Dollar Store Organization Ideas for the Home Office

Dollar stores are one of the most convenient places to shop when you are working with a tight budget. Try these dollar store organization tricks for your home office!

dollar store organization ideas for the home office

In order to have an effective and productive work space, your home office should be neat and orderly. This is where a good organization system comes into play!

Don’t worry, because organizing does not have to be expensive. Sometimes, all you need to do is take a trip to the dollar store. The prices are so unbelievably cheap!

That being said, let me show you 20 dollar store organization hacks that you can apply in your home office!

Let’s do some organizing!

1. Use small plastic bins as drawer organizers.

Dollar stores have plastic bins and trays of different sizes. You can buy a couple of these and use as drawer organizers.

small plastic bins as drawer organizer
Image from I Heart Planners

2. Miniature loaf tins also work the same way.

Aside from the plastic bins, you can also use miniature loaf tins. It works the same way, so, it’s just a matter of preference now. What do you prefer to use – plastic or mini loaf tins? It’s up to you!

mini loaf tins as drawer organizer
Image from Real Simple

3. Try an ice cube tray as a drawer organizer.

You can also get ice cube trays and these also work as drawer organizers.

Use it for your smaller office supplies such as paper clips, thumb tacks, staple wires, erasers, push pins, and the likes. They come in different colors and styles, so just choose what you like!

ice cube tray as drawer organizer
Image from Bob Vila

4. A muffin tin tray also works as a drawer organizer.

Another dollar store organization idea for your drawers is having a muffin tray inside. Its compartments are deep enough to keep small office supplies in place and it fits most drawers.

muffin tray as drawer organizer
Image from The Krazy Coupon Lady

5. Use a shower caddy as a desktop organizer.

A shower caddy can very well hold the things you need while working. Simply place it on your desk and arrange your pens, notepads, pencils and other things you need.

shower caddy as supplies organizer
Image from Bold Turquoise

The best thing about it is that it comes with a handle. You can easily carry everything you need around.

If you get tired of your desk, or you feel bored in your home office, you may work in the garden or in the living room for a change, and you can easily transfer what you need in just one trip!

6. Use a makeup organizer as a desktop organizer.

Another dollar store item that you can use as a desk organizer is a makeup organizer!

Makeup organizers come with different compartments. Some are big enough to handle all your office supplies but this can look messy. But some are small enough to handle a couple of pens and stationary.

Choose one that would serve you best.

makeup organizer as desk organizer
Image from Geeky Views

7. Use a toothbrush holder as a desk organizer.

Here’s another dollar store organization ideas for your desk – using a toothbrush holder! You can fit a few pens, a little ruler, scissors, etc. It is a versatile holder for all the office supplies that you need nearby.

toothbrush holder as pen and pencil holders
Image from Ali Express

8. Hang tin buckets on your wall.

This is not just a dollar store organization trick that fits the budget, but it’s also a space-saver!

Hang a couple of tin buckets on your wall and place your pens and other office supplies in them. If you don’t like it hanging by your desk, you may also line these up in your shelf.

tin buckets for office supplies
Image from Homedit

9. Hang a shower rack on the wall.

You can buy a shower rack and hang it on the wall above your desk to keep your office supplies and papers.

Shower racks come in different sizes and styles. Some will be able to handle the weight of binders and glass jars. so just choose which one is best for your home office.

using a shower rack for office supplies
Image from Pinterest

10. Use a hanging shoe organizer to keep your office supplies.

Another genius move is to use a hanging shoe organizer to keep stock of your office supplies!

The compartments can fit anything from pens to laptop wires and cables. If you do not have a door to hang it to, you can always use it on the wall beside your desk.

I suggest you use the one with clear pockets so that you can easily find what you need.

A hanging shoe organizer is indeed one of the most flexible things you can use to organize your home. Here are more organizing tricks you can do with it!

11. Experiment with spice rack for small supplies.

This is one unique dollar store organization piece – a spice rack to keep small office supplies!

Either you keep this in a shelf or let it stay on your desk. I think it won’t occupy that much space.

spice rack for small supplies
Image from Buzzfeed

12. Use glass jars to keep office supplies.

Dollar stores often have mason jars and glass storage jars that come in different sizes and styles. These too can be used to store office and craft supplies.

It also goes well with rustic-themed homes. So if you love rustic, you probably need one of these glass jars for your home office supplies.

13. Mini drawers as office supplies storage.

Another dollar store item that you can use to organize office supplies is a mini drawer. Add labels so that it’s clear where each supply should go. Either you put this on your desk, or keep in a shelf.

If you have a high shelf space, or your mini drawer is small, with two or three compartments only, just get more mini drawers, and then simply stack these cuties in the shelf. Easy!

14. Use fabric cube storage for your shelves.

Open shelves can invite mess when there’s no organization system coupled with it – like when you just put everything in there.

Using fabric cubes for the shelves is one way to put an organizing system to it. Instead of directly putting your stuff in the shelf, you put it in the cubes, and the cubes are what you see.

dollar store organization ideas for home office - fabric cube storage
Image from Walmart

To add to the beauty of the room, choose only one color for the cube organizers, or select those that complement the style of your home office.

15. Make a shelf out of plastic crates.

If you have no budget for a shelf, you’re going to love this dollar store organization trick!

DIY a shelf using plastic crates! Then you can safely put your books and other office supplies in it.

Top it off with a piece of wood and that can even be your desk already! Again, use the crates for storage.

dollar store organization ideas for home office - using plastic crates for shelves
Image from Pinterest

16. Use file boxes for your papers.

Dollar stores often have cheap file boxes that are made out of different materials like carton, canvas, meshed wire, and even plastic. You can use these for keeping your papers and documents.

To easily find what you need, use folders or envelopes to categorize your papers and don’t forget to put clear labels.

dollar store organization ideas for home office - file boxes for papers
Image from Zicoto

17. Have some binders for your documents.

When you go to the school supplies department of any dollar store, you will surely see some binders. This is a great way to organize your paperwork, and collate them in just one place.

Get a corresponding puncher so you can easily add any document that comes in.

18. Keep your cords in pouches.

Pouches are very handy for storing wires and cords that you do not use everyday. Simply store these in a plastic bin or in your drawer. You can also use fabric pencil cases for this same purpose.

dollar store organization ideas for home office - pouch for organizing cords
Image from Wirecutter

19. Use binder clips to organize your cord and wires.

If your desk is often a mess because of wires, tame the clutter with this dollar store organization idea – use binder clips! Place them on the corner side of your desk then run the cords through the end.

No more jumbled up wires to deal with! It’s so simple yet so genius!

dollar store organization ideas for home office - binder clips for organizing cords and wires
Image from Hallmark Channel

20. Turn a cookie sheet into a magnetic board.

If you want something different from the usual cork board or blackboard for your home office, you should try a magnetic board and use magnets to hold up your notes.

You do not need an actual magnetic board. Just buy a cookie sheet from the dollar store and turn it into a magnetic board!

Set it up on the wall around your desk where you can easily post your notes.

Organizing your home office doesn’t have to be expensive.

As you have seen, there are many things you can repurpose from your local dollar store that will help in taming the clutter in your office.

So before you buy pricey organizers, see if there is something in the dollar store that can work the same way. Perhaps all it needs is some some DIY power and creative flair!

Happy organizing!

Looking for other dollar store organization ideas for your home? Check these out!

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dollar store organization ideas for home office

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