Practical Closet Organization Ideas

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Is your closet overflowing?

Do you have to rifle through everything just to find an outfit, a scarf, or a clutch?

Before you go on organizing your closet, consider decluttering first. Go through your things and get rid of those that you don’t use and won’t use anymore.

You will have more space and less things to organize when what’s left are only the things that you need and love. You will also appreciate organization techniques more.

So if you haven’t decluttered yet, do it now, before going through these organizing tips.

Then when you’re ready, here’s the list of organization ideas that will help you gain more control of your closet!

1. Use clothespin to hang scarves and hankies.

You can mount a wooden board on your closet door or on the wall, then attach the clothespin there.

These will hold your scarves and hankies. Designate one clothespin for each.

organize closet - clothespin for scarves
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If you use this method, you don’t have to fold your scarves and hankies anymore. Just let them hang loosely.

2. Shower rings are also great for scarves.

Gather them in a hanger. Then insert your scarves – one for each shower ring.

You can keep them in your closet, hang them on the wall or on the door.

If you have a pegboard, that’s also a nice place.

3. Make a scarf hanger.

If you want something sturdy that’s really built for scarves, make a scarf hanger like this.

4. Convert a rake into a necklace hanger.

Yes… a rake!

organize closet - rake as a jewelry organizer

Tired of your necklaces carelessly dangling somewhere?

You can learn to make this really unique organizer!

It will take time, and some work, but… don’t you think it’s worth the effort?

Looks like a pretty home decor!

5. Divide your drawers.

Creating partitions in your drawers keeps your small items like undies, hankies, bra, scarves, ties, face towels, separated from each other.

Because you can see them all at a glance, you don’t have to rummage through them when you’re looking for a particular item. So when you’re in a hurry, you can get what you need at once!

Also, when you get something, like an underwear for example, you leave the others still organized, without doing anything at all.

Because they are separated from each other, getting one will not affect everything else.

You can buy a drawer organizer from your favorite store.

Or just make one, yourself, using a cardboard.

6. Arrange PVC pipes in a drawer.

I thought PVC pipes only work for shoe storage. Looks like these can also be drawer dividers!

In this sample, the ties and scarves are separated from each other using PVC pipes. Just arrange a couple of pieces in your drawer. Roll up your ties and scarves.

Place them inside the PVC and that’s it!

Same technique can be applied to your underwear.

You can even spray paint the PVC pipes with your favorite color!

7. Use tension rods to hang your bras.

Get a hanger for each of your bra. Then all you need is a small space in your closet where you can attach a tension rod.

Hang your bras there and you’re all set! This keeps your bra in shape – safe and sound.

8. You can also do this with a shower rod.

Simply hang your bras like this.

Or use rings and clips to hang each one.

9. Use large beautiful boxes to organize accessories.

If you don’t feel like hanging your scarves, handbags and other accessories, you can keep it in a box. Making the box beautiful is an added motivation for you to keep things organized.

Don’t forget the labels so that you know what’s inside in just a glance. This also stops you from putting in the boxes things that don’t really belong there.

10. Use a hanger and shower rings to organize tank tops and belts.

Here’s another use for shower rings.

If you fold and keep you tank tops in your drawers, here’s a good idea to free up some drawer space.

The same can be applied to your belts.

11. Make your own belt rack with a hanger and cup hooks.

Using curtain rings is probably easier than this one.

But if you want something more handsome than that – perhaps a gift for hubby, or for your son, here’s a belt organizer that you can DIY!

12. Organize clutches using a lid rack.

Yes – that one you use in the kitchen!

Get your clutches and place each of them in the lid rack.

Put the rack in your closet.

This will leave your clutches standing upright. Very easy to see all your choices!

13. Use shelf dividers to hold your bags in place.

This works like the lid rack – only bigger!

Slide the dividers on the shelf. then place your bags in.

Now you can see all your bags at a glance. It’s very easy to pick which one to use for the next day.

14. Hang your jeans using S hooks.

You’ve probably seen it done in stores already.

You can adapt the same style to your home.

This makes it easier to see all your jeans (compared to stacking them) and choose which one you are going to wear.

15. Keep sweaters and sweatshirts in a hanging shoe organizer.

Fold them nicely, roll, then place each to its own cubby. If two can fit inside, much better! This will free up a lot of closet space.

Even your jeans can fit inside. So if you have empty cubbies left, you can use them for your jeans.

From Ask Anna

Now observe the overall look.

From Ask Anna

16. Hang your sweaters.

If you prefer to hang your sweaters, you can do so! After all, it helps to see your options better.

Here’s how to do it with ease.



17. Make a few closet dividers.

We often categorize our clothing, and these closet dividers help in doing just that.

It’s like setting a boundary for each category of your hanged clothes.

And it’s really cute!

18. Use two rods to maximize space.

If you have a really tall closet, you can divide it into two with rods.

Then you can hang your clothes both on top and at the bottom parts.

19. Use pipe cleaners to make no-slip hangers.

Not all clothes stay on the hanger when you hang them. Others are meant to slip.

Oh but with pipe cleaners, this is not going to be a problem anymore!

Wrap the bent section of the hanger with a pipe cleaner, and you’re good!

20. Invest in a pull-out closet organizer.

Then use wire baskets to store your clothes.

Finding your clothes has never been this easier – just slide the basket out when you need a shirt, then push it back in after.

21. Use a shoe organizer to keep your kids’ board games.

Keep them all so nicely and it’s very easy to locate a game.

22. Add a pegboard for extra space.

You can do a lot with your pegboard.

Hang your gloves, belt, coat, umbrella… oh… you name it!

Take it one organizing step at a time.

The closet is one of the hardest places to organize in the home. So don’t beat yourself up if you can’t do it in one weekend.

What’s important is that you are giving your best efforts to keep an organized closet.

Take it one step at a time, or even one thing at a time – undies today, hankies and scarves tomorrow, and so on.

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