20 Beautiful Projects to Recycle Glass Bottles

Try these DIY ideas to recycle glass bottles and jars, and you will not want to waste a glass bottle ever again!

recycle glass bottles and jars

Glass bottles and jars are still one of the most reliable forms of packaging these days. It is no wonder if you may have accumulated a lot of them over the years!

But, instead of throwing them out or sending them to your nearest recycling station, why not reuse and recycle them in a more creative manner?

Glass bottles and jars come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. There are lots of things you can do with them! But before that, let’s remove the labels first. It’s going to be much easier to design them when they’re all plain and clean.

Here’s how!

How to remove labels from glass bottles and jars

Companies spend a small fortune to make sure that their labels are really sticky. It can be very frustrating when you could not get rid of them! But there are some tricks that you can do to easily scrape them off.

The easiest is to let the jars soak in water for a whole day.

Yup! Soak it in water and then leave it there for a day.

The label becomes less sticky after, and you can easily scrape them off.

If this doesn’t work however, dip the jars and bottles in OxiClean solution for a day or more. After rinsing, you should be able to scrape off the label.

Alright! That being said, let’s now move on to the various things you can create when you recycle glass bottles and jars.

Here are twenty ideas! Enjoy!

Ideas to Recycle Glass Bottles and Jars

1. Spray bottle

Recycle your glass bottles into spray bottles! It’s the simplest DIY project that you can do in just a few minutes.

This is a good idea since you can clearly see the content. Remove the labels, clean the bottle thoroughly, buy a spray top or nozzle, and attach it to the glass bottle.

No need to worry cause spray nozzles are compatible with most glass bottles! To be sure, you can take the glass bottle with you when you shop for a spray nozzle.

2. Candle holder

Recycle old wine bottles by turning them into candle holders!

Cut off the bottom of the wine bottle. Then put something that will serve as the candle’s vase, and put the small candle inside.

The bottle will protect the flame and keep it going longer. It’s an effortless and elegant way to keep candles lit during special occasions. And of course, you may decorate the bottle any way you want!

3. Food storage

Glass jars make excellent food storage containers. Honestly, I prefer glass than plastic containers.

Simply remove the labels, wash them thoroughly, let them dry. Then use them as food containers! You can now have a more organized and neat-looking pantry!

You will easily see what you need and how much is left for every item. Don’t forget to put labels and indicate the expiration date for each food.

4. Pincushion

Love to sew?

Have a little glass jar around! Turn that into a pincushion!

Use the jar to hold items such as buttons, pins, threads, and many more. If you use a bigger glass jar, you can even insert a whole sewing kit in the jar!

5. Travel memory jars

Are you an avid traveler? Here is a unique way to keep a memento of all your trips!

Use mason jars and gather meaningful mementos or souvenirs from your trip. Have everything displayed on a shelf in your home.

These can make great conversation starters when you’re entertaining guests. They would definitely want to hear the story behind the mementos you keep!

6. Glass bottle frames

Pictures are a great way to preserve some good memories. Similar to the travel memory jars, you can display your favorite pictures in a unique way by using old glass bottles as frames!

This is a great idea when you have a couple of glass bottles in different forms and sizes. Roll up a photo. Put it inside. Then decorate the bottle however you please!

7. Sand art

When it comes to home decor, sand art never gets old. You do not even have to be so good at it for it to look appealing! Just learn to layer colored sand on top of each other, and you can be done.

And yes, glass bottles are the perfect match for it!

If you do not like using artificially colored sand, then go the natural route. Layer natural sand, dirt from your garden, river rocks, and other stuff that you can gather on a nature trip.

8. Soap dispenser

Here’s another practical idea to recycle glass bottles and jars! Make soap dispensers out of them! Put one in your bathroom and in the kitchen.

This does give your rooms a vintage touch! They are easy to clean and refill as well.

9. Salad in a jar

Striving to live a healthier lifestyle? Hmmm… you can’t get rid of vegetable salad.

Have your salads always ready and even on the go by packing them in glass bottles. This is a trend among health and fitness enthusiasts.

Salad in a jar
Image from The Girl On Bloor

Make your salad ahead of time and stock it in the fridge. When you are ready to eat it, give the jar a shake, and you can quickly eat out of it!

10. Salt and pepper shaker

This project is so easy you can finish it within 5 minutes! Do not limit yourself to salt and pepper, though. You may also do this with your spices and herbs.

11. Washi tape vases

Making a flower vase is another easy recycling project for glass bottles. You don’t want them to be plain, but if you’re not that artistic, you can simply use washi tapes, and you’ll be done in just a few minutes!

Washi tapes come in different designs and colors. You will definitely find one that has a print that can easily blend into your interior decor!

12. Yarn holder

Do you like doing crochet projects? It’s kinda frustrating when your ball of yarn drops and you have to chase after it, right? It can even get the yarn dirty.

This recycling project lets you stay in control of the yarn by using salsa jars as yarn holders. A hole is placed on the lid for the yarn to go through. No matter how you move while you crochet, your yarn stays in place inside the bottle!

13. Drinking glasses

Love having a drink or two? Recycle and turn your glass beer bottles into drinking glasses! This idea would make a great conversation starter with your friends as you gather around for a drink.

recycle glass bottles - Drinking glasses
Image from Rahburt

This could be a challenging project as it involves cutting the glass and making the edge smooth. But if you think you can handle it, then it is a worthy project to try!

14. Self-watering glass planters

If you love indoor plants, you will love this DIY project – using a wine bottle and a glass jar. It’s not only a great way to ensure that your indoor plants are hydrated, but it also looks cool and unique.

15. Glass bottle wall

Want your home to stand out? How about some glass bottles for a unique outdoor wall?

You’ll be able to recycle a lot of bottles, and it will give you just the right amount of privacy while still being able to enjoy your yard. This could also be a good idea for a fence!

16. Knob jars desk storage

Don’t you just hate a cluttered desk? It is hard to focus, and you never seem to find anything you need.

You can be more organized with this DIY desk organization idea.

Knob jars desk storage

Image from Lolly Jane

In this project, drawer knobs were placed on top of the glass jar lids to make it more unique. You can store anything in these containers – your spare change, makeup, office supplies, and many more.

17. Glass bottle terrarium

Do you have glass bottles or jars with a wide opening? Use that to make terrariums, and grow your succulents in them!

Add some decorative elements such as pebbles, mini figurines or moss, to make them look unique and very relaxing to the eyes.

recycle glass bottles - Glass bottle terrarium
Image from Martha Stewart

18. Backyard tiki light

This is one unique way to light up your backyard at night. Please take note that this should be used outdoors only. Make sure that the wick will not be higher than an inch for safety purposes.

19. Chandelier

If you are used to doing DIY projects involving electrical wiring, you should give this wine bottle recycling project a try!

This chandelier was made out of cutting wine bottles that have been painted to go by a rainbow theme. You can go with any design that you want!

20. Home bar decor

If you have your own bar at home, you can use wine glass bottles to decorate it. Check this recycling project!

The different colors of the bottles reflect different lights, and the end result is very cool to look at. It feels like there’s always some kind of a party going on!

Let’s recycle your glass bottles and jars!

Reusing and recycling is a habit that we should instill in our household. This allows us to save the environment by minimizing the waste we produce.

As you can see, there are many ways you can recycle old glass bottles and jars. Those in this list are just some of the best DIY ideas that you can make.

So, get your hands ready for some action! Get that glass bottle or glass jar and start recycling!

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