21 Awesome Decoration Ideas to Celebrate Father’s Day at Home

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Fathers Day decoration ideas for your home

Are you celebrating Father’s Day at home?

If you can’t go out to have dinner, or do the usual family outing, don’t fret. Just because you’re stuck at home does not mean Father’s Day can’t be fun. Liven up the atmosphere by putting up some Father’s Day decors!

Organize a Father’s Day brunch or dinner or do an indoor activity with the family like a movie marathon. Make that one day in the year to celebrate the head of the house by making your home look extra special.

Not sure how to decorate the house? Don’t worry – we got you!

Here, we gathered some of the best Father’s Day decoration ideas that we can find online. Check them out!

1. Father’s Day trophy

Make Dad feel like a winner by decorating the house with these #1 Dad trophies.

The best thing about it? This design actually allows you to fill the trophies with something – potpourri, confetti, little notes, and even candy!

Fathers Day decoration ideas - #1 Dad trophy
Image from Brigit Scraps

2. Hollywood themed movie marathon

Planning to spend the whole day watching Father’s Day-themed movies? Turn your home into a premiere night with this Hollywood party theme!

Fathers Day decoration ideas - Hollywood themed movie marathon
Image from Party Patisserie

Just take a look at how those boxes of popcorn have bowties in them! Isn’t that glamorous?

You can even have everyone dressed up and have a red carpet walk!

3. Custom boat artwork

custom boat artwork

For Dads who have an affinity for the sea or simply love boats, a custom boat artwork could be an amazing decoration in honor of Father’s Day. Personalized boat art offered by The Custom Captain, can give a special vibe to your celebration.

This unique piece of decor not only captures the love for maritime adventures but also adds a personal touch representing your Dad’s specific interests or passions. This way, your decorations aren’t just party-themed, but also, close to the heart! With this at your home, your Father’s Day celebration becomes even more special and memorable.

4. Tie garland

Here’s a Father’s Day decoration that is very easy to make and can fill up any room with color. What a way to get instant festive vibes!

Anyone would cheer up walking into a room draped with this tie garland bunting.

Fathers Day decoration ideas - tie garland
Image from Merriment Design

5. Father’s Day photo booth props

Planning to have a family pictorial on Father’s Day? Make some shots more fun by using Father’s Day photo booth props!

Fathers Day decoration ideas - photo booth props

It is a great way to hype everyone up for the “more serious” family portraits and if you are having a party – it definitely is a big hit for all the guests!

You can do a DIY version of your own photo booth props. Or simply order a whole pack of them from Switbitter at Amazon.

Visit this page for more photo booth props choices!

6. Super Dad themed party

Most children look up to their Dads as the heroes in their lives. This is why going with a Super Dad theme for Father’s Day is such a great idea!

Fathers Day decoration ideas - Super Dad themed party
Image from Moms & Munchkins

7. Father’s day shirt cards

Decorate your home with Father’s Day cards. These are very easy to make and your kids can help out and create their own designs!

It will also be a great bonding for you and the kids as you gather around the table to create these cards. Get the tutorial at A Load of Old Pickle.

8. Mustache themed party

Mustaches are next to neckties when it comes to Fathers Day decors!

You can use this as a theme if Dad is not fond of bright colors. Just go with a color theme of white and black (add gold in the mix for some glam) and everything remains neat but still festive!

9. New Dad beer labels

Planning something special for a first-time Dad? This is the perfect Father’s Day idea for you!

Print out these funny beer labels and replace the original labels of Dad’s favorite beer. Let him know you appreciate his sacrifices and the way he is handling the first baby. He will definitely enjoy relaxing and drinking on his special day!

10. Basketball themed party

Is Dad a big fan of basketball? If so, hold a basketball-themed Father’s Day party at home.

Fathers Day decoration ideas - basketball themed party
Image from B Lovely Events

Just look at how colorful and lively this simple setup looks! The basketballs hanging from the wall are made of orange paper lanterns! Isn’t that creative?

Get a closer look at this party spread and the way the food is styled at B. Lovely Events.

11. Father’s Day mini rustic signs

Going for a minimum and rustic setup? Use these mini wooden signs with Father’s Day messages printed on them.

Fathers Day decoration ideas - mini rustic signs
Image from Wild Iris Mtn Studio via Etsy

You can use these on the dining table or over the mantle place – they can go anywhere! These signs may be tiny but they sure are big in sentiment!

12. Fishing themed snack bar

Does Dad love to fish? You can copy this Gone Fishin’ Party theme for Father’s Day!

Fishing themed snack bar
Image from Enchanting Details

He may not be spending the day out on the lake fishing but at least he gets to enjoy the sweet treats you have prepared for him.

13. Golf-themed party

When Dad loves to hit the greens and spends almost all his free time playing golf, this golf-themed party is the one to aim for this Father’s Day.

Just look at how cool-looking and refreshing all the greens and blues are. Nice blending!

14. Daddy photo banner

Gather all the pictures that you have of Dad and the kids. Then place them on a Daddy photo banner. He will definitely have a big smile on his face as he comes over and inspects each picture.

15. Dad wreath

Will you have guests on Father’s Day? Welcome them with this amazing Dad-themed wreath!

Dad wreath
Image from Home.Made.

The materials for this DIY project are cheap and most of them are probably just lying around the house. Get the full tutorial from Rhonda of Home.Made..

16. Handprint grill card

Is Dad the best when it comes to barbecues? Or maybe you are hosting a backyard barbecue for Father’s Day? If so, you can never go wrong with this handprint grill card for decor!

Handprint grill card
Image from Our Kid Things

The card is obviously about grilling and the flames are made out of cute little handprints, so you can ask the kids to help along. Be sure to give Dad a “grill”-y message!

Get the full instructions from Crystal of Our Kid Things.

17. Father’s Day cupcake toppers

This is my favorite among these Father’s Day decoration ideas. It’s simple, doesn’t need too much effort, but will make the meals extra memorable.

Make dessert more special with Father’s Day-themed toppers! These are perfect for a wide variety of food like cupcakes, cakes, muffins, and other food picks.

Get the printables at I Scream for Buttercream.

If you want to make it look more festive, order this pack from Giga Gud at Amazon.

Looking for more choices? Go to this page for more cupcake toppers!

18. Father’s Day necktie wreath

This is another crafty Father’s Day wreath. You can make this from old neckties.

It’s a perfect craft to do when Dad is the type who always wears a tie for work and has accumulated a lot of worn-out neckties over the years.

Father's Day necktie wreath
Image from Crafty Mama

Choose ties with different prints and colors to make them stand out. Do check out the complete tutorial at Crafty Mama.

19. Tool craft

Is Dad quite the handyman? You and your kids can work on this Father’s Day tool craft project. It’s made of cardboard, Mod Podge and paint. Get the tutorial from Craftulate.

Tool craft
Image from Craftulate

20. Tuxedo curtains

Give the house a makeover by turning your curtains into a tuxedo backdrop, just like this one.

It can be a very glamorous photo background and will definitely surprise Dad once he wakes up and steps out of the bedroom!

21. Happy Father’s Day foil balloons

Don’t have a creative bone in you? No problem!

Simply order ready-made Happy Father’s Day foil balloons and you can pair them with other foil balloon designs for extra glam.

Here’s one from Yizeda at Amazon. Visit the page to see see what other balloon options you can get with this Father’s Day package.

Fore more foil balloons choices, check out this page!

So, let’s decorate!

Words will never be enough to describe the love that we have for our fathers. And as much as we want to express how special our Dads are to us, it is only natural to feel like nothing would be enough.

Celebrating Father’s Day at home is a great way to have some special bonding time for the family. And these Father’s Day decoration ideas can boost the vibe to make this day special and memorable for everyone.

Have a great Father’s Day celebration!

Looking for more ideas to make Father’s Day special? Check these out!

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