10 Best Pantry Organizers Over the Door

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10 best pantry organizers over the door - space saving!

The pantry can be an overstuffed area especially when you have a small kitchen to work with. You end up squeezing in all your food items in a limited space that you end up forgetting about some of them because they are lodged all the way to the back – out of sight, out of mind. Before you know it, they have expired and you end up wasting a lot of food!

If you find yourself in situations like this, it is time to step up your game and implement a functional organization system to avoid clutter and waste. But what if you have a limited pantry space?

What you have to do is implement a space-saving organizer that helps you store more than you usually can.

Most of us do not realize the storage potential our kitchen pantry doors can have. There are so many over-the-door storage products and organizers out in the market these days and some of them are even easy enough to be a DIY project.

These products can run the full length of the pantry door or just half-way up so you do not have to bend over to retrieve items. They also come in a wide variety of materials and styles. You will definitely be able to find an organizer that fits your needs and the interior design or style of your kitchen!

How to Pick an Over the Door Pantry Organizer

The first thing that you should take note of is the size of your pantry door.

Use your measuring tape. Take note of the width and height of the pantry door. This is your guide in determining whether an organizer will work for the dimensions of your pantry door or not.

Also take note of the distance between the shelves and the doors. Will you have enough space for an over the door pantry organizer having a protruding basket?

To be safe, it is best to get over the door organizers that have adjustable shelves so that they will not hit anything in your pantry when you close the door.

Test your over-the-door storage if it swings when you close or open the pantry door. If it does, you can prevent this by using small strips of velcro. Place one side on the frame of the organizer and the other on to the door.

If the problem is the racks or baskets of the organizer, use zip ties to secure them in place.

Our Top Picks for Pantry Organizers Over the Door

Here is a list of 10 great pantry organizers that you can use over the door to give you additional storage space! You will find all these from Amazon.

1. Smart Design Over the Door Adjustable Pantry Organizer Rack

This over-the-door rack from Smart Design is a top choice! Aside from being a trusted brand that produces good-quality products, the fact that it is an adjustable rack makes it a perfect fit for pantries of all sizes.

This rack has six adjustable shelves which are great so you can adjust their positions in case your pantry door will have a hard time closing in its original spaces. You can secure this rack in place by mounting it to the door with the hooks and screws that are included in the package. Because it is made out of high-quality materials, it is strong and stable enough to carry bottled containers and canned goods.

2. Auledio 2-Pack Over the Door Storage Basket

Keep your chopping boards, baking pans, and trays out of the way by storing them in this Auledio 2-pack over the door storage basket! Simply hang it over the door or mount it on the door with the hard screws included in the package. You can use this to store other food items as well.

This is made out of durable chrome metal so it can carry heavier items without bending. It also has a rust-proof coating so you can be assured that it will last for a long time. The hooks have extra soft and sticky pads so you do not have to worry about the rack swinging around when you close or open the pantry door.

The size is just enough to fit kitchen cabinets too!

3. X-cosrack 5-Tier Spice Rack Organizer

This is a great way to store away your spices or jar-contained food. The design is adjustable – you can move the placement of the basket up and down. It can go over the door but you also have the option to mount it to the wall.

This rack has a large capacity. It can hold up to 64 pieces of 6-oz spice jars. It is a great option if you have a huge collection of spices in your pantry. You can store canned goods and other small food packs in it as well.

4. Household Essentials 6-Tier Basket Over the Door

This is a great over-the-door organizer if you want to use the full length of your pantry door; and you just want to get little and light food items out of the way – food sachets, snack packs, tea bags, condiment packets, and other items that can easily scatter and get lost in a pantry shelf.

The rack has six baskets and each basket has a weight capacity of 11 lb. Overall, the rack can hold a weight capacity of 66 lb. – an impressive capacity for a material made out of plastic! There are plastic spacers at the top and bottom to protect the door.

5. Simple Houseware 2-Pack Crystal Clear Over the Door Hanging Pantry Organizer

For light and small food items, you can use this hanging pantry organizer. It looks similar to clear shoe organizers but it is made of a more stable material, and the pockets are more crystal clear to help you easily identify what you need.

It has 15 pockets and you get two in one package so that gives you 30 pockets overall when you order this product. That is more than enough additional storage space for your needs!

6. Detachable 3-Basket Over the Door Organizer

This is a premium over the door rack with three tiers of baskets. It is available in three different sizes. The package also comes with six hooks where you can hang your kitchen towels or other items.

What makes this organizer great is that the baskets are detachable! You can easily adjust their positions and they’re easy to clean too. The six hooks are also removable so you can position them anywhere in the rack.

7. Giftgarden 3-Tier Metal Spice Rack

If style is something that you prioritize, this 3-tier metal spice rack from Giftgarden is a good choice! The rack is made with style in mind and has a black bronze finish that is pleasing to look at. It is pretty enough to display on the outer side of your pantry door!

Aside from spice bottles, you can also store your jam jars, tea tins, vitamins and supplement bottles, and other small food items in this metal rack.

8. Madesmart Adjustable Hanging Storage

This hanging storage organizer is perfect for you if you use your kitchen shelves as the pantry. The size is just right for most kitchen cabinets. Its adjustable features also make this a great organizer for any room in the house!

The bins are movable so you can adjust them to any position to help you organize your food items smartly. The bins also come in different sizes to accommodate different food items.

9. Simple Houseware Over the Door File Document Organizer

You can use the inside of your pantry door to store the paper items that clutter your kitchen drawers and refrigerator surface. Paper clutter is so hard to keep track of so it helps to have a designated place for it!

With this over the door file document organizer, you have pockets to store recipe clippings, coupons, letters, bills and receipts, and even pens and slim cookbooks. Now you’ll have more space in your kitchen drawers and your countertop surfaces!

10. Smartor 3-Tier Wire Baskets

This is a great over-the-door storage solution for your fruits and vegetables!

The package comes with over-the-door brackets, five S-hooks, and three chalkboards for labeling the items in the basket.

The baskets are made out of sturdy iron metal and each has a weight capacity of 50 lbs. so you can actually store heavier items in them like seasoning bottles or canned goods.

Pantry organizers over the door are very useful!

As you can see, over the door pantry organizers are indeed very practical choices in giving you more space in your pantry. It also helps keep things neater and more functional. Meal preparation will be a breeze with these products!

All the products above can be purchased at Amazon, but you can also find them in other online stores. You can even check your local stores if they have these over the door organizers too. You may even end up finding another product that will fit your needs!

If you need more choices on pantry organizers over the door, hop on to this page!

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