Home Office Ideas for Small Spaces

Make the most of what you have with these home office ideas for small spaces. Because we believe that you can work from home productively even when you live in a small home.

home office ideas for small spaces

Not everyone has a spare room to convert into a home office.

Some tend to set a desk up against the wall of their bedroom or in a nook of their room. Some take up that small and limited space under the stairs.

With a small and limited space to work with, how can you stay organized and work productively?

When you have a small home office space, you may think it is impossible to create an organized system that can accommodate all the things you need. After all, the area is already cramped up, and you hardly can move around as freely as you please.

But believe it or not, there are ways to keep your small home office organized, and it will leave your office feeling less cramped and looking less cluttered!

Here are 20 home office ideas for small spaces that you should consider to make your space work for you!

1. Use a corner desk.

Maximize an unused corner with a corner desk. These desks are usually slim and can fit in any corner!

Snuggling in a corner also gives you two wall space that you can take advantage of. If you decide to permanently set your office space in the corner, you can place floating shelves on the wall and install a corkboard.

corner desk
Image from Hayneedle

If you’re thinking about a more ergonomic approach, standing desks such as those seen at Desky are becoming increasingly popular among those looking for a healthy alternative to traditional office furniture.

Studies have shown that having the option to stand while working can not only improve posture and comfort, but even improve productivity and alertness!

2. Convert a storage closet.

I really can’t imagine a closet becoming an office space. But, some people are just really genius! Here it is!

a closet turned mini office
Image from DigsDigs

So if you have a storage closet, consider converting it into a small working station. Your desk is going to be a floating shelf attached to the closet. Cool, isn’t it?

Now closets can be really small and stuffy, so if it’s more comfortable, remove the doors to give you more room.

3. Use a ladder desk.

Just by looking at the name, a part of this desk looks like a ladder. You get a desktop area and a few shelves that look like ladder rungs for additional shelving and storage.

This type of desk occupies only a little of your floor space, so you can truly fit it into any small space you are converting into an office.

ladder desk
Image from Overstock

4. Use the space below your stairs.

Awkward niches such as an open space beneath your stairs can be converted into a small home office. Insert a small desk in there and have some wall shelves too.

using the space below the stairs
Image from ideas 2 live 4

5. Save space with a floating desk.

This desk is mounted into the wall, so it does not take any floor space at all. You can even get models that are foldable so that you can stow them away if you need more space in the room.

The foldable floating desk can be a great space-saving solution for when you just need that extra space when you’re not working.

floating desk
Image from Contemporist

6. Use a compact corner bookshelf for storage.

Storage space is essential, especially when you need to use many office supplies or deal with a lot of papers for work.

If this is you, use a tall and narrow corner bookshelf, and set it beside your desk. A tall one will give you enough space to store everything you need in it, including your favorite decor!

7. Maximize the space underneath your desk.

The space under your desk can be used for storage!

If you do not mind losing some foot space, place a small bookshelf or filing cabinet underneath to maximize your space. You should get one with wheels so that you can just easily roll it out from under your desk whenever you need something.

Maximize the space underneath your desk.
Image from Damask Love

8. Divide the room with a bookcase.

One of the home office ideas for small spaces that I love is zoning. When you don’t have a spare room for home office, you create an office zone.

To help you with that, use a divider. And what better divider than something that can also act as a storage space? That’s where the bookcase comes in!

Use a bookcase to act as a room divider!

So instead of putting a compact bookcase beside your table, or in the corner of the room, get one that is wider and taller. Then, put it in between your “home office space” and the room beside it, like your bedroom or the living room.

So there’s your home office!

9. Install wall-mounted shelves.

If you do not have a lot of floor space, think about installing wall-mounted shelves. Place them above your desks so you can easily retrieve whatever you need.

Keep into account the things you need to keep on the shelves. Get a shelf that can handle the weight.

Install wall-mounted shelves.
Image from Reno Guide

10. Use a pegboard.

Pegboards are turning out to be a popular space-saving solution due to their versatility – a pegboard can serve numerous functions.

There are different ways to use a pegboard when it comes to storing your office supplies. You can use hooks, or add racks and trays to the pegboard. This can take out many things from your desk, leaving you with more surface space to do your work comfortably!

11. Turn your loft home into an office.

Some homes have small awkward loft space. It’s usually long and small. You can convert this space into a permanent home office! It might even have some more space for shelves and drawers.

a loft turned home office
Image from Reno Guide

12. Make use of rolling carts.

If you’re someone who doesn’t want to get confined in just one place when you work, a rolling cart can be your new favorite among these home office ideas for small spaces!

It does not occupy a permanent space in your workstation. You can take it anywhere your home – the bedroom, the living room, the kitchen – anywhere you want to work!

Now it doesn’t always have to be a high cart. It can be just small enough to fit under your desk! Roll it out when it is time for you to work. Then position it back underneath when you are done. It is a great space-saving solution when you have limited office space!

13. Set your desk beside the window.

Setting your desk beside the window will make you feel less cramped. Open the window and let the fresh air in!

Aside from that, you get the benefit of having a lot of natural light, which helps you become more productive as you work. When your eyes need a break from the screen, just look out the window and appreciate the view!

home office ideas for small spaces - desk beside the window
Image from Crismatec

14. Organize your paperwork.

The number one thing that makes any office look cluttered is paperwork. For a small office space, you should learn to file all your documents and papers in one place.

You can do this by purchasing a small filing cabinet with wheels that can be placed under your desk.

Or, use a plastic container box and fill it with folders categorizing every document. Put clear labels so you can easily retrieve what you need.

home office ideas for small spaces - organize your paperwork
Image from Life After Laundry

15. Organize your office supplies.

You can’t just have your office supplies lying around your desk or have them dumped in a drawer.

Create an organization system for your office supplies so that your home office is not a mess and you can easily retrieve what you need. Here are some simple suggestions.

If you use drawers, invest in a drawer organizer, or make your own if you are fond of DIY projects. These organizers will help you categorize the supplies that you put in your drawer.

For office supplies that you use all the time, make use of desktop organizers so these can be both organized and just within reach on your desk.

home office ideas for small spaces - have a desk organizer
Image from Aunt Peaches

For bigger office supplies like folders, envelopes, or copy paper, either keep them in a filing cabinet, or place them in baskets and put these in shelves.

home office ideas for small spaces - use baskets
Image from decor pad

16. Go wireless.

home office ideas for small spaces - go wireless
Image from Reviewed

Wires and cords can add chaos to your already limited space. As much as possible, go wireless with most of the gadgets and accessories that you use. Here are some ways you can do that.

Get a wireless keyboard, mouse, and headset instead of ones that have cords. Even printers and scanners have wireless options these days.

When you work with a laptop, do not plug in your charger unless you are already running low on battery.

Now when you still have to deal with sneaking cords and cables, use a cable organizer to keep these cords in place, so that these will not get in the way while you work.

home office ideas for small spaces - have a cord organizer
Image from Fancy

17. Invest in a multi-function loft bed.

If you live in a pad or a loft, your space options can be very limited. So, why not invest in a multi-function loft bed?

A multi-function loft bed is a furniture that is like a double deck. But instead of a lower bunk, you have a work station installed. It also provides a closet space!

This is a great space-saver for you when you are living in a house with just one room or in a very tiny home.

home office ideas for small spaces - multi-function loft bed
Image from IKEA

18. Take the minimalist route.

Just have the essentials on your desk – no need for personal keepsakes, mementos, décor, and unnecessary office supplies.

Let’s say, you’re a ghostwriter – all you really need in your home office is the computer. So you can just have a small bare desk and and chair, and then your laptop.

Add a notepad or a planner, a calendar, and a pen, and that’s it!

minimalist home office
Image from Utopia

The advantage of having a minimalist office is that you do not have to clean up as much. Everything is immediately neat and tidy.

So think about the work that you do at home – either a job or a business. What do you really need for it? Stick to the basics!

To help you with that, here’s our list of essential home office supplies. As you go through it, relate it with your work. Then be the judge of which office supplies are really important for you.

19. Get furniture that can double as storage space.

It helps to invest in a furniture that doubles as storage.

My favorite example is an ottoman which lid pops out to reveal additional storage space. You can place your stock of supplies in there.

home office ideas for small spaces - ottoman
Image from Real Homes

20. Declutter and clean regularly.

Lastly, set a regular schedule for you to do a declutter sweep wherein you get rid of the things that are not being used, and do some cleaning.

declutter and clean regularly
Image from Good Housekeeping

A small home office should always be clean and tidy because a neat office space actually gives off the illusion that your home office is bigger than what it really is.

So make it a habit to clean your office and desk. Maybe every morning before you start working. Or give it 15 minutes after working – whichever suits you.

For a more detailed guide on decluttering, check out our article on how to declutter your home office.

No space is too small!

As you can see, no space is too small to get your work done.

But, you have to be creative with your space and come up with a workable organizing system.

With this list of home office ideas for small spaces, you will surely be able to tick off items on your to-do list and meet your deadlines in a comfortable office space!

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When you live in a small home, fitting in an office can be really challenging. So, make the most of your space with these home office ideas for small spaces!

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    Wow, I never imagined using particular places in the house as a home office. Desk spaces in places like stairs and extra basement rooms sound really interesting to me since they feel very separated from the rest of the house, and that could help me decide what I want to focus on. I’ll go and look for an office furniture store in the area so I can get some pieces to place in those areas.


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