20 Weight Loss Tracker Layouts to Easily Copy in Your Bullet Journal

Stay motivated to lose weight with these bullet journal weight loss tracker layouts!

bullet journal weight loss tracker layouts

No matter what reason you have to push yourself to lose weight, there is one universal truth – it is not an easy journey. Not only does it take hard work, but it also takes a long time to see significant results. It can take weeks, months, and even years.

This is why most people are often discouraged and quit right away. They feel like their hard work has no results. But if you actually find the time to track your weight loss progress, you can easily see how far you have come from where you started.

One way to keep you focused and encouraged is to use weight loss trackers in your bullet journal.

A bullet journal or BuJo is a diary, calendar, to-do list, goal tracker, expense tracker, weight loss tracker, and many more all rolled into one journal. Think of it like a weekly, monthly, or yearly organizer but with a more personal touch. It does not only help you keep track of so many things, but it is also a creative outlet because you can design them any way you want.

Weight loss trackers in bullet journals are gaining popularity because of their effectiveness. It is a fun way to keep track of what you eat, how much exercise you did, your weekly weigh-ins, and so many more.

If you are totally new to the concept of bullet journaling or you have not tried doing a weight tracker yet do not worry. Here, we gathered 20 weight loss tracker layouts that you can use for your own bullet journal!

1. Motivational Weight loss tracker by @bonsaigiant

This is a cute and neat weight loss tracker that uses the image of mini weighing scales with the target weight measurement on them. The scales have words of encouragement to keep you going. Once you reach a certain number, color the weighing scales in.

2. Weight loss tracker by Home is Handmade

Isn’t it cute how this weight loss tracker layout reminds you of a really fun board game?

Weight loss tracker
Image from Home is Handmade

Also, check out those little notes and drawings around it. Those are actually weight equivalents of the pounds you lost at that point.

Check the 5-pound mark – with the chihuahua on top. That’s because a chihuahua weighs about that much. You can then color in the boxes as you lose weight to track your progress.

3. Pounds and inches tracker by Neta Marie Designs

Use this spread to track how many pounds you lost in just one page.

Pounds and inches tracker
Image from Neta Marie Designs

As you can see, Neta Marie is aiming to lose 56 pounds. On the next page, she is tracking how many inches she has lost on different parts of her body. One side would have her measurements when she first started her journey and the other side would have the results of her hard work.

4. Calorie and servings counter by @tracyebyowens

This BuJo layout helps you understand counting calories better and how many servings you need to consume daily. This allows you to make sure that you are getting enough servings of every food group. It is important because a good diet is all about balance – not deprivation.

5. Health tracker by Life’s Carousel

Part of losing weight is maintaining healthy habits. This layout tracks habits and you can clearly see the days you failed to do them.

Health tracker
Image from Life’s Carousel

This makes you more conscious about your commitment. You can also do this to keep track of the bad habits you want to get rid of or the healthy things you want to do.

6. Weight and measurement tracker by The Petite Planner

Being fit and doing weigh-ins regularly is an important part of the weight loss journey. This bullet journal tracker has your weight loss goal at the top.

In this sample, Mariah started out at 120 and her target is 105. Below her weight loss goal, she has logs for weigh-ins and measurements of different body parts.

Weight and measurement tracker
Image from The Petite Planner

7. Weight loss tracker by @craftycurlee

We love how this weight loss tracker makes losing weight look fun! It helps if you are on the artsy side as well.

This is a roadmap of the weight loss journey with hilarious distractions along the road. You have to ignore these distractions to head straight to Victory Garden. What a fun board game this could be!

8. Weigh-in tracker by Keri Ann Baker

Here is another simple layout of how you can keep track of your weight. It allows you to monitor a weekly weigh-in and has enough slots for 25 weeks. This setup can help you see how much progress you are doing and if you slipped.

Weigh-in tracker
Image from Keri Ann Baker

9. Exercise and water tracker by Diary of a Journal Planner

On this page, you can see that three things are being monitored – distance walked, water intake, and what workout was made (swim, yoga, walk).

Isn’t it cute how washi tapes were used to make the bar graph colorful? You can also add an inspirational quote to keep you going, like the one at top of this page.

10. Body measurements tracker by @beastmode.bujo

This layout helps you track down your body measurements monthly. There is a nice and simple illustration of the body form. And the arrows point to the part that is being measured. A down arrow is then indicated next to the number to point out if you lost some inches.

11. Hexagon weight tracker by Little Coffee Fox

This is a simple bullet journal weight tracker layout that uses hexagons. To use, weigh yourself and write it down in the hexagon. Write the date below the weight so you can easily monitor whether you’re making progress.

Hexagon weight tracker
Image from Little Coffee Fox

It’s a simple layout indeed, but watercolor and calligraphy made it attractive!

12. Meal plan by The Petite Planner

A huge part of losing weight is to watch what you eat. Hence, having a meal plan in your bullet journal will help you keep track of the things you’re eating.

Meal plan
Image from The Petite Planner

Doing this also subconsciously reminds you to have healthy food choices. You can even use it to plan out your meals in advance.

13. Yearly workout tracker by @plan.kickass.repeat

Here is a layout that lets you track down your workout for the entire year. A color is assigned for the type of workout that you have done, and you can color in each box accordingly.

Filling in those boxes and seeing a colorful page is one great way to motivate you!

14. Measurements tracker by Keri Ann Baker

Here is another simple layout. As you can see, the overall goal is written on top of the page. Then below it, there is a table created for measurements of certain body parts that will be monitored monthly. A space for Rewards is also written below for extra motivation.

Measurements tracker
Image from Keri Ann Baker

15. Healthy snacks guide by Home is Handmade

One way to lose weight is again to be more conscious of what you eat. This is why it is important to know how to count and keep track of the calories you consume. But you can’t compute it every time or in public so here, a list of healthy snack options is created.

Healthy snacks guide
Image from Home is Handmade

Whenever you feel like snacking, just refer to the page to see what choices you can have.

16. Fitness regimen by @caffeinatedcoed

This layout focuses on your workout or personal training, which is essential for your weight loss goals. Simply list down the exercises for every core are that needs to be toned.

17. Weight loss tracker by Life’s Carousel

In this tracker, mini goals are set in small boxes with major goals on the big ones. Once you achieve a weight loss goal, you get to color the boxes. It helps you see clearly how far you have come, and the coloring gives you something to look forward to.

Weight loss tracker
Image from Life’s Carousel

18. Goals, action, and results tracker by Diary of a Journal Planner

On this page, you can see some goal setting for the month on top. Then below that, write down the actions you need to do to reach those goals.

On the bottom of the page, there is a space dedicated to comparing weight and measurements. Then on the side is a self-care tracker, with hearts representing the days of the month. This reminds you that losing weight is hard work and that it is important to take care of yourself too.

19. Weight loss tracker by @sweetkawaiidesigns

This weight loss tracker looks very cute, which is something expected from someone with the Instagram name Sweet Kawaii Design. Here, you can see that it is a monthly spread with major weigh-ins, and measurements are done every seven days.

20. Weight loss rewards list by Home is Handmade

Losing weight is a tough job so do not forget to reward yourself from time to time for all the hard work you have been doing. Here, a list of rewards is written down where you get to treat yourself to a reward for every 5 pounds that you lose. This will definitely inspire you to work on your goals!

 Weight loss rewards list
Image from Home is Handmade

Stay motivated in your weight loss journey!

Having weight loss goals and tracking them down makes you accountable and it can encourage you to do better and produce amazing results. These results can make a huge impact and will greatly affect your health and your appearance.

With these various weight loss tracker layouts, together with your bullet journal, we are sure you will be able to get yourself on the right track. Feel free to experiment with different styles or layouts until you find one that you can maintain and work with.

Once you find the best weight loss tracker for you, we are sure you will be able to reach your target weight in no time!

Need more ideas to do with your bullet journal? Check these out!

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Encourage yourself to do better in your fitness journey. Use these weight loss tracker layouts in your bullet journal to keep going and stay motivated!

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