20 Paper Towel Roll Crafts Useful at Home

Make these awesome paper towel roll crafts and you never have to throw those rolls again!

Paper towel roll crafts that are just so useful for the home!

Every household accumulates several paper towel rolls in just a few months – especially when you have a huge household. Once the paper is out, you are left with the toilet paper roll. But before you throw that away, why not collect them?

Now you may be wondering why I would suggest you reuse them rather than dropping them off in a recycle bin. You are saving Mother Nature either way anyway.

While this is true, it actually takes more water supply and energy to recycle carton products to turn them into pulp. So it’s still better to make the best of it first – by reusing it for crafts.

There are lots of amazing DIY projects that you can make out of them. Some even allow you to save money, while others can make your life a little bit easier.

In this article, we give you a list of 20 awesome paper towel roll crafts that you and your kids can easily make!

1. Secret money keeper

Get a wide-mouth jar, put a toilet paper roll in the middle, and then fill the sides with candies until the roll is completely covered. When done, place your cash in the tube!

This paper towel roll craft is a great go-to solution when you want to gift someone but you do not know what to give. Give her/him cash in secret!

paper towel roll crafts - Secret money holder

You may also use this genius idea to hide your money stash in the house! But instead of candy, surround the jar with “uninteresting” things such as cotton balls, cotton swabs, office supplies, and others. No one will ever think there’s money inside!

2. Cord holders

This is an incredibly easy way to reuse paper towel rolls. In fact, all that is left to do is decorate them. Or you can even have the paper towel roll as is!

paper towel roll crafts - Cord holders

With these DIY cord holders, you do not have to worry about stray cords getting tangled up anymore. You can easily get your charger without having to spend a few minutes just to untangle wires and cords.

3. Hanger hack

If you hate the stubborn creases hangers leave on your pants, try this paper towel roll hanger hack!

Cut the paper towel roll, slip it into the horizontal bar of the hanger, and then use tape to close it. When you hang the pants over the paper towel roll, it will not leave a crease!

It is so simple I wish I could have thought of this sooner!

4. Wrapping paper holder

If you store wrapping paper in your house for those last-minute present wrapping emergencies, you are going to love this DIY project!

We all know the best way to store wrapping paper in good condition is to keep them on a roll. Folding is okay but it could leave permanent creases that would probably look ugly once you need to wrap something,

You can use toilet paper rolls to hold and preserve your wrapping paper!

paper towel roll crafts - wrapping paper holder
image from Home Hacks

Now you can store them easier without worrying about losing their form or getting wrinkled.

5. Smartphone stand

Although smartphone stands are cheap and affordable, it is still better not to spend any money at all. So, if you find yourself in need of a smartphone stand, simply make this DIY paper towel roll craft!

It is totally free and you can design it however way you want to! This sample was decorated using washi tapes.

6. Bird feeder

Keep the birds in your area happy and visiting often with this yummy bird feeder idea!

Make sure first that there is no excess paper on the toilet paper roll.

Spread peanut butter all over it, and then roll it over bird seeds! And that’s it! It’s that simple! Your kids will love making this too!

paper towel roll crafts - Bird feeder
image from GO GROW GO

7. Pillow box

Are you giving a small gift to someone soon? Save money on gift wrapping with these DIY pillow boxes from toilet paper rolls.

This is very easy to make and it is also great opportunity to practice being creative! I find them great packages for giving jewelry, gift cards, or cosmetics.

8. Smartphone speakers

Some smartphones do not have the capacity to play music as loud as you want to. If your phone is the same, you should try out this DIY hack from paper towel rolls and plastic glasses!

It is so easy you can do it on the spot and impress your family and friends. It is totally useful when you are out chilling with friends and you need music.

paper towel roll crafts - Smartphone speakers

9. Vase

You can make a vase with your paper towel rolls! This DIY project is very simple and easy to make! Design it any way you want to.

Use it for any fake flowers that you have laying around to adorn your home. Perfect for when you have no green thumb, or you don’t have the time to properly tend to plants.

10. Party giveaways

Another awesome paper towel roll crafts you’ll definitely love is using these for packages for party giveaways!

Fill the roll with candies and then wrap it up like a big candy! This will be a hit on children’s parties, or candy land themed parties!

11. Windsocks

Let your kids run around the yard, the beach, or in the park with these windsocks and see a colorful flying fish in the air!

Windsocks are great toys during windy days. They are fun and easy to make and would give your kids a colorful memory to cherish.

paper towel roll crafts - Windsocks
image from FUN CRAFTS KIDS

12. Matchbox cars display

Do you have boys who love to play with matchbox cars? Or perhaps you live with a man that collects them? This is a fun way to keep those matchbox cars on display! This keeps the toys neat and tidy too!

You can even vamp up the idea and adjust the design to display other miniature items in your home!

13. Tabletop organizer

This is a fun DIY that you can do for your home office or your kids’ desks to keep things more organized and neat.

Cut the paper towel rolls to different heights to accommodate different items. Then, either wrap them in wrapping paper or paint them!

You can use these for your writing supplies, art supplies, and even your makeup!

Tabletop organizer
image from PLAID

14. Kaleidoscope

Do you remember the first time you looked into a kaleidoscope? It was amazing, right? Introduce your kids to a whole new world of colors by giving them this DIY kaleidoscope!

You can create this in just 5 minutes – unless you want to go all out on adorning it and creating different illusions!

15. Jewelry holder

Do you have a lot of bracelets, bangles, or watches? Keep them organized and on display with this DIY project. You can also use this to store headbands and scrunchies!

Who would have thought that something this elegant looking is actually made out of paper towel rolls?

16. Wreath

You can turn your paper towel roll into a beautiful wreath. There are many examples online – some designs are incredibly easy while some are intricate.

Check out this example – you could not tell that this was made out of paper towel roll!

image from IVALEX

17. Napkin rings

What a dainty way to prepare your napkins, especially during special occasions!

Image from Mod Podge Rocks

This is quite similar to using the paper towel rolls as wrapping paper holders. But this time, it’s more crafty, more beautiful and more presentable. What a simple and affordable way to add wellness to the dinner table!

18. Cat toy

Do you have a cat? If yes, then let’s give kitty some fun!

Cat toy
image from FOUR WHITE PAWS

This was created with a bunch of paper towel rolls and an old box. Place treats in the tubes at random and let your cat figure out where they are, and how to get them!

Fair warning though, depending on how aggressive your cat, this toy would probably last for one to three uses.

19. Seed starter

A toilet paper roll is just the perfect shape and size to start growing some seedlings before you move them into a larger pot. They are best for plants that grow best when their roots are not widely distributed.

Seed starter

20. Firestarter

Create your own fire starter for your next camping trip, or vacation in the cabi,n with a paper towel roll. All you need to do is collect dryer lint when you do the laundry and stuff the roll with it. This will help you get a fire going in no time.

image from WIKI HOW

Let’s start collecting those paper towel rolls!

As you can see, the paper towel roll is a versatile material that you can still use for so many other things.

Instead of throwing them out right away, collect them so you will be able to do all the great ideas in this list. I hope that you have fun doing these awesome paper towel roll crafts!

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