11 Cool & Clever Shoe Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

shoe storage solutions for small spaces Do you tend to acquire a lot of shoes?

If you do, then you are familiar on how painful it can be to store them. When you have very little space for all of them, that poses an even bigger challenge.

So before you start looking for the best shoe storage solution, it is best to downsize first.

Throw those that cannot be worn anymore. Donate the pairs that you don’t use. Stick to the shoes that you really wear.

Doing this will not only free you from unnecessary clutter, but this also means that you have less to store, and less space is needed.

After that, you are ready to organize your shoes and decide on what is the best storage solution for you.

Here is a roundup of the most cool and clever shoe storage solutions perfect for small-space living!  

1. Place a tiny drawer just for shoes near the doorway.

A little drawer to separate all your shoes from everything else is probably the easiest solution to end your shoe storage woes.

You can even use the top for entryway storage, for those little things like your keys, watch and glasses.

2. Build shoe shelves in tiny corners.

Shelves are perfect to maximize storage in tight areas of the house, like corners.

Is there a tiny corner in your entryway? Build shelves on it.

Now you have plenty of space for your shoes and slippers that you would normally just push on the side behind the door.

Now your shelves don’t always have to accommodate the entire part of a shoe. Covering half of it appears to be just fine!

Look at this great example from Megan.

Doesn’t it look excellent?

You can store six pairs of shoes in a shelf like this. Just elevate the shelves to put more shoes or boots on the floor, without running into the soles of the shoes.

Now what is amazing is that you can do it yourself! Yes! It’s a DIY shoe storage that’s not that hard to do. With the right materials, and probably some company, you can make something like this too! Megan made this herself. And she left a complete guide for this DIY shoe shelf .

See her post for the full tutorial.  

3. Use walls — as high as you can.

Build a shoe rack on the wall and hang your shoes there.

Measure the area that you are going to use as shoe storage. Then buy crown molding and cut them according to your measurements. Install them and hang your shoes.

A little bit of caution though… This works fine with heels except on those with rounded toe platforms. So if you have this type, don’t be dismayed. There are still a lot more storage solutions to choose from.


4. Store them under the couch.

That space underneath is golden. Your couch is not just for sitting or napping. It’s also a very practical hiding space. And it can be just the right home for your shoes!

Simply buy a couch that has built-in cubbies underneath. If you’re into woodworking, you might want to make it, yourself. If not, but you want something customized, just ask someone else to do it for you.

If you have boxes or wine crates, that can be used to contain those shoes that you only use every once in a while. Push them to the inner part of the cubby.

Store the shoes that you frequently use just within your grasp.  

5. Maximize underbed storage space.

When you speak of underneath space, you just can’t leave out the bed. That is prime real estate!

Use storage containers to arrange your shoes under the bed.

There are a lot of storage containers you can use. It can be a cardboard box, a plastic bin, a shoe organizer or a pull-out drawer.

Arrange your shoes in a way that you have easy access to those that you use very often.

For a more detailed guide on organizing underbed storage space, here are five easy steps.  

6. Experiment with a hanging shoe organizer for your toddler’s shoes.

This shoe storage solution pretty much looks like a cool home decor.

I’m sure your toddler’s gonna love this! He/She gets to pick his/her shoe! With everything just hanging, it’s very easy for your child to see all the shoes, making it also easier to point which one he/she would like to wear.

What makes this so convenient for us homemakers is that we can hang it anywhere in the house! In the bedroom, living room, the closet … anywhere. And it’s very easy to relocate.

It just now depends on whether you want to have it hanging like a home decor, or you want it out of sight. Wherever it is, it won’t take floor space or shelf space, so you are pretty much free to use those spaces for other things.  

7. Use a tiny ladder.

Ladders are not only only great for storage, but also for display. So if you’re looking for a chic style of storing your shoes, pick a small ladder, and let it lean on your wall. From Design Sponge  

8. Build a storage inside the walls.

Design your walls to include a built-in shoe rack. You can have it in the wall in the hallway , just like what Urban Retro did.

What’s amazing is that it won’t block your way and you can extend it as high as can be.

Put the shoes that you don’t always use on the top. Then get a chair or a short ladder when you need to reach them.

Those that you frequently use can be stored at the bottom so it’s easy to get. Then you can install hooks or dots beside the shoe rack to hang your coats and belts.


9. Buy an ottoman built for shoes.

This works like the shoe storage underneath the couch. It’s just… well… an ottoman.

There are many ottomans out there in the market. But you can buy something that is designed specifically for shoes.

Nothing to worry anymore about a pair going astray.

Now if there’s still plenty of room in the ottoman, you can still use that to store some of your things.  


10. Use baskets for your baby and toddler’s shoes.

Baskets truly never disappoint. They’re simple, easy to mount, and even easier to use.

Simply mount a few baskets on your wall. Then toss your kids’ shoes and socks in there.


11. Build a DIY wall mount storage bin.

Isn’t this adorable? This is perfect for your little boys and girls shoes, but you can also make something like it for your own.

Mount it on the wall in your entryway. It won’t take much space. Besides, you can adjust your measurements based on the length of the wall in your entryway.

Apart from shoes, you can also store other things here like your kids’ socks, gloves, small towels, hats, sweaters and scarves. Not only is this storage bin functional, but also fashionable and beautiful!

So if you have a thing for fashion and beauty, small space is not something that can stop you. On the other hand, it can even bring out the creativity in you.

For this shoe storage, see the full tutorial at Remodelaholic.  


Your shoes deserve care, space doesn’t matter.

If you really want to have your shoes organized and well-taken care of, a small space won’t stop you.

In some way, it can even help you. It forces you to evaluate which shoes you really need to keep. It compels you to become more organized because your space is too important to be wasted on clutter. And before buying new shoes, it makes you think first…

Where am I going to put that? My shoe storage is still full. Maybe I don’t really this pair? 

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