Patio Summer Decor Ideas for a Refreshing Outdoor Space!

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patio summer decor ideas

Having a patio is great. You get an outdoor living space in your backyard where you can get to do anything while enjoying the fresh air!

Patios are usually made for outdoor dining, relaxation, outdoor lounging, and many more. So, it is just natural that you would want it to look good all the time. It’s also a great place to entertain your guests when it’s a good day or when it’s too hot inside the house.

Whether you have a patio that overlooks a nice garden, backyard grass, or just a cemented space, your patio can look nicer and better with the help of a few outdoor decors.

Now that summer is here, there are lots of nice ways to decorate your patio for the season. Here are some 20 patio summer decor tips and ideas to consider!

1. Water bottle summer lights

Here is a pretty and cost-effective way to add some light and color to your patio this summer. Would you believe these flowers were made out of plastic water bottles?

With the way these flowers are painted, they make beautiful floral decor, and at night, you can light up these flowers to make your patio look like it is out of a fairytale.

2. Wind spinners

This famous outdoor decoration is perfect anywhere. You can place them in potted plants, to color your walkway or as a centerpiece for your outdoor lounge set.

Wind spinners usually come in bright eye-catching colors and once the summer breeze makes them move, it can be very mesmerizing to watch. They can make great conversation starters too.

3. DIY candlelit chandelier

When you love to hang out on the patio at night, why not make the mood more romantic by adding this candlelit chandelier?

The best thing about this DIY project is that you do not have to deal with wiring and electricity. Just light up some candles and you will be okay. Just make sure you blow out the candles after using them for safety reasons.

patio summer decor -DIY candlelit chandelier
Image from: Hey There, Home

4. Solar sunflowers

What is summer without sunflowers? If you are fond of these bright cheery flowers, you will love this outdoor decor for your patio this summer. Make your patio glow at night by planting these solar sunflowers on the ground around it!

They look like real sunflowers during the day and when nighttime comes, they can light up your patio. Because it is solar-powered, you do not have to worry about your electric bill going over the roof.

5. Turn a wired bin into an outdoor end table

Would you believe that this DIY end table was created without the use of power tools? And it only takes a few minutes of your time too. The materials needed do not cost that much so you can do several pieces without having to break the bank.

6. Switch to colorful pillows

If you have an outdoor lounge area, sometimes all you have to do is simply change your pillow covers into something with a bright and colorful pattern.

You will find that this simple switch can give your patio summer vibes. Pillow covers like this one instantly make you want to cheer up and enjoy a sunny day!

7. Add some sparkle with a beaded wind chime

Summer is a colorful season. You can add some color to your patio by creating crafts like this beaded wind chime. It is also a craft that you can do with your kids.

patio summer decor -Add some sparkle with a beaded wind chime
IMage from: Graden Theraphy

If you prefer silent wind chimes you can just do without the bells. It would be great to see some color moving along with the wind, right?

8. Moroccan lanterns

Lanterns are a great way to provide soft and romantic lighting in any area. And they are great outdoors whether you hang them or just put them on the floor of your patio.

If you get Moroccan lanterns, the light shines in patterns that give off a magical vibe. This one is solar so all you have to do is place it in a spot where it can get charged by the sun. Then, it can light up for about 8 hours every night.

9. Give your terracotta pots a rustic bohemian vibe

Terracotta pots are a staple in any garden, but you have to admit they aren’t exactly decorative.

This summer, you can give your terracotta pots a makeover by wrapping them in some rope twine or jute. Then, you can paint them in pretty summer colors to make your garden and your patio look lovely.

patio summer decor -Give your terracotta pots a rustic bohemian vibe
Image from: House by Hoff

10. Put up a summer wreath

You can add some color to the walls of your patio or the door leading to your patio with a summer wreath. This one is an artificial lemon wreath that looks good enough for people to think they are made out of real materials.

11. DIY hammock swing

Want to chill out on your patio and enjoy the summer breeze? Here is a great way to hang out for hours.

This DIY hammock swing is easy to make, and it is affordable as well. Just make sure that you set it up properly and that it can handle your weight.

patio summer decor -DIY hammock swing
Image from: Taunie Everett

12. Tabletop water fountain

There was a time when water fountains were something only the rich and elite would own. But these days, even we normal folks can have our water fountain at home – a miniature version that is!

Tabletop water fountains are affordable and hassle-free. Now you can lounge outdoors with the relaxing sound of running water.

13. Put up some curtains

If you have pillared patio and the weather is not that hot in your area, this summer decor idea is great for you.

Set up screened curtains around for a dreamy, mosquito-free summer patio. It can instantly transform your space into a spa retreat!

patio summer decor -Put up some curtains
Image from: Bles’ser House

14. Iron Bees wall art

Yellow is a popular color during summer. You can easily add a splash of this bright cheery color to the walls or fence around your patio thanks to this bumble bee wall art sculptures!

These are made out of iron and can withstand the elements, making them great patio decor this summer.

15. Create an outdoor couch with pallets

Don’t have the budget for outdoor furniture? Turns out you can make your outdoor couch out of a few pallets.

Just add some cushions and comfortable pillows and you now have a nice boho lounge area on your patio. It would be like having your backyard hideaway!

patio summer decor -Create an outdoor couch with pallets
Image from: Hunker

16. Add some greens

If you have a patio but you do not have a garden to enjoy, there is still a way to enjoy nature in your outdoor area. You can always set up a plant stand on the side of your patio, which can hold several potted plants.

17. Create a tabletop s’more maker

This DIY project does not only make a great centerpiece for your outdoor table, but it is functional too because you can make s’mores with it. It’s a great solution when you can’t have backyard fire pits but do not want to miss out on this fabulous camping activity.

18. Artificial grass rug

Relax in the grass but in a cleaner way with this artificial grass rug. You can add some outdoor pillows on it and lay down, you can have a picnic, or let it be a play area for the kids. It adds a fun decorative element to your patio too.

19. Bird feeding station

Let the birds come closer and enjoy their musical chirping by setting up this bird-feeding pole on your patio.

This is great if you have a deck mount or railings around the patio. This feeding station comes complete with a bird bath, mesh tray, and plant hanger.

20. Patio sun shade canopy

If your patio does not come with shade, it can be tough hanging out there under the heat of the sun. Don’t worry, you do not have to install a roof deck.

All you need is an affordable canopy and some poles and now you can have shade for your patio. Everyone can now enjoy hanging out on the patio without waiting for the sun to set!

Enjoy your summer outdoors!

Summer days are meant to be enjoyed outdoors. You barely get rain and the sun is always sunny. If you can’t go on a trip or you have to stay in the house often, you can always rely on your patio to enjoy the summer skies and summer breeze.

With these patio summer decor ideas, you can transform your patio into your very own summer getaway! You will find that the rest of the household would want to use the patio more too.

Transform your space into your very own getaway with these summer decor ideas for patio! Indeed, summers are meant to be spent outdoors, even when at home!

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