21 Free Printable Weight Loss Trackers to Help You Stay Healthy

printable weight loss trackers

Did you know that if you weigh yourself regularly, keep track of your workouts, and monitor your healthy habits, there is a bigger chance to be more successful in your weight loss goals? This is why printable weight loss trackers are a popular tool for anyone who wants to stay fit and healthy.

A weight loss tracker can help you be accountable and more conscious of what you do, and what you eat. It measures your progress, so seeing how far you have gone also acts as a motivation for you.

1. Rewards and reasons by Meal Planning Mommies

This is a great printable weight loss tracker that monitors and motivates. It starts with a statement about how many pounds you aim to lose. Then, for motivation, it is followed by a list of rewards that you can give yourself for every 5 or 10 pounds lost.

Below that, you will list down the reasons why you want to lose weight. And at the bottom, you track your weight at the end of each month.

2. Weight loss milestones and rewards by 101 Planners

Want something minimalist among these printable weight loss trackers? This is it!

Here’s a very simple table. Your weight loss goal is indicated on top of the page. Then below it is a table for your milestones and rewards.

The table has 10 rows so all you have to do is divide your weight loss goals by 10 for each milestone. Then, list down an equivalent reward for reaching each milestone. To keep yourself motivated, make sure that the bigger the milestone, the bigger the reward!

printable weight loss trackers - milestones and rewards
Image from 101 Planners

3. Weight loss challenge by World of Printables

Need an extra push to lose weight? You should try this weight loss tracker.

It sets weight loss milestones that you can color in accordingly, with enough space for up to 42 pounds with four milestone markers wherein you can reward yourself. It is also designed in a minimalist and neat way.

4. Weight loss tracker graph by Printablee

Graphs are a great way to track your weight loss progress. You can easily see how you are doing by the way the points are going up or down.

This tracker can be used for 12 weeks and with a maximum of 11 pounds of weight loss. There is also a box on the bottom for you to write down notes about your weight loss journey.

printable weight loss tracker graph
Image from Printablee

5. Weight loss goals by The Cottage Market

This is a weight loss tracker that is loaded with information to keep an eye on. It helps you keep an eye on your goals both long-term and short-term. The table on the bottom where you log in your body measurements can be used for up to 13 weeks, which is enough time to see some serious progress.

weight loss goals
Image from The Cottage Market

6. Weight loss tracker by Digital Hygge

Want something with simple feminine touch among these printable weight loss trackers? Here’s one for you!

This is like a map that shows your weight loss journey, and every step of the way is recorded in those pentagon squares. Here, milestones are marked every four steps so you can use those as cues to reward yourself for reaching those goals. This is why there is a goal and rewards portion at the bottom of the page.

printable weight loss tracker
Image from Digital Hygge

7. Pin-up themed measurements log by The Vintage Mama

Here is a weight loss tracker that allows you to compare your progress this month with your measurements and stats last month. It even has space for you to attach pictures of yourself.

When you reach your target weight, you can browse through your filled printable weight loss trackerss and marvel at your progress!

printable weight loss trackers - pin up themed measurements
Image from The Vintage Mama

8. 100-pound countdown weight loss tracker by Meal Planning Mommies

This weight loss tracker is designed for those who want to lose 100 pounds. It looks like a board game where you can just color in or mark with an “x” the pounds that you have lost.

Every 10 pounds lost is highlighted in red and bold – take that as a chance to reward yourself once you reach those boxes.

9. Workout log by World of Printables

You can use this printable workout tracker to plan out and keep track of your workout. The table indicates the workout activity, sets, reps, time, and distance (if applicable).

The point is to have a record of any exercise you do. If you notice you lost a lot of weight in a certain week, you can refer to this and see what kind of workout you have been doing and try to do more of it in the future.

10. Simple Weekly Workout Planner by Smashing Docs

If you want to keep things simple, here’s a weekly tracker that monitors your daily exercise.

This is somewhat similar to the workout log above. It’s just that, with this planner, you’re set out to exercise on a daily basis. You may visualize already what exercises you will be doing daily, then plot these on the planner.

There’s a column for weight, so this will let you see how much you are progressing in your weight loss goals.

Weekly workout planner by Smashing Docs
Image from Smashing Docs

11. Weighing scale tracker by 101 Planners

This weight loss tracker has 12 weighing scales on it. You can use this in two ways.

The first is to divide your target weight loss by 12 and indicate each number on the scales then color them in once you reach them. For example, if you want to lose 60 pounds, the weighing scales should have the numbers 5, 10, 15, etc.

The other way is to simply just write down how much you weigh at the end of the week.

weighing scale tracker
Image from 101 Planners

12. Body measurement progress tracker by Printablee

This weight loss tracker focuses on your body measurements to help you see if you gained or lost weight. Your goal weight is above and there are three tables below where you can keep track of your measurements.

Just divide your weight loss goal into 3 and use that as the time to do your measurements.

progress tracker
Image from Printablee

13. Daily food and exercise journal by The Cottage Market

Your food intake and exercise routine will say a lot about how fast and how much weight you are going to lose. So, it is a good idea to keep track of that too. Here is a daily food and exercise journal that you can print out for that purpose.

There’s a table for the food that you eat, a table for the exercise you did, a water intake tracker, and boxes for your goals and your notes.

daily food and exercise journal
Image from The Cottage Market

14. 40 pounds weight loss tracker by Flynn Studios

If you are aiming to lose 40 pounds, this is the weight loss tracker for you. All you have to do is color in pounds that you lost. You can list your rewards too for every 10 pounds that you lost.

Again, remember, the more pounds you lose, the greater the rewards should be.

40 pounds printable weight loss tracker
Image from Flynn Studios

15. Heart weight loss tracker by Meal Planning Mommies

This is a low-maintenance weight loss tracker for losing 40 pounds. To use it, you simply just color in the circles of the weight you have lost so far from your beginning weight. By the time you color in the circle with the number 40, that means you have lost 40 pounds!

Pretty simple, right?

16. Calorie tracker by World of Printables

Watching what you eat is part of the weight loss journey. Now that does not mean you have to deprive yourself – you just need to master the art of calorie counting.

This is a useful tracker that lets you be more conscious about how many calories you have consumed in a day.

17. Weight loss tracker by The Clever Side

This is a simple weight loss tracker that is easy to maintain. There are 50 blank stars and you can assign any amount of pounds to them. Then, color them in once you lost that amount of pounds throughout your fitness journey until you reach the last star.

printable weight loss tracker
Image from The Clever Side

18. Weekly weight loss tracker by The Housewife Modern

Here is a weight loss tracker that monitors your whole week. There is a tracker that reminds you of daily goals like drinking 8 glasses of water, taking vitamins or supplements, doing your food journal, and your exercise.

Then, there is a before and after weigh-in and measurements that you do at the start and end of the week with a table that shows the difference between the two.

19. My Fitness Journey by ShineSheets

This is a weight loss tracker that you can use for the entire year. You have one column to monitor your weight using a graph. The next column is used to monitor your measurements by use of a table.

At the end of the month, input your weigh-ins and measurements and watch your progress grow.

my fitness journey
Image from Shine Sheets

20. Before and after body measurements by Printablee

One clear way to see how much you’ve changed after you reached your weight loss goals is to have a before and after tracker like this one. When you start your weight loss journey, fill up the before column. And when you reach your target weight, fill up the after column and marvel at the difference.

before and after body measurements
Image from Printablee

21. Body measurement chart by Poooli Print

Here is another before and after body measurement chart that you can use to appreciate your hard work. The first box can be used for your “before” and the “bottom” one for your after. It’s cute how the numbers indicate where you should measure too.

body measurements chart
Image from Poooli Print

Don’t give up!

Losing weight is a tough goal – progress can be very slow and frustrating. It is no wonder so many people start to give up early on their fitness journey.

But with these printable weight loss trackers, you will be able to monitor your progress and see that there is a difference from the day that you started. As a result, you are motivated to keep on going until you reach your target weight.

So have fun experimenting with these various printable weight loss trackers! Use those which you think would help you out best. Then place them on your inspiration board, on a journal, or on your wall. Keep track of your hard work and don’t forget to reward yourself from time to time!

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Printable weight loss trackers are a popular tool for anyone who wants to stay fit and healthy. Here are 20 of them. Use those that will help you best!

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