Making the Most of Laundry Room Space with DIY Shelves!

Creating any of these DIY shelves will make organizing the laundry room a little bit easier. Go try one!

DIY shelves for the laundry room

Shelves are great for busy rooms like the laundry room since it allows you to grab what you need in just a matter of seconds.

Unfortunately, most laundry rooms are small, and therefore do not come with as many shelves as we want. And that’s where DIY shelves come to the rescue!

Hence, here’s a list of DIY shelves for your own laundry room project! We’re confident you’ll find something that will help you make the most of your space!

1. Floating shelves

DIY floating shelves in the laundry room is a common storage solution. It gives you more storage space on the wall, which frees up a lot of floor space. This means you have more room to move around as you do the laundry – which is a big deal if you are working in a tiny laundry room.

Get the plan for these DIY floating shelves from Four Generations One Roof.

2. Half and half

Tired of generic-looking floating shelves? Why not do half shelves on top of each other like this one?

This allows you to store tall items on the shelves, thanks to the gaps between the layers!

It also looks unique and definitely eye-catching. Check out how Thrifty Decor Chick pulled this off!

3. Decorative and functional shelf above the washer

This won’t give you much storage space, but it will provide you with a shelf that is both decorative and functional.

Use the shelves to place laundry products that you want to be able to grab quickly as you do the laundry. Then have some display items too!

decorative and functional shelf above the washer
Image from DIY Beautify

Get the tutorial from DIY Beautify!

4. Take over a wall.

Love stocking up in advance? Try a floor-to-ceiling open shelf like this one!

Take over a wall
Image from A Beautiful Mess

Here, an open shelf takes over one wall of the room giving a generous amount of storage. Use that space to store laundry, cleaning, and bathroom supplies. You can easily see if you are already running low on a certain product every time you pass by.

Check out how they pulled this off at A Beautiful Mess.

5. Shiplap wall and shelves

Here’s a DIY shelves project for the laundry room that gives you an accent wall at the same time. It’s a perfect idea when you think your laundry room looks too plain. The shiplap wall adds some texture in the room.

This is also a great laundry room idea when you have a rustic or farmhouse theme for your interiors. Check out How To Nest For Less for the tutorial!

6. Wire shelving

This is a simple and affordable instant solution if you want shelves on the wall. Wire racks like these are easily available in dollar stores.

DIY shelves for the laundry room - wire shelving
Image from Fantabulosity

The thing with wire racks is that these do not provide much of a surface. Small items can easily fall in between.

But as you can see from the image, Jessica of Fantabulosity fixed that dilemma by simply placing an Easy Liner product on top of the wire racks. That gave it more of a surface!

7. Behind-the-door shelf

The wall space behind the door is a storage spot that is often overlooked. You can easily build a wall-mounted shallow shelf that provides enough space to hold most laundry and cleaning products.

DIY shelves for the laundry room - behind the door shelf
Image from Family Handyman

Check out Family Handyman to get the project plan.

8. Use a sliding barn door for your shelves.

Do you have some things in your laundry room that you don’t want to be exposed, but you also hate cabinet doors?

Well, here’s a way to keep things hidden without having to install a bulky cabinet! Place a sliding barn door for your shelves just like this one!

 a sliding barn door for the shelves
Image from Thistlewood Farms

It looks really cute, and also a special touch when you live in a farmhouse or you’ve got a rustic theme in your home. Simply roll this door from side to side and grab what you need. Then slide the door back when you are done!

9. Hanging shelves

If you want to limit the number of holes you want to drill into the wall of your laundry room, then you should give this DIY shelves a try! This one is made with an industrial theme.

DIY shelves for the laundry room - hanging shelves
Image from Taryn Whiteaker

These shelves do not have back support for your items, but these are sturdy enough to make sure that your laundry items do not fall off. Get the tutorial from Taryn Whiteaker.

10. Laundry closet shelves

Some homes do not have a dedicated space for laundry. If you’re living in one, you need to make do with a laundry closet just like this.

laundry closet shelves
Image from Fine Homebuilding

It definitely limits your storage space. But installing shallow shelves on the doors of the closet gives you a place to hold your laundry products!

Get the full tutorial and plans from Fine Homebuilding!

11. Gap shelving

Do you have gaps or dead space around your machines? These spaces can be too small to be used for moving around. But you can make these functional by creating shelves in them!

Here, the shelves were made to be about the same height as the machine. This way, you can use the top space for folding clothes too!

Visit The Happy Homebodies to learn more about this laundry shelf idea.

12. Industrial pipe shelves

Want to give your laundry room a little macho touch? After all, the men in your house can always give a helping hand.

Go for an industrial look like this one! It was made with black iron plumbing pipes and wood.

industrial pipe shelves
Image from Simply 2 Moms

Check out Simply 2 Moms for the tutorial!

13. Shelf and hanging rod

Here is a shelf idea that also incorporates installing a hanging rod. It’s a great instant solution if you are looking for something quick and easy to install.

shelf and hanging rod
Image from Family Handyman

14. Hooks under the shelf

Placing hooks in the space underneath the shelf is another great DIY storage solution for the laundry room.

Hooks easily give you space to hang a drying cloth or hand towel. You can also use these to hang some damp items.

hooks under the shelf
Image from Tag & Tibby

Check out Tag and Tibby for the tutorial on how they did this simple project!

15. Take advantage of corners.

Take advantage of corners for more shelf space! Install floating shelves in these corners. Just take a look at this example.

taking advantage of corners
Image from reclaimedbyjess via Instagram

This floating shelf is installed in the kitchen, but you can also create shelves like this in the laundry room! Just think of all the added storage space these will provide!

16. Bracket shelving

Not much of a handyman or a DIY person? No worries! You don’t need to be an expert when it comes to bracket shelving.

This is a simple and inexpensive way to install open wood shelves on the wall. All you have to do is drill in the brackets and the plank of woods, and you are all set!

bracket shelving
Image from Emily Henderson

17. Just one bracket shelving

You can do with just one shelf, especially when you’re planning to use the brackets themselves to hang stuff, like a towel.

just one bracket shelving
Image from Lovely Indeed

Get the tutorial from Lovely Indeed.

18. Open cubby shelving unit

If you can afford to lose some floor space, create an open cubby shelving unit just like this one.

open cubby
Image from decor pad

Making it a DIY project means you can have them at any height and length you’d like to fit your space perfectly.

Open shelves also mean you can use wicker baskets, plastic bins, wire baskets, and other storage materials to gather the laundry products or clothes, and make them look neat.

19. Think multipurpose.

For small laundry rooms, also consider installing multipurpose shelves to make your limited space more efficient.

Here’s a simple shelf that provides you a surface to hold laundry items, has a pull-out accordion drying rack, and has hooks underneath. This gives a more efficient storage solution for your laundry room because you can use it in three ways!

Image from decor pad

If you want a simpler version, here’s one from DIY in PDX – a laundry rack + shelf.

laundry rack plus shelf
Image from DIY in PDX

20. A shelf in between the cabinets

If there’s an idle space sitting between your laundry room cabinets, that’s another place to put a shelf!

It’s probably just a little space compared to the existing cabinets and drawers, but it can be just what you need for placing small items.

in between the cabinets
Image from dluxdesignandco via Instagram

Time to install some shelving!

As you can see, there are many ways you can DIY shelves in the laundry room, whether you’ve got a big or small space! You do not even have to be an expert craftsman to pull off some of these ideas!

More shelves mean more space to implement an organizational plan. Once everything is organized, you will end up with a functional and efficient laundry room that will make laundry feel a little bit easier!

Looking for more ideas for your laundry room? Check these out!

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Try any of these DIY shelves to add more space in your laundry room!

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