxury: a little shoe washing station!

This is very helpful when you live in an area with a cold and wet climate. You can easily clean off muddy boots right away when you get home! It can also double as a pet washing station after your pet had too much fun in the dirt outside.

6. For a narrow hallway

Just because you have a narrow hallway does not mean you do not have space for a mudroom! Check out how this homeowner renovated their narrow hallway to accommodate a built-in functional mudroom.

7. Separated by a sliding door

You can separate your hallway from your living quarters by installing a sliding door!

I love this idea because it clearly establishes the barrier between the mudroom and the living quarters. It would be helpful too if you have unexpected guests and you need to hide your cluttered mudroom!

8. Farmhouse style

I have always been fascinated by farmhouse style homes! It looks so natural and feels very warm.

You don’t need a very large space for a farmhouse style mudroom. Shelves on top, cubby bench on the floor, and a few hooks in between, then add a nature decor, and you’re good!

Small nook or corner mudroom ideas

Just because you have a small home or apartment does not mean you can not have your own mudroom.

A mudroom does not really have to take up so much space. You can just make do it with a coat rack and a bench!

Here are some small nook mudroom ideas that you will love!

1. A tiny space by the door

I love how this teeny weeny space by the door was converted into a mini mudroom nook!

Small corner
image from LUMBER JOCKS

You can easily have this custom made! There is more than enough space for a couple or a family of 3. It’s perfect for tiny homes and apartments!

2. Using shelves

This is a custom-made small mudroom storage that works great for the whole family without taking much space. The key is to use your shelving wisely.

small mudroom storage
image from HOME BUNCH

3. Hooks and a bench

You can simply just hang hooks on the wall and place a bench beneath it. Store your everyday shoes underneath the bench. Check out this simple but fun-looking mudroom idea!

simply just hang hooks on the wall and place a bench beneath it
image from SHELTERNESS

4. A nook by the backdoor

This small space by the back door is converted into a mudroom corner where everyone can hang their coats and take off their shoes. There is also a high wall-mounted shelf for potted plants and figurines that gives it a homey feel. The cushioned storage bench looks comfortable as well!

small space by the back door
image from MODERN JANE

5. Another nook by the backdoor

This mudroom is also situated in a small nook by the back door. You can see that it only utilizes hooks on the wall, a high shelf and cabinet, and a bench. It looks pretty simple, but it is very neat as well.

6. A simple furniture

Sometimes, all you need to do is find a good piece of furniture that can function as your mini mudroom!

This corner cabinet offers a coatrack space that you can also use for your bags. It also has shelves for other storage needs.

find a good piece of furniture that can function as your mini mudroom
image from EBAY

Here’s another furniture piece that features a coat rack, bench, and shoe rack in one.

Let’s set up your mudroom!

As you can see, no matter what space you have, there is a stylish mudroom idea that could work for you!

Remember, you don’t need a large space for a mudroom. So even if you live in a small home, you can set up a mudroom in it!

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