20 Excellent Calendar Layouts for Bullet Journal

calendar layouts for bullet journal

You’ll see calendar layouts in every bullet journal. This is usually found in the first few pages of the journal itself, like the yearly spreads or future log spreads.

It is also used at the start of a new month – the monthly spreads.

Your calendar layouts should not be as boring as what you usually get with an ordinary planner. There are many ways to be creative through the size of your layouts, the font you use, and the different designs that you can do to embellish the spread.

Calendar layouts can take one whole page, two pages, be done in a landscape form, and even be minimal. It is all up to you how you want them and how much space you need to keep track of your appointments, tasks, or events.

So, to inspire you in creating yours, here are 20 calendar layouts for your bullet journal that will definitely pique your interest!

Yearly calendar for bullet journal

First, we start with the yearly calendar layouts. Place yours in the first few pages of your bullet journal.

You will notice that most yearly calendars are composed of mini calendars for each month. There is very limited space for notes.

Some, however, do not have room for them. And that is because oftentimes, you only need a yearly calendar as a reference. The notes will be on the monthly or weekly spreads.

These calendars are often called “year at a glance” in the bullet journal community.

1. Year at a glance

A one-page minimalist spread that shows mini calendars for each month. It is one of the easiest yearly calendar spreads to make – it will only take you a few minutes.

calendar for bullet journal - Year at a glance
Image from Pageflutter

Notice how each month’s header stands out through the chosen font. You can also execute the same style as your ordinary handwriting by making them look bigger than your normal text.

2. Watercolor calendar spread

Here is a sample of a two-page yearly spread that gives you a small space to write notes beside each mini calendar.

calendar for bullet journal - Watercolor calendar spread
Image from Yellow Feather

The headers and days of the month have a watercolor background. It gives the spread a dash of pastel colors. You can see that the overall design is so simple yet pretty.

I’m sure you can easily imitate this spread with no problem!

3. Festive yearly spread

Here is another two-page yearly spread that makes use of flag buntings as its decor. Overall, it looks festive and lively!

You can design your flag buntings in whatever you want if you decide to recreate this calendar layout for your bullet journal. This example leaves you no space for notes, but that is okay if you are the type who mostly uses your monthly and weekly spreads instead of the yearly pages for notes.

You may just use this type of spread as a calendar reference.

4. Minimalist yearly spread

This is a minimalist yearly layout that makes use of mini calendar months. It is a two-page spread – giving you a bit of space to write down a few notes as well.

calendar for bullet journal - Minimalist yearly spread
Image from Bullet Journal

It looks very neat and tidy – a perfect fit for the minimalist bullet journal. If you can pull off a tiny handwriting, you can easily work with this type of layout!

5. Doodles and patterns yearly spread

Show off your talent in doodling or drawing by imitating this type of yearly spread! It definitely looks unique – you do not really get to see much of this type of spread.

calendar for bullet journal - Doodles and patterns yearly spread
Image from reddit

I know, it may look intimidating at first, but the doodles are not that hard to do if you look closely.

Now instead of doodles, you may also place stickers or write quotes on the squares. The possibilities are really endless in this calendar layout!

6. Color-coded year at a glance

This is a very simple year at a glance calendar layout for bullet journal. Notice that each month’s colors are actually colored by season.

You have December to February colored blue for winter, March to May colored pink for spring, June to August colored yellow for summer, and September to November colored brown for fall.

It is a subtle way to keep track of the seasons at the same time! I think that is a genius move!

7. Year at a glance with important dates

This is a two-page spread.

On the first page are the mini calendars, while on the second page are the holidays and birthdays. She then embellishes the page using a blue highlighter.

calendar for bullet journal - Year at a glance
Image from Masha Plans

This is the type of design that does not need a lot of materials. All you need is a pen and a highlighter, and you are good to go!

8. Washi tape yearly spread

Here is another two-page yearly spread.

Run a washi tape across the top and bottom parts of the pages for a simple colorful design.

calendar for bullet journal - Washi tape yearly spread
Image from Study With Me

The whole premise is so simple. You can take this idea when you want to add some color on your bullet journal pages, but you do not know how to doodle or draw – just use washi tapes!

Take note also that her mini calendars are uniform, so it does not really specify the day of the month. She only uses it as a quick reference to take note of important dates.

Monthly calendar layouts

Monthly spreads usually contain the monthly calendar layout. Typically, it comes after the monthly cover page.

Some bullet journalists design their monthly calendar layouts following a theme for the month. The theme is then used on the rest of the bullet journal pages that you will use for that month.

1. January calendar layout

This January calendar layout is beautiful to look at and uses the colors pink and gold as its dominant colors.

The theme is obviously a New Year’s celebration. She decorated the spread with fireworks, ladies’ drinks, and confetti. It looks very chic!

2. February calendar layout

This is a Valentine’s Day-themed calendar layout for February. Since it is a two-page spread, each square has enough space for notes.

I like how she used pink and purple shades for her Valentine-themed layout. It is a refreshing change from the usual reds and pinks!

3. March calendar layout

This March calendar layout’s theme is sunflower. I love sunflowers!

You can see that the calendar has no visible squares. Instead, it uses horizontal lines. Then draw sunflowers on the bottom part of the page for design.

4. April calendar layout

This April calendar layout is rainbow-themed. It is a simple one-page spread with a space for your events and tasks below the small calendar. This is a cute calendar theme and layout that you can easily imitate!

5. May calendar layout

If you’re a music lover, you will love this vinyl record-themed calendar layout for May!

The vinyl records are very easy to draw, so you will not have difficulty with this theme. Use a white gel pen to write the days of the week.

6. June calendar layout

This fruity June calendar layout is very pleasing to the eyes. The colors are very fresh, and it is something you would never get tired of looking at.

June calendar layout
Image from Pinterest

This spread makes use of a small calendar, giving enough space for you to write notes below it.

7. July calendar layout

This calendar layout obviously follows the 4th of July theme.

The calendar mostly took the left page, with two columns carried to the next page. I also love that part where you get a space to list down your tasks and that habit tracker below is just great!

I like it when the Declaration of Independence is remembered. And making it into a BuJo theme is one way to remember it. I’m also hoping that with it, we get to also remember the values that our forefathers once held which made America a great nation.

8. August calendar layout

This August calendar layout uses a mushroom theme.

August calendar layout
Image from Fashionable Crowd

Mushrooms are a great item to doodle when you’re a beginner or you’re not that artistic because they do not really have to be perfect looking. So you can take it easy with drawing!

9. September calendar layout

This is a circus-themed calendar layout for September.

September calendar layout
Image from Tinker About

See that flag buntings? Aren’t they nice decors? And the dates are just very cute! The font used for the header is also big and fun looking, which is fitting for the circus theme.

Oh and that ball at the corner – big one at the left and small ones at the right – I just love them!

10. October calendar layout

October month is one of the months during the fall season. And when it’s fall, it usually comes with that giant pumpkin.

I really like this design! That big pumpkin, the grasses and the leaves – those colorful leaves falling – ah… the wonders of nature!

11. November calendar layout

Here’s a boho-themed calendar for November. The use of colorful leaves and streamers and the gold details on the calendar and headers are good combinations.

To recreate this two-page layout, make a small calendar on the first page. Then have a space for reminders, dates, and goals for the month on the second page.

12. December calendar layout

When it’s December it’s almost automatic to think of winter and snow. But this comes with those lovely drawings of snowflakes!

Here is a December calendar layout with snowflakes to embellish the pages. Snowflakes are very easy to draw, and they’re just so beautiful!

Ready to create your calendar layouts?

Now that you have gone through the examples above, I am sure you have a good idea of how to do your calendar layouts in your own bullet journal.

Some designs are intricate, while some are so simple. You can do whatever you want when it comes to your calendar – after all, there are no official rules when it comes to bullet journaling!

Looking for more ideas for your bullet journal? Check these out!

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