31 Cool and Clever Shoe Storage Ideas for Small Spaces!

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shoe storage solutions for small spaces

Do you tend to acquire a lot of shoes?

If you do, then you are familiar on how painful it can be to store them. When you have very little space for all of them, that poses an even bigger challenge!

So before you start looking for the best shoe storage for small spaces, it is best to downsize first.

Do you really wear all those shoes?

Gather your shoes from all over the house and ask yourself… do you really wear all of them?

Be honest and ruthless. I know this can feel hard at first. But doing this will not only free you from unnecessary clutter, but this also means that you have less to store, and less space is needed.

So get rid of those that cannot be worn anymore.

If you have pairs that are still good but you’re not wearing them, donate them.

Then stick to the shoes that you really wear!

After you declutter, you will be much ready to organize your shoes. Deciding on what is the best storage solution becomes a lot easier then.

What should you consider when choosing a shoe storage?

1. Space

First, be mindful of the space where you’re going to keep your shoes. Will you place it in an unused corner? Are you going to put it under a bench? Will you have a designated space for it in the garage like a cabinet or shelving?

This is the first thing you have to consider because this will be the permanent home for your shoes. You will find many shoe storage ideas for small spaces, but whichever you may decide to implement, it should fit in this space.

2. Frequency of use

How often do you use your shoes? Which are the ones that you use everyday? And which are the ones that you only get to use every once in a while? Do you have seasonal shoes?

You might need a different kind of shoe storage solution, depending on how often you use your shoes.

For example, keep the shoes that you use daily in the entryway for an easier access. This will be your main shoe storage area. Then, keep the rest of the shoes (the seasonal ones) in the garage.

Or… keep everything in just one shelf – placing the ones being used daily in the middle – again for easier access. Then put the rest at the shelves above and the shelves below.

3. Cost

How much will a particular shoe storage take off from your budget? Can you afford it?

Take note of the money you have before buying a shoe organizer. Consider alternatives like DIY shoe storage projects rather than buying something new.

Shoe storage solutions for small spaces can be really expensive. Don’t let this discourage you. And, more importantly, don’t let this get you in debt. Work with the money that you already have.

Based on experience, there’s always a cheaper alternative that will fit your budget. And it will be just as nice as its expensive counterpart. What’s important is that it helps you organize your shoes – making your home life a little bit easier!

Shoe Storage Solutions for Small Space Living

That being said, here’s now a roundup of the most cool and clever shoe storage ideas for your home – no matter how small it is.

1. Place a tiny drawer just for shoes near the doorway.

A little drawer to separate all your shoes from everything else is probably the easiest solution to end your shoe storage woes.

You can even use the top for entryway storage, for those little things like your keys, watch and glasses.

2. Shelves will also do the trick.

This is very similar to simply placing a drawer, but if you’re more comfortable with shelves, go for it!

Just like the drawer, just place it beside the door.

shoe storage ideas for small spaces - using shelves
From Pinterest

This one’s also cool!

shoe storage ideas for small spaces - using shelves
From Decoor

Find ready-made shoe shelves appropriate for your home at Amazon!

3. Build shoe shelves in tiny corners.

Is there a tiny corner in your entryway?

Shelves are perfect to maximize storage even in very tight areas of the house, like corners.

You may not be able to simply put shelves in it like in #2, but with some tweaks, you can build your own shelves on it!

Now you have plenty of space for your shoes and slippers that you would normally just push on the side behind the door.

Here’s another which modified an IKEA LILLANGEN unit to become a shoe shelf in the corner.

You can also try an IKEA lack wall shelf like this one from Amazon.

Find more IKEA lack wall shelves from Amazon by clicking this link.

Now your shelves don’t always have to accommodate the entire part of a shoe. Covering half of it appears to be just fine!

Look at this great example from Megan.

shoe storage for small spaces - tiny shelves
From not martha

Doesn’t it look excellent?

You can store six pairs of shoes in a shelf like this. Just elevate the shelves to put more shoes or boots on the floor, without running into the soles of the shoes.

Now what is amazing is that you can do it yourself! Yes! It’s a DIY shoe storage for small spaces that’s not that hard to do.

With the right materials, and probably some company, you can make something like this too! Megan made this herself. And she left a complete guide for this DIY shoe shelf . See her post for the full tutorial.

To get an elegant and classy look, you can also use glass shelves. It increases the aesthetic look of your space!

If you want something similar from Amazon, here’s our pick!

4. Make use of that space behind the door.

Get an over the door shoe rack. Then hang it either behind your closet door, or your bedroom door!

It’s as simple as that!

Image from All Day Chic

Now which shoe rack should you choose? There are many kinds. Choose what you think will work best for you!

5. Use walls — as high as you can.

Build a shoe rack on the wall and hang your shoes there.

Measure the area that you are going to use as shoe storage. Then buy crown moldings and cut them according to your measurements.

Install them and hang your shoes.

A little bit of caution though… Crown molding works fine with heels except on those with rounded toe platforms. So if you have this type, don’t be dismayed. You can try the next one!

“If you’re hanging men’s shoes, be sure to check that racks will support the weight,” comments Ruban Selvanayagam of Property Solvers Landlords.


The concept is the same with the crown moldings – use the walls to store your shoe collection.

Here’s the tutorial from IKEA Hackers.

Find IKEA GRUNDTAL rails and similar sets at Amazon.

7. Tension rods also work great!

Even if what you have is just a tiny corner, or a very small closet, tension rods will work wonders!

8. Store them under the couch.

That space underneath is golden.

Your couch is not just for sitting or napping. It’s also a very practical hiding space. And it can be just the right home for your shoes!

Simply buy a couch that has built-in cubbies underneath. If you’re into woodworking, you might want to make it, yourself.

If not, but you want something customized, just ask someone else to do it for you.

If you have boxes or wine crates, that can be used to contain those shoes that you only use every once in a while. Push them to the inner part of the cubby.

Store the shoes that you frequently use just within your grasp.  

9. Maximize underbed storage space.

When you speak of underneath space, you just can’t leave out the bed. That is prime real estate!

Just get a sliding drawer or shelf and tuck it under the bed.

using under the bed space for shoe storage

I found this wood rolling tray from Amazon which I think is perfect for underbed storage.

The description says that it’s a boot tray. Your underbed space might not be enough for tall boots, but I’m sure it will do fine with the rest of your shoes.

Here are more under the bed shoe organizers from Amazon.

10. Experiment with a hanging shoe organizer for your toddler’s shoes.

This shoe storage for small spaces pretty much looks like a cool home decor.

I’m sure your toddler’s gonna love this! He/She gets to pick his/her shoe!

With everything just hanging, it’s very easy for your child to see all the shoes, making it also easier to point which one he/she would like to wear.

hangin shoe organizer for toddlers

What makes this so convenient for us homemakers is that we can hang it anywhere in the house! In the bedroom, living room, the closet … anywhere.

Really… it’s very easy to relocate. It just now depends on whether you want to have it hanging like a home decor, or you want it out of sight.

Wherever it is, it won’t take floor space or shelf space, so you are pretty much free to use those spaces for other things.

11. Use a tiny ladder.

Ladders are not only only great for storage, but also for display.

So if you’re looking for a chic style of storing your shoes, pick a small ladder, and let it lean on your wall.

tiny ladder for shoes
From Design Sponge  

If you need more space, then simply get a taller ladder!

Image from A Beautiful Mess

Find different options for ladder shoe shelves at Amazon.

12. Build a shoe storage inside the walls.

Design your walls to include a built-in shoe rack. You can have it in the wall in the hallway, just like what Urban Retro did.

What’s amazing is that it won’t block your way and you can extend it as high as can be.

Put the shoes that you don’t always use on the top. Then get a chair or a short ladder when you need to reach them.

Those that you frequently use can be stored at the bottom so it’s easy to get. Then you can install hooks or dots beside the shoe rack to hang your coats and belts.

13. Install a shoe rack inside the walls.

This one is partly similar with the previous storage idea. The only difference is that the shoe rack is not completely inside the walls.

But just the same… it saves space.

14. Buy an ottoman built for shoes.

This works like the shoe storage underneath the couch. It’s just… well… an ottoman.

There are many ottomans out there in the market. But you can buy something that is designed specifically for shoes.

Nothing to worry anymore about a pair going astray.

It can also be something like this.

It’s so gorgeous you can place it in your living room!

Or maybe something in your bedroom.

Here’s one from Amazon.

Find more ottoman shoe storage in Amazon.

15. Buy a wooden bench with enough shoe storage underneath.

This works like the ottoman – you can seat on top of the storage area.

It’s just that, your shoes are not totally hidden. So better keep them organized always!

But it’s really nice to seat on that bench. Feels like you are so close to nature!

Here are similar benches from Amazon.

If you like more bench ideas for shoes, then check out our post on Bench for Shoes Storage!

16. Use baskets.

Baskets are always a life saver in every organization project. It’s an incredible way to add space in the closet, kitchen, entryway, and in every nook in your house.

When organizing your shoes, this is an option that you just can’t forget!

Now which basket to use, that depends on what you need. It’s very flexible, making it a really appropriate shoe storage for small spaces.

A tiered basket is also a nice option.

3-tier basket for shoes
From Home BNC

Here’s something similar from Amazon.

And here are more baskets for easier shoe storage. (Again, from Amazon.)

17. Build a DIY wall mount storage bin.

Isn’t this adorable? This is perfect for your little boys and girls shoes, but you can also make something like it for your own.

Apart from shoes, you can also store other things here like your kids’ socks, gloves, small towels, hats, sweaters and scarves.

Not only is this storage bin functional, but also fashionable and beautiful!

Mount it on the wall in your entryway. It won’t take much space. Besides, you can adjust your measurements based on the length and width of the wall in your entryway.

Take this one for example. It’s similar, only wider and it maximizes that space near the door.

DIY shoe storage
From Pinterest

Here’s another.

This one has only four partitions.

DIY shoe storage
From Breyi

18. Use a wall hanger.

Keep them in line – neatly organized!

If you only have a few shoes, just one wall hanger will do the trick.

Find more shoe holders that you can mount on the wall from Amazon.

19. Arrange some crates in that little corner.

using crates to store shoes
From Pinterest

Wooden crates are a favorite in organizing shoes. You’ll find more of it in my post about DIY shoe organization.

What makes this one different though, is that it’s positioned in a little corner, which shows that crates can also fit in tiny spaces.

So if you have this tiny corner, having a lot of vertical space, try fitting crates in it. And you just might turn that lifeless corner into your shoes’ new lovely home!

You may also make something like this and put it near the entryway.

Try these wooden crates from Amazon.

20. Go for the V-shape shelves.

This is not the usual shelves that you see – straight, horizontal.

These shelves were drilled into the wall, with angles forming a V-shape. The angles make it even more possible to squeeze the shoes in that really tight corner.

Imagine 16 pairs of shoes in a very small space! Now that’s an incredible shoe storage for small spaces!

Here’s another sample.

V-shape shelves
From bau-welt

21. Make a peg board.

Get some boards and shaker pegs. Then make a peg board.

Attach it to the wall. Just keep it low, like this.

Hang your shoes and that’s it!

Here’s another sample.

Here are shaker pegs from Amazon, in case you want to DIY your own peg board for shoes. Then gather some left over wood to serve as your board. The wood must be thicker than the inset portion of the peg.

Or maybe you can try a coat rack like this from Amazon.

I know it says coat rack but… you know… it could work for shoes too!

22. PVC pipes also work for shoe storage for small spaces.

Maybe you have seen PVC pipe organizers occupying an entire wall, and you’re thinking it’s only for big houses.

The truth is, you can also make it happen even if you have a smaller house, especially if you only have a few pairs to store.

Just a few pieces of PVC pipes will do.

using PVC pipes for shoes

Place it in that little nook…

This sample has only 10 pieces of PVC pipes, yet it looks so gorgeous!

23. Invest in Sole Stacks.

Mount it on the wall, or just let it stand on its own.

You can stack as many as you need to, in as little space as possible. Plus, it looks like art, so you can confidently leave it out in the open!

Here’s something similar from Amazon – shoe slots organizer.

24. Use hangers and pegs for flat shoes.

Hah… never really thought of this!

Keep your flats neatly organized and free up some space in your shoe organizer.

shoes storage for small spaces - using plastic hangers
From Cosmopolitan

And here’s something using wire hangers.

shoes storage for small spaces - using wire hangers
From Epbot

25. Keep your boots out of the house.

This frees up a lot of space in your home, especially if you have a handful of boots.

Now just because it’s outside doesn’t mean you can leave your shoes disorganized.

Get yourself a boot rack!

This one comes with a shelf where you can place some nice plants. And it now looks like an outdoor decor!

You may also decide to keep the shoes you regularly wear either in the garage or outdoors. Doing so will free up a lot of space inside your home!

26. Invest in a revolving shoe rack.

This one’s really a fun shoe storage idea for small spaces. When I think of an organization solution that has that rotating element, I can’t help but think of a lazy susan. This one’s just like that!

You can place it in a corner, and because it rotates 360-degrees, it’s very easy for you to see all your shoes in just one turn.

It’s also very clean to look at. You can place other things on top of it too.

revolving shoe rack
From Home BNC

Here’s something similar from Amazon.

In this page, you’ll find more options for a revolving shoe organizer, all from Amazon.

27. Build a copper shoe rack.

Make it a floating shoe rack. When things are floating, it’s very easy to sweep, mop or vacuum the floor.

That saves you time in cleaning.

28. Make a wooden shoe rack.

When I wash our shoes, I often use clothespin and hang it outside to dry.

Then I saw this, and it made me think this one is better. You don’t have to worry that your shoes might fall off. Just place it on the rack upside down and it’s going to dry out.

Look for similar shoe organizers at Amazon.

29. Keep your flip flops in magazine holders.

Place these magazine holders near the entryway, in the mudroom, or outside the house, where you normally leave your shoes.

If you have spare (those not yet used), you can also group them in a magazine holder, then put it in the closet.

Find magazine holders at Amazon.

30. Use the stairs.

Turn your stairs into an extra storage! And in here you can keep your seasonal or extra shoes.

I like this because it saves a lot of space in the home, no need for additional shoe rack, and nobody would even think that there are shoes inside! It’s a perfect hideout!

Image from Contemporist

31. Rolling shoe rack

There are many slim and tall shoe racks these days that can easily fit in even the tiniest living spaces.

It is better if you are able to get your hands on a shoe rack that has wheels under so that you can easily move it from one spot to another without any problem. It is also easier for it to be set aside when you need more floor space.

Your shoes deserve care.

As you can see, there are many shoe storage options for small spaces. So if you really want to have your shoes organized and well-taken care of, a small space won’t stop you.

In some way, it can even help you.

It forces you to evaluate which shoes you really need to keep. It compels you to become more organized because your space is too important to be wasted on clutter.

And before buying new shoes, it makes you think first…

Where am I going to put that? My shoe storage is still full. Maybe I don’t really need this pair? 

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