21 Beautiful Feminine Home Office Decor Ideas

Decorating your home office? Bring out the girl boss in you with these feminine home office decor ideas!

feminine home office decor ideas

For a woman who works at home for so many hours in a day, you deserve a chic office to make you feel more of a girl boss than just a girl trying to make ends meet to survive.

One of the things that can help you stay motivated and inspired to work is your home office decor.

There are so many ways to turn your home office into a chic and glamorous spot that is truly yours!

Here are 20 feminine decor ideas for the home office that will definitely bring out your own style and personality!

1. Get a feminine desk.

Your desk is the central point of your home office. So it’s just right that it’s a feminine desk!

Most desks are pretty standard looking and unisex, so you may have to do a little more digging to get one that shouts “girl boss.”

There are many desks that look great for girls. Some have curvy legs, some have feminine carvings, or just get a standard desk with feminine color!

feminine desk
Image from DigsDigs

2. Choose a fancy-looking chair.

Your chair is one of the most significant and most crucial elements in your home office. You get to see it right away when you step into your working space.

Give your home office a feminine and chic vibe with a fancy-looking chair. But do prioritize comfort when choosing one so you can work comfortably!

a fancy looking chair
Image from Nella Vetrina

If a fancy-looking chair is not in your budget, then get a simple comfortable chair, but, add a really nice and cozy pillow like this!

3. Color coordinate your stuff.

One way to solidify your home office’s theme is to color coordinate your stuff – from your desk, storage, accessories, containers, organizers, to office supplies.

This adds to the overall look of your office and emphasizes the color palette of your decor.

When everything is color-coordinated, then you do not have to always hide your stuff. It looks like everything belongs!

color coordinate your stuff
Image from Cool Mom Picks

4. Hide your stuff.

Suppose you find it difficult to follow a color-coordinated scheme because your stuff are just not uniform in color, then don’t worry because you can still establish a color theme.

And that’s by hiding your supplies in containers. Color coordinate your containers!

It is not only an excellent way for organizing your home office, but it also maintains your overall decor goals.

If you have shelves, place your stuff in baskets or canvas boxes. Hide your other office supplies in your drawers. Keep paperwork in magazine holders.

hide your stuff
Image from Kelly Nan

Pro tip: Choose containers in white or other neutral colors. This way, when you decide to redecorate in the future, these containers can still be used since neutral colors go with any color scheme!

5. Get a stylish desk lamp.

Lighting is vital for a home office. As much as possible, you need to set up space where you get a lot of natural light. This is why desks are often placed next to windows.

But what if you are working at night or you work in a windowless spot? Desk lamps is just the solution for you!

Desk lamps come in various designs and styles. Simply pick one that fits your home office setup theme!

a stylish desk lamp
Image from Style at Home

6. Add custom neon signs.

Light up your office with unique and exquisite neon signs! There should be a special light in your working area to awaken your sense of tranquility, and custom neon signs for the office may be the right choice.

Neon signs for office decor are like a creative lifestyle, making your office look innovative and mysterious.

neon signs for home office
Image from Neon Signs

7. Use a string of lights.

A string of lights can be pleasing to the eyes, and it just takes you to a wistful place.

If you do not find them distracting to your work, use a string of lights as a d├ęcor. It can be really stunning and it sure does give off a feminine touch to your home office!

a string of lights
Image from Digs Digs

8. Add a pop of color

If what you have is a minimalist home office or an all-white working station, you can give your office a chic look by simply adding a pop of color like a hot pink board.

This will definitely call for your attention when you pin important work-related notes to yourself on the board.

a pop of color
Image from The Homes I Have

9. Black and white class

If you’re someone who find a mixture of colors distracting, then better stick to a black and white color theme for your home office. This color palette will help you focus more on the work at hand as well.

Apart from that, this classic look is also easy to maintain. With the right elements, this can even give you a glamorous look!

black and white colors
Image from Crismatec

10. Use vinyl wall stickers.

If you’re loving your white walls, add vinyl wall stickers for decor and inspiration. It’s very easy to set up!

Put a motivational quote to help you keep pushing forward during stressful days. Or stick a silhouette image that will add to the room’s allure. You decide.

vinyl wall stickers
Image from Mofflinec

11. Get a feminine rug.

Sometimes a carpet or rug is all you need to make your home office a comfy spot. Get a carpet that feels soft and comfortable under your feet.

Take off your slippers and rub your feet on it when you feel tired. It can be very therapeutic! Not bad for a feminine decor!

Rugs and carpets come in different sizes and colors. If you want a bright and bold one, this also gives your home office a pop of color – another feminine touch.

If your budget is low, do not worry! You do not have to fill out the entire room. Get something just small enough for the space under your desk.

feminine home office decor ideas - use a feminine rug
Image from Pinterest

12. Bring in nature.

Let your home office be a place of serenity – bring Mother Nature in! Surround your workspace with potted plants or fresh-cut flowers. Click here to see suitable options.

I won’t put a potted plant on my desk to save space. But if yours can accommodate one, well, no one’s stopping you!

feminine home office decor ideas - bring plants!
Image from Dulux

Plants help improve the air your breathe in. They also give a calming effect to the room. When your eyes are tired, simply look at the green around you and you will surely feel relaxed.

So if I have to choose just one of these home office decor ideas for my own, it would be plants and flowers.

Not only is it a decor, but it makes the room feel relaxing. And we definitely need that feeling when we’re working!

13. White and gold elegance

If you aim for glamour and elegance, you can never go wrong with a white and gold theme for your home office!

It does not only look so clean and neat, but it is also an exquisite setup. This theme would also work great for a minimalist home office!

14. Hang framed art on the wall.

If you have a lot of wall space left, why not hang some framed art on the wall?

feminine home office decor ideas - framed art on wall
Image from Curated Interior

You can use uniform frames, or try getting frames in different colors-just as long as it works with your workspace’s color palette.

It does not even have to be art. You can also frame motivational posters and quotes to encourage you to keep hustling.

15. Cover walls with wallpaper.

Give your home office a whole new look by picking out a great wallpaper. Choose an eye-catching design or something light and easy to the eyes.

feminine home office decor ideas - wallpaper
Image from Cassie Fairy

16. Use paper flowers.

I certainly prefer fresh flowers in my home office.

But for it to happen I should have a generous supply of flowers in the garden. While I wouldn’t mind picking everyday, the generous supply is just not there. So, I think paper flowers make for a good alternative!

And it’s not that bad at all! Just look at how these oversized paper flowers fit in the overall look of the room!

It’s unique, isn’t it? If you have guests, they will definitely not forget your working space. I surely won’t forget something like this.

Pro tip: Choose the best colors that will go along with the rest of your workspace. Otherwise, this will look a bit tacky.

17. Add some scent.

We all love anything that smells nice. And a nice smelling office is definitely a must!

So, how do you make your home office smell nice?

You can use air fresheners, flowers, essential oil diffusers, and other forms of aromatherapy. Choose the scent that you like, but do change it from time to time.

a good scent for the home office
Image from LBCD Maintenance

Changing the scent makes it feel like there’s always something new in the office – like there’s always something to be excited about. I’d love for you to feel excited in your work! After all, you do it daily.

18. Hang a chandelier.

This may seem excessive for a home office decor, but if you can afford it, why not get a chandelier? It will add some luxurious feel to your workspace.

Position it just above your desk, and it will definitely give you some heavy girl boss vibes. The chandelier alone can make a statement for the entire room.

Image from DigsDigs

19. Drape faux fur on your chair.

Glam up your chair by draping faux fur on it. It will give you a luxurious feel, even when your chair isn’t classy or stylish at all.

And you can even use it to warm you up when you are working on cold temperatures.

Drape faux fur on chair
Image from Classy Clutter

20. Use curtains as a backdrop.

Use long heavy curtains as a backdrop for your home office. Choose the color that emphasizes the color palette that you chose for your home office.

This is great if you take a lot of video calls in your work. Apart from being feminine, it’s focused and clean to look at – something that your clients and audience will love!

feminine home office decor ideas - use curtains ad backdrop
Image from Digs Digs

21. Hang a string of tassels on the wall.

This is probably the simplest among these feminine home office decor ideas – which tells us that your office decor does not have to be too complicated or expensive.

It can be something as simple as hanging a string of tassels on the wall.

It’s an easy DIY project for you as well. Choose the right colors that go well with your office theme, and you are all set!

feminine home office decor ideas - a string of tassels
Image from Pinterest

Everything can be decor!

As you may have observed, everything in your home office can be decor.

From the kind of furniture you choose, to the colors of your stuff, these can all complement each other, forming a home office that is feminine in itself.

Some of the things you’ve seen here may be quite expensive and beyond what you can afford. But believe me when I say that for every expensive item, there’s a budget-friendly alternative that you can buy or DIY. You just need to be a little creative – think out of the box!

When you open your eyes to possibilities, little by little, you’ll see more home office decor ideas – like they’re flooding in your mind. You can even sketch them and just let your imagination flow.

Mix and match and you’ll soon have a feminine home office that speaks a lot about you!

Looking for more ideas for your home office? Check these out!

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Looking for feminine decorations for your home office? We've got you! Here are feminine home office decor ideas that will bring out the girl boss in you!

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