20 Creative Ideas to Organize Your Craft Room

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Do you have a messy and disorganized craft room?

Craft paint bottles everywhere. Glitters all over the floor. Buttons, fabric and ribbons in every corner.

But somehow, as someone who loves crafts, you feel this freedom to be creative and true to who you are, in the messiness of your craft room.

In that mess, there is identity, beauty and fun!

This is what a craft room should be – a place that sparks creativity, a place where you are free to explore ideas.

However, an overly messy place can overwhelm you, and take the beauty and fun that is suppose to be there.

You don’t have to let that happen. With the help of these creative ideas, you can organize your craft room and make it even more beautiful and inspiring!

But before you dive deep into organizing your craft room, I encourage you to first declutter your craft supplies so that you’ll have less to organize.

That being said, here are the organization ideas for your craft room. Enjoy!

1. Use glass jars to keep your craft materials.

There are may ways you can use a glass jar. One of that is keeping your craft supplies.

What’s great about glass jars is that they’re clear. So it’s very easy for you to see what’s inside of it. No need for labels!

Take this one, for example.

If you’re using lots of ribbons, you can wrap each one on a craft stick. Use as many as you need to. Then keep them all in a glass jar.

Here’s a set of craft sticks that you can buy at Amazon.

And here are more craft sticks with different sizes, all from Amazon.

You can also use a glass jar to keep colored pens.

There are different sizes of glass jars. How you use them depends on what craft supplies you need to sort.

Here are more samples.

Here are different types of glass jars from Amazon. In the images, you’ll see that these jars contain food or bathroom supplies. Well, just replace that with your craft supplies!

If you want jars with lids, take your pick!

And this is for you if you love mason jars!

If you like more glass jar options, then here are more from Amazon!

2. Hang small mason jars on a shelf.

This one uses jars too, but with a twist.

Instead of just placing the jars on a shelf, the covers are stuck under it!

organize craft room - mason jar screwed under the shelf

The jars are pretty small. So this is so perfect for those teeny weeny art materials you have!

Just twist the jar to get some supplies, and twist the jar again to put it back in place.

Here are small mason jars you can get from Amazon.

This is a 4-oz set.

And this is much smaller – only 2 oz.

Here are more options for small mason jars at Amazon.

3. Be creative with clothespin.

Craft sticks are not the only means you can keep your ribbons organized. Clothespins do the trick too!

Just sort them according to their colors and keep them in sturdy baskets.

organize craft room - ribbons in clothespins

Here’s a set of 100 pieces of clothespins from Amazon.

Personally, I prefer using wooden clothespins than plastic ones when hanging our clothes. So it delights me that these goodies can also be used to organize ribbons in the craft room!

And if you love colors, here’s a really cool option!

4. Keep your crayons in a separate holder.

Don’t you just love it when those colorful crayons are so neatly arranged?

Crayon holders keep these colors upright. And when it’s displayed like this, it’s so inviting, especially for those little hands who can’t keep but touch them!

organize craft room - crayons sorted
From flickr

Oh well, if this is going to inspire your kids to tap on their creative genius, isn’t this all worth it – even if it still ends up so messy no matter how much you try to put those crayons back in place?

Buy a nice crayon holder from Amazon.

5. Give them a bucket!

A bucket full of colors to organize the craft room!

It’s similar to the crayon holders, just a really bigger version.

Here’s a bucket with pockets all around it. You can arrange colored pens and pencils as shown. Even the crayons can be placed here too!

Then inside is an even bigger area for all those art materials.

You can take it anywhere in your house – in the bedroom, your kids’ room, the kitchen – anywhere those little kiddos want to unleash their artistic side!

Here’s something similar that I found at Amazon.

This bucket is supposed to be a tool for cash washing. But oh you know DIY! Almost anything can be repurposed!

So yes, I believe you can make use of this to organize your craft room too!

Here are more craft bucket organizers from Amazon. Check it out and see other awesome choices!

6. Use a 3-tier unit.

Okay… maybe the bucket is just too big.

Here’s something that is more handy, especially for those little art supplies that you often bring around the house.

I found this similar item from Amazon.

And here are more options for a 3-tier organizer!

7. Install a few crates on the wall.

These crates work just like shelves. It’s just that they look really unique and creative.

Just look at how organized the sewing supplies are in these crates!

Here are wooden crates that you can find at Amazon to organize your craft room.

8. Frame the stickles!

Stick your glitter glue into a frame, upside down, and you never have to worry about it settling down and running down so slowly!

organize craft room - stickles on frame
From Kattiz Scrapp

9. Hang your paints on the wall.

Using PVC and wire shelving, you can keep your paints on the wall.

organize craft room - using PVC and wire shelf

10. Convert an old dresser into a crafts drawer!

Can you imagine that you have this nice dresser in one place, looking so neat and gorgeous?

Open the drawers and you’ll have your craft supplies, carefully arranged!

That’s exactly what you’ll find at Stephanie’s place!

Here are the paints and glitters.

More paint, a palette, pens and paint brushes.

organize craft room - paints, palette, and brushes in dresser drawer

And here’s more paint, glue sticks, punches and scissors for decorative cuts.

organize craft room - scissors in dresser drawer

On the other side of the dresser are more craft materials.

organize craft room - more supplies in dresser drawer

Here are the ribbons!

organize craft room - ribbons in dresser drawer

And finally the sewing kit!

organize craft room - sewing materials in dresser drawer

Wow! That’s a whole bunch of craft supplies, all in one dresser in that humble corner.

What a really neat, organized and beautiful way to organize craft room essentials, while keeping the place free from clutter!

11. Repurpose your kitchen island.

A dresser drawer is not the only furniture you can convert into a craft station.

If you have an old kitchen island, that’s also a great place for your craft supplies!

There’s even a small peg board on one side.

12. Hang a large peg board on the wall.

Once you have the pegboard attached already, you can hang every craft supplies you have.

Keeping your art materials on display makes this organizing project even more artsy!

Here are just some of the beautiful craft supplies organization on a peg board.

13. Sort them into clear containers.

If you’re keeping your craft supplies in shelves, categorize them using clear containers with labels.

You can make use of those with lids to store crayons, paints, markers, glue, beads and other craft supplies.

The papers, notebooks, art and colored papers can be arranged in multi purpose bins with handles.

These handles make these bins easy to carry. So when you need to look for a particular paper or notebook, you can safely hold it and slide it out a bit from the shelf. You can even bring the entire bin on the table if you need to!

14. Use a cube organizer.

You can use this as part of your entire craft room. Or it can be the only craft storage in your house, especially if you live in a small home.

Here is an example of a nine cube organizer.

And here’s one with twelve cubes. Actually it’s just a combination of three 4-cube organizers.

15. Have a shelf built for the fabrics.

This is especially helpful when you love sewing.

When you can’t see your fabric, you might just forget about it! But with open shelves like these, it’s so easy to see all of them. Now you won’t forget.

And just notice how colorful it looks!

16. Use an IKEA rail for scissors.

Line up all your scissors and easily grab what you need!

17. Carts for arts!

What I love about carts is that you can move them easily and park them anywhere you need them to be.

If you’re doing craft work in the living room, you can just easily roll them. Likewise when you’re working in the dining room or in the bedroom. It’s like having a mobile craft room in the home!

18. Make a craft table.

You can make a table specifically for your craft works.

From i creative ideas

Since it’s for crafting only, you can have it designed with storage spaces that will work for you.

If you can’t make it, yourself, then you can always have someone else to do it for you.

19. Hang the paints using binder clips.

Here’s another creative idea on hanging your paints on the wall.

Use scrap plywood, push pins and binder clips.

Alternatively, if you want to make sure that it really sticks, you can use nails instead of push pins since nails are a lot sturdier.

20. Frame the gift wrappers.

This system makes gift wrappers easy to reach and it doesn’t ruin the papers.

When you’re preparing a gift, just roll the wrapper and you’re good. Easy…

Plus… it looks so pretty on the wall!

Don’t get so caught up in the cleaning.

A little mess is okay in every craft room. If you can easily find each craft supply that you need, then there’s nothing to worry about your place.

What we’re avoiding here is the overly messy scenario. Because it’s hard to feel inspired when you can’t find the things that you need.

Organizing your craft room may be a constant battle. But if you keep the habit of designating a home for everything, and putting every supply back where it belongs, you will feel more relaxed.

Add to it the fact that your organizing is not just for the sake of organizing, but above all else – to reflect God’s beauty and creativity in the corners of your craft room and in your creations.

You will definitely feel more inspired to work on your next masterpiece!

Looking for ideas to organize your craft room? Check these out!

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8 thoughts on “20 Creative Ideas to Organize Your Craft Room

  1. Janet

    I was wondering where you got the bins in the #13 taller bins for paper, looks like the 3rd shelf down

    1. Em Mendoza Post author

      Hello Janet! They’re from The Container Store. Look for multi-purpose bins.

    1. Em Mendoza Post author

      Glad you like it Alexander!

  2. Shannon

    I got a hollow core door from Loews and sat it on two storage cubes to use as a craft table. I love having all that space

    1. Em Mendoza Post author

      Nice idea Shannon! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Kunika Patel

    Organizing a craft room is so difficult, it just gets messy every other day. I loved your idea of pegboard and pushpins for colors. Thank you for the inspiration.

    1. Em Mendoza Post author

      Glad you found one of my tips helpful Kunika!


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