20 Outstanding Ideas to Recycle Tin Cans

Recycle your tin cans into these amazing crafts!

recycle tin cans ideas

Old tin cans may not look so glamorous at first, but once you clean them up and have them refashioned into something useful, they actually are excellent materials for numerous DIY projects.

So if you have a lot of tin cans and do not know what to do with them, here are some great recycling ideas for them!

1. Tin can lanterns

Are you fond of hosting barbecue dinners in your backyard? Or maybe there is a special occasion coming up? These tin can lanterns can significantly boost the ambiance and lift up everyone’s mood!

Lanterns can make people feel like they stepped into a fairy tale land. It’s no wonder why they are in demand during weddings and other special occasions.

This DIY project is incredibly easy to make! All you need is some creativity in forming the figures you want your lanterns to show!

Get the full tutorial at Elise Engh Studio.

2. Utensil holders

This is a great way to carry around your utensils when you have guests over, or you suddenly decide to eat out in the patio or yard.

The DIY project calls for 6 tin cans and a wood slat to attach the cans to. Then, you add a leather strap so you can easily carry it around.

This project also works as a caddy to carry around other items like art supplies for the kids.

3. Tin can roses

Roses don’t last forever. But they can if they are made out of tin cans!

You might think this recycling project is hard to make, but the step-by-step instructions are actually easy to follow.

This would make a great decorative piece inside your home! To keep the roses shiny, spray a clear metal finish on them. This will prevent tarnish buildup on the tin can.

Get the full tutorial at Instructables.

4. Windchimes

This is an incredibly creative and colorful way to recycle tin cans – turn them into wind chimes!

recycle can - Windchimes
Image from happy mrs c

You will need tin cans, beads, salt and pepper shakers, and spoon and forks! Once done, it will definitely put some music and color on your porch or garden!

5. Wine rack

Got some big tin cans? Turn them into something classy like a wine rack!

Most tin cans have a bigger circumference than wine bottles, so this project is a great idea to recycle your tin cans.

recycle can - Wine rack
Image from Brit+Co

It looks cool and unique, and making it is so easy! Your visitors will be impressed when they see it on display.

Get the full tutorial at Brit+Co.

6. Rope vase

This is an effortless DIY project that even kids can do, yet it gives a very glamorous and classy outcome! In fact, this recycling idea is a hit at weddings and other special events.

If your home has a rustic theme, this would also be a great decorative piece to have around!

Get the full tutorial at Bayside Bride.

7. Homework supplies lazy susan

If you have your kids doing their homework at the same time at one table and they have to share supplies, the bickering can be annoying.

But, with this DIY homework caddy from recycled tin cans and a lazy susan, you can now end all the fighting since everybody can quickly get what they need!

This is also a nice way to teach you kids to pick up after themselves. Have them return the supplies to their places after using them. Hence, you do not have to worry about supplies being misplaced!

8. Candleholder

Tin cans make great candle holders too! Simply design the tin can in whatever way you want – the possibilities are endless!

recycle can - candle holder
Image from Chiclowcost

9. Craft supplies container

Another very useful way to recycle tin cans is to make a craft supplies organizer from them. Use this to store paint brushes, colored pens, scissors, glue sticks, and other craft supplies.

In this DIY project, the tin cans were painted and lined with a white ribbon on top. You can accessorize, however you want as well!

Get the full tutorial at Or So She Says.

10. Pincushion

This is a very easy way to recycle a tin can and is great for you if love to sew. It uses a strip of decorative paper, some leftover linen, and poly-fil – simple materials really.

You end up with a sturdy and cute pin cushion! Then, you may decorate this any way you want! Get the full tutorial at Design Sponge.

11. Can toss game

Here’s another fun tin can recycling project that your kids will definitely love! Paint your tin cans to create an Angry Birds can toss game. Then, paint a ball into an angry bird!

I know it’s “angry”, but isn’t it cute?

Plus, you can go with any theme for this project – doesn’t always have to be angry bird. I must say – this can be fun for adults too!

Get the full tutorial at Homemade Beauties by Heidi.

12. Wall-mounted display

If you have little figurines, or you want to display your kids’ little toys, this is a great idea that will again, help you recycle tin cans!

Wall-mounted display
Image from Blue Bear Wood

It works best when you have a collection of those teeny weeny cute stuff. Show them off while being decorative at the same time!

Get the full tutorial at Blue Bear Wood.

13. Mosaic holders

Does mosaic sound fun to you? If it does, that’s another way you can recycle your tin cans.

Make fun mosaic holders that can help you organize stuff in your home easily. Even your kids can join in on the fun!

Mosaic holders
Image from Instructables

You can do a lot of designs with this type of DIY project. It’s a great chance to practice your creativity and make some great time too!

Get the full tutorial at Instructables.

14. Bird feeder

Do you love waking up to the sound of birds chirping in your yard? Attract more birds to come visit your home – just have a bird feeder around!

This DIY bird feeder project made out of tin can and sticks is so easy to make.

Make this recycling project with your kiddos and turn your DIY time into a bonding moment! Let them gather the sticks for you, and show them how recycling can be just fun!

Get the full tutorial at Our Beautifully Messy House.

15. Ribbon organizer

If you have many ribbons for your craft, they can be messy without a thorough organizing system. One way to keep them organized is to recycle a tin can – turn it into a ribbon organizer like this!

This is easy and you can get carried away! Just don’t forget to properly wash the tin cans, completely dry them and remove any sharp edges that could damage the ribbon.

Get the full tutorial at The How to Home.

16. Tin can planters

If you have gallon-sized tin cans, those are perfect for planters for your garden!

Or, have them strategically placed on your porch to give some life to your entryway.

Do not forget to drill drain holes at the bottom – this is very important for plants.

Get the full tutorial at The Crafted Sparrow.

17. Pan for mini cakes

Want to bake a cake, but you do not have a cake pan? Just use a tin can and make several mini cakes! They do not just look cuter, but they are easier to consume!

Make sure that the tin cans are clean, then grease and flour the insides. Fill the tin cans halfway with cake batter and bake as you usually do with a cake pan!

When the cake is done, give it time to cool down so you can take it off the tin can without ruining its form.

Get the full tutorial at Oh Happy Day.

18. Tin can grill

Fond of camping? You probably bring a lot of canned goods, right?
Well, did you know that you can turn a tin can into an improvised grill?

Yup! That’s right!

Tin can grill
Image from DianThomas

Cut down the sides of the can, extend them until it forms like a basket, and then place some tin foil on top. Place coal or hot stones, then put the rack over it for your food!

Get the full tutorial at Dian Thomas.

19. Tuna can swing out storage

This is a great DIY project that you can use to store many things – jewelry, condiments, office supplies, ponytails, and many more!

Instead of buying a new organizer for your trinkets and teeny weeny supplies, simply recycle a tin can! It takes more work than the rest of the DIY projects on this list, but you can easily tell that it will be worth it.

Get the full tutorial at Instructables.

20. Tin can speakers

They do not make the greatest speakers, but they definitely look better than the cheap junk you see in the market these days.

Tin can speakers
Image from Wired

This DIY project may be a bit challenging (and yes, difficult!) but it is worth a try if you are up for the challenge.

Get the full tutorial at Wired.

Let’s recycle tin cans!

As you can see, there is so much you can do with tin cans. Most of these projects can be done with materials that are already in your home.

So, the next time you have an empty tin can, do not get rid of it right away! Give it a thorough cleaning, get rid of the product label, and see what you can do with it.

You not only get to help the environment by reducing waste, but you also end up with a completely unique and personalized DIY project!

Looking for more recycling projects? Check these out!

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