Simple Doodles: 40 Easy Doodles for BuJo

A collection of simple doodles you can draw with ease, so you’ll have beautiful bullet journal pages without having to make complicated designs!

I’m not good in art works. My bullet journal is very minimalist.

For the least, I only have the daily tasks listed along with the symbols I use to indicate whether a task has been started, completed, transferred or cancelled.… Read the rest

Is Bullet Journaling for You?

If you haven’t started your own bullet journal yet, and you’re thinking if it’s worth your time to start one, this post is for you.

Let’s have a little refresher first of what is a bullet journal.

What is a Bullet Journal?

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15 Simple and Minimalist Bullet Journal Spreads to Try!

Are you a beginner in using a bullet journal? Do you find those creative layouts too difficult for you? Why not try the minimalist bullet journal spreads instead?

Minimalist bullet Journal cover image

Perhaps you’ve already seen a lot of bullet journal spreads on Pinterest and Instagram and the designs are all beautiful and stunning but… unfortunately… too complicated for you.… Read the rest