20 Creative Bullet Journal Monthly Themes

These bullet journal monthly themes will surely add color and fun to your journal!

bullet journal monthly themes

One great thing about bullet journals is that you can layout and design any spread however you want. But sometimes, uniformity is not that bad.

This is why most bullet journals come up with monthly themes.

Why create bullet journal monthly themes?

A bullet journal monthly theme allows you to incorporate the same elements, colors, designs, or font to your spreads for the month. This means you use it for the monthly cover page, the monthly spread, the weekly spread, your trackers, and anything you usually write in your BuJo.

It brings an element of consistency to your pages. Plus, you no longer have to feel pressured on how you design your pages – just go with a theme, and you are done for the whole month!

Another thing you’ll love about using a monthly theme is that it clearly divides your months. You can quickly tell what month you are viewing based on the design when you turn to a random page.

How to choose a bullet journal monthly theme

When choosing a theme, you can incorporate the seasons or holidays involved such as doing a hearts theme for February and an ice cream theme during summer.

However, your monthly theme does not always have to relate to the season or the holidays of the month.

You can totally go random based on what you feel, like doing a gold and black color theme or a coffee theme. After all, it’s your bullet journal! You can decide on any theme that you want!

Bullet Journal Monthly Themes: Sample Designs

If you need more inspiration, here are 20 awesome bullet journal monthly themes that you can check out!

1. Space or galaxy

Applying a space or galaxy theme gives you many opportunities to add lots of colors to your pages, thus being really creative in your bullet journal. On top of that, it’s very easy to draw the shapes of planets, stars, and moon!

Here are some really cool layouts with the space or galaxy theme!

Monthly spread by jannplansthings

space/galaxy theme monthly spread
Image from Jann via Instagram

Weekly spread by Rae

space/galaxy theme weekly spread
Image from Rae’s Daily Page

Mood tracker by JashiiCorrin

2. Coffee

If you’re a coffee-holic, you will definitely love this monthly bullet journal theme! Besides, making plans and listing goals will never be complete without a cup of coffee to perk you up and boost your day.

Check out these coffee-inspired bullet journal spreads!

Monthly cover page by Crafter Pillar

Weekly spread by Ladies Lounge

coffee theme weekly spread
Image from Ladies Lounge

Mood tracker by thuys bujo

coffee theme mood tracker
Image from Thuy via Instagram

3. Balloons bullet journal theme

A balloon theme is another colorful theme for your bullet journal! Since we often use balloons when we’re celebrating, this is perfect for any month when you have family gatherings, get together with your friends, or when you simply want to celebrate life!

Check out these samples using a balloon theme.

Monthly cover page by Misha

Monthly Spread by Emma

bullet journal monthly themes - balloons monthly spread
Image from Journaling by Emma via Pinterest

Mood tracker by A life in squares

I love these heart-shaped balloons!

4. Hot Air Balloons

Here’s another balloon theme, but this time, it’s bigger and more colorful – hot air balloons!

See these pages.

Monthly cover page by BuJo and cookies

Weekly Spread by Nicole

Habit Tracker by Ally Lim

5. Honeycomb and bee

Yellow is not my favorite color. But when I see honeycomb and bee designs in bullet journals, I can see why many love this combination for monthly themes.

They always look so bright and cheerful that working on them can truly lift your mood!

Check out these sample spreads.

Monthly cover page by Veronica

Monthly spread by bujo by lo

honeycomb and bee theme for monthly spread
Image from bujo by lo via Instagram

Habit tracker by Jenna

6. Lanterns

Lanterns are easy to doodle, and they indeed make your bullet journal beautiful. With these colorful lanterns as your theme, you will surely have lively spreads!

As I browsed through samples, I noticed something about this theme. When you want your spreads to look bold and daring, use red and dark pink colors for the lantern. But if you like a soft glow, use yellow and orange colors.

Weekly spread by Allie

Expense tracker by Plinth

Monthly spread by Sofie

7. Music

Are you a music lover? If so, this theme is for you.

Show your love for music by incorporating it into your BuJo! I won’t ask you to sing, but, if you’re drawing stuff related to music, you might just sing to yourself while you draft your layouts! And that’s an awesome scenario!

Check out these layouts.

Vinyl records weekly spread by Carolien

Piano habit tracker by Diary Journal Book

Notes mood tracker by Dee

music notes theme for mood tracker
Image from Dee via Instagram

8. Cat bullet journal theme

This theme is very close to my heart. I’m a cat lover!

If you love cats too, you will like these as well. Similar to our feline friends, a cat theme is super cute and warm!

Here are some ideas. You might wanna snuggle your cat while you create your layouts!

Monthly cover page by Cynthia

Weekly Spread by Dango Doodles

Mood tracker by Marie

9. Sunflower

Here is another sunny and cheery bullet journal theme that you can imitate – another reason why I’m really starting to like yellow color.

Take out your shades of yellow, orange and brown, then check out these sunflower-themed BuJo spreads!

Monthly spread by BuJo and cookies

Sleep tracker by Blossom Bujo

Mood and habit tracker by karenagra

10. Seashells and corals

For beach lovers, here’s a seashell and corals bullet journal theme!

They’re really gorgeous. And working on these spreads will make you feel like you are on the beach!

Monthly cover by bujo by ingrid

Weekly spread by Nicole

Habit tracker by Anastasiaa

11. Leaves

If you love nature, you will surely have fun making leaves a theme for your bullet journal. Apart from that, leaves are among the easiest to doodle!

Here are some leafy spreads to inspire you.

Monthly cover page by Erica

Expense tracker by Cypriana

Habit tracker by Journal by Mir

12. Hearts bullet journal theme

A hearts BuJo theme works great for any month but it’s a common favorite during the month of February. Hearts are among the easiest to draw.

Moreover, you will find lots of heart-shaped stencils, stickers, and washi tapes to make your spreads even more hearty – so full of love!

See these layouts that you will surely fall in love with!

Cover page by BuJo and cookies

hearts theme monthly cover
Image from BuJo and cookies via Instagram

Monthly spread by Square Lime Designs

hearts theme monthly layout
Image from Square Lime Designs

Monthly spread by BuJo and cookies

bullet journal monthly themes - hearts theme monthly spread
Image from BuJo and cookies via Instagram

13. 80s bullet journal theme

The 80s is a very colorful decade. This retro theme allows you to make more use of your neon highlighters and pen. Check out these awesome retro spreads!

Monthly cover page by Nicole Ribeiro

Weekly tracker by Amanda Rach Lee

Mood tracker by kk

bullet journal monthly themes - mood tracker with 80s theme
Image from kk via Instagram

14. Ice cream bullet journal theme

Oh this is yummy! (I mean colorful! haha)

If you are fond of pastels and want something cute, you should try an ice cream theme for the month. It’s girly, and the doodles that you’ll draw are very easy too! Check out these sweet spreads!

Monthly cover page by Nicest Things

ice cream monthly cover
Image from Nicest Things

Monthly spread by Anne

bullet journal monthly themes - ice cream monthly spread
Image from Anne via Instagram

Weekly spread by Chocolate Musings

bullet journal monthly themes - ice cream weekly spread
Image from Chocolate Musings

15. Books

If you’re a bookworm, you will love the idea of having a book bullet journal theme for the month. Books are not so hard to draw, and you can easily mix up the colors too!

Here are sample spreads for inspiration!

Monthly spread by Rae’s Daily Page

bullet journal monthly themes - books theme monthly spread
Image from Rae’s Daily Page

Weekly spread by Art n Foxes

Gratitude Log by Masha Plans

bullet journal monthly themes - gratitude journal using books theme
Image from Masha Plans

16. Cactus

If you are a plant lover or someone who just loves the color green, you can never go wrong with a cactus theme!

These cute plants are easy to doodle. You will not have a hard time incorporating this theme throughout your spreads at all!

Check out these samples!

Monthly cover by Salena

Weekly spread by Mathilde

Habit tracker spread by Anna Marie BuJo

bullet journal monthly themes - cactus habit tracker
Image from Anna Marie BuJo via Instagram

17. Crystal

Do you want a girly and glamorous theme? Try crystals!

They are not that hard to draw since you can do them in so many ways. Most spreads use the purple hues for this theme, but you can use other colors as well.

Check out these chic crystal spreads!

Monthly cover page by Amanda Rach Lee

Monthly spread by Devon Ralston

Weekly spread by Otrio Stationery

18. Rainbow bullet journal theme

Is there any better way to bring more colors to your BuJo pages than to go with a rainbow theme?

And we’re not just talking about colors here, but it’s also about the cheery and bold aura that go with these colors.

Check out these colorful spreads!

Monthly cover page by Vanessa

Monthly spread by Lina – Bujo

bullet journal monthly themes - rainbow monthly spread
Image from Lina via Instagram

Weekly spread by Tombow

bullet journal monthly themes - rainbow weekly spread
Image from Tombow

19. Black and gold

For something glamorous, try a black and gold theme. This can add an element of fun even when yours is a minimalist bullet journal. Check out these luxurious spreads!

Monthly spread by Rae

bullet journal monthly themes - gold and black monthly spread
Image from Rae’s Daily Page

Weekly spread by Antonia Zangl

bullet journal monthly themes - gold and black weekly spread
Image from Antonia Zangl via Instagram

Sleep tracker by Ruby

bullet journal monthly themes - sleep tracker using gold and black theme
Image from Ruby via Picuki

20. Comic book

This is a theme that even men would love. We all grew up with comic books, and if you are a fan, you can make it into a bullet journal theme!

Check out these fantastic spreads!

Monthly cover page by Little Miss Rose

bullet journal monthly themes - comic book monthly cover
Image from Little Miss Rose

Weekly spread by Fenke – Bullet Journal

Habit tracker by Cynthia Bates

Take your pick!

Have you now found a theme that you like? Try it out now!

Choosing a bullet journal theme can be so much fun, and it can really test your creativity.

You can have different themes for each month, so there’s really no limit as to how you want to design your BuJo.

Have fun planning and drawing your monthly spreads!

Looking for more BuJo ideas? Check these out!

Or you can just go to our Bullet Journal page and check out all our BuJo articles!

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Enjoy designing your BuJo with these bullet journal monthly themes! Check out these 20 creative themes you can apply on your own journal!

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