20 4th of July Wreath Ideas to Make to Embellish Your Front Door!

Any of these wreath ideas for 4th of July will bring out the patriotic spirit in you. Make one for your front door!

4th of July wreaths for front door

The 4th of July is coming up soon, hence, it’s time to bring out all things red, white, and blue!

One common way of displaying your American pride is hanging a patriotic wreath on your front door.

A wreath is a decorative ring that is typically placed on the front door to welcome guests (you might find some people hanging wreaths on their windows too).

Because it is on your front door, you should put some thought on the wreath that you choose to display to the neighborhood. It is also best if you choose an impressive wreath as it is the first thing your guests will see when they come over for your 4th of July party.

To help you out, we have gathered 20 patriotic wreaths for 4th of July that you can easily make for your home.

Here we go!

1. Star wreath

If you want a wreath that stands out, make one with stars! Use red, white and blue cardstock for the stars.

Yup! Those stars are made out of paper! It does not look like it at first glance! They have folded it in a certain way to create that 3D look.

If you want it to look rustic or old, get a distressed ink and apply it on the folded pleats to pull off the rustic look!

2. Clothespin wreath

Wooden clothespins can give you a totally unique wreath!

Simply paint the clothespins red, white, and blue. Add some stars on the blue part of the wreath and you have a wreath that instantly reminds you of the American flag!

3. Glitter stars wreath

Want something sparkly that people can see from across the street? This wreath will grab everyone’s attention with its glitter stars.

Decorate an ordinary willow wreath with red, white, and blue glitter stars. Top it off with an equally sparkly ribbon and you are good to go!

4. Tinsel wreath

If you want something sparkly but you do not want to deal with the mess that glitters can cause, try a tinsel wreath!

Here’s one that repurposes an old pool noodle. Hand paint the American flag and use popsicle sticks.

5. Farmhouse American flag wreath

Does your home have a farmhouse or rustic theme? Make this Farmhouse American flag wreath!

Use a grapevine. Then adorn it with American flags, cotton stems, red berry cluster stems, and a red gingham ribbon! It sure looks like a warm, welcoming wreath that will impress your guests!

6. Patriotic rag wreath

Do you have red, white, and blue scrap fabrics in your craft room? You can use them to make a patriotic rag wreath like this one!

Although it is best to use plain colors, you can also make do with ones that have prints on them as long as the dominant color is clear. It’s a great way to repurpose some old clothes too!

The trick is to use a fabric that is stiff so that the ends will not flop over.

7. Floral wreath

This wreath gives out a sweet, cottage chic vibe. It definitely calls out to an old soul.

Use a grapevine wreath. Then put red, white, and blue faux flowers on one side. There are lots of ways to make paper flowers so you can add your own style too.

Add stars to the blue flowers and you easily get reminded of the American flag!

8. Firecracker rag wreath

This is a great wreath specially made for the 4th of July because what is Independence Day without a firework show after all?

The wreath is created with red, white, and blue rags and the “fireworks” are created with tissue paper roll and decorative paper! You can take out the fireworks and use the same wreath for other patriotic holidays like Memorial day too!

9. Paper rosette wreath

This is a simple and easy wreath that you can make out of cardboard and scrapbook paper. Make paper rosettes in different sizes and glue them on the cardboard ring!

Paper rosettes are very easy to make. It’s very simple and yet, the end result is very elegant looking! Store them properly right after so you can still use them for a few more years!

10. Paper straw wreath

Here’s a pretty wreath that you can make out of paper straws and blue paper! I love how simple the idea is but when executed, you end up with something beautiful and unique!

The straws are cut into different lengths to give the illusion of sun rays.

11. Patriotic ribbon wreath

This is another simple DIY wreath to make for 4th of July.

Cover a ring with red, white, and blue ribbons! Making it is as easy as it looks and this one can last for years if you store it properly!

Patriotic ribbon wreath
image from LANDEELU

This example has been done with printed ribbons, but you can also opt for plain colored ones if you’d like a more uniform and neater look.

12. Patriotic pompom wreath

Pompoms are fun to make so imagine how much fun you can have making a whole wreath out of it! It looks so fluffy and comfy I feel like I could use it for a pillow!

Patriotic pompom wreath
image from FLAMINGO TOES

This DIY project may take some time, so if you are a busy mom, you might want to start on this project a few days earlier.

13. Fireworks wreath

Here’s another fireworks-themed wreath!

It’s made of paper pinwheels and popsicle sticks. These were formed with the intent of looking like fireworks from afar – and it does a good job of catching attention!

Glitter stars are placed in the center for that extra sparkle. You can easily finish this DIY project in a few minutes.

14. Paper cone wreath

This is made of colored paper cones and it’s very easy to make. Even your kids can pull this off by themselves! You can turn it into a bonding activity between you and the kids.

This design reminds me of Captain America’s shield!

15. Stars & stripes burlap ruffle wreath

Here’s a DIY wreath that you can make with burlap! It may look simple but you will need some sewing skills to pull this one off properly.

The best thing about it? This creation will be sturdy enough to last for many years! It’s a great wreath for a rustic-themed home.

16. 4th of July rocket wreath

Here’s another wreath that focuses on the fireworks display that everyone looks forward to.

It’s got a minimalist vibe but colorful enough to be festive. The rocket is made out of a paper towel tube! So you do not just end up with a great wreath but you get to contribute to saving the environment too through recycling!

17. Rag strip wreath

This is another rag wreath that you can create while recycling.

This time, the wreath is made of an old pair of jeans, then strips of gingham and burlap for the red, white, and blue theme. The strips of cloth were tied around a wire ring made out of an old cloth hanger.

Rag strip wreath

18. Patriotic pop can wreath

Recycling is good for the environment and this is a great DIY wreath that lets you recycle soda cans.

Collect soda cans that come in red, white, and blue, and some yellow for the stars. Cut these cans into star shapes to create this totally unique patriotic wreath! Hang it in a way that kids won’t be able to reach it because the edges can be sharp.

Patriotic pop can wreath
image from SMALL FRY AND CO

19. Necktie wreath

Do you have lots of old ties in the house? Repurpose them by creating this necktie wreath!

Choose ties that are dominantly red, white, and blue and wrap them around the wreath! It is very simple. And it gives a new purpose to an old set of ties that barely gets used!

20. Ombre Wreath

If you like a combination of different shades of red, white and blue, make an ombre wreath! Here’s a project that involves nine different fabrics, each with a different shade of red, white or blue.

You simply tie pieces of fabric around an embroidery loop. It’s very easy to do, but you need time for this. Well, the end result is well worth it!

Let’s make a wreath for 4th of July!

Hanging a patriotic wreath on your front door shows how proud you are and how blessed you feel to be in this country. If you have never done this before, why not start this year?

As you can see, there are lots of interesting ways to make a patriotic wreath. Plus, they are so easy to make!

All these wreaths are great showstoppers. Your guests will definitely be impressed and will comment about it when they come over!

Need more ideas for the 4th of July celebration? Check these out!

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Make any of these patriotic wreaths for the 4th of July. Hang it on the front door and welcome your guests with it!

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