20 Best Decorations for a Festive 4th of July!

Get your home ready for the 4th of July with these festive decorations!

decorations for the 4th of July

The 4th of July is probably one of the most festive holidays we have! Everything is patriotic-themed! There is a lot of stars, and red, white, and blue, and when the night time comes, the sky lights up with fireworks!

Picnic and barbecue are very popular when it is the 4th of July. We welcome friends, family, and loved ones into our homes. And when you are planning to host one of these gatherings, you can’t help but think ahead of decorations that you can do to liven up the party!

Decors are very helpful to establish the theme of a party. It can transform your house into a festive and fun area for just a few hours. It also has the power to make your guests feel that they are out to have fun and celebrate!

So to help you out, here are 20 decoration ideas that will help you have a festive 4th of July celebration!

1. Patriotic street number banner

Make it easier for your guests to find your house by making your street number stand out! This DIY project also doubles as decor for your front porch! What a patriotic way to welcome your guests!

The banner is made out of canvas and then craft paint was used. Hang it with two wooden dowels and twine!

2. Faux fireworks bouquet

Want something other than flowers on the table?

If so, then this faux fireworks bouquet is for you! It gives an illusion of having radiant bursts in a pot.

Use foam balls, cotton swabs, and toothpicks for this 4th of July decoration!

Now if you have lots of kids around though, I suggest you stick with just the cotton swabs for safety purposes.

3. Tissue paper fireworks

This DIY 4ht of July decoration mimics the explosion of fireworks and these are very easy to make! All you need is some tissue paper (colors must be red, white and blue), scissors, and a stapler – that’s it!

Have them on your wall or place them on a string to make your yard look colorful and festive!

4. Patriotic mason jar lanterns

If you’re fond of lanterns (like me), you will love this for sure! Make patriotic lanterns using mason jars.

decoration for 4th of July - Patriotic Mason jar lanterns
image from ADDICTED 2 DIY

Either use these as centerpieces for your barbecue dinner, place them around the yard for lighting, or in the front porch.

Paint the mason jars with chalky finish paint. Then sand the jars with 220 grit sandpaper to give them that vintage, distressed look.

5. 4th of July bunting

If you have a wonderful entryway, emphasize it with this 4th of July bunting!

4th of July bunting
image from LARS

This decoration for the 4th of July is made out of butcher paper. Attach the three colors using hot glue. Then use a fishing line to hang the bunting.

For a seamless look, place rosettes on the areas where the sections are connected. And that’s it! Your entryway is ready for the 4th of July!

6. Stars + stripes flower pot

Give your outdoor plants a patriotic look with this DIY stars + stripes flower pot 4th of July decoration!

Paint your terra cotta flower pots with red, white, and blue. Put stickers, then paint over that to come up with the stars design.

decoration for 4th of July - Stars + stripes flower pot
image from LOLLY JANE

This project is very easy to make and you can easily do this a day before the event! Looks perfect when you have a small garden – your guests can admire this while waiting for the barbecue party!

7. 4th of July rockets

Use these as centerpieces for the buffet table or dining table, or hang them around your yard. You can even give these to your kids and let them have some fun!

Use cardboard tubes for the rockets. Then design with craft paper, glitter, ribbons, and other materials you find fun and fit for the occasion. You can design these any way you want so feel free to experiment!

By the way, speaking of cardboard, if you have lots of cardboard at home and you don’t know what to do with them anymore, here are craft projects to make out of recycled cardboard!

8. Dahlia paper wreath

It is tradition to decorate our doors with wreath every 4th of July. You can make a wreath in many ways but if you are looking for a unique paper wreath that will truly stand out, this may be the wreath you are looking for!

This wreath is made out of cardstock. The star cutouts hanging down from the wreath makes a lovely unique touch as well!

16. Washi tape wreath

If you prefer a wreath that is simple and easy to make, this one’s a great sample! You can make this fun and easy DIY wreath effortlessly. All you need are clothespins and washi tapes!

Simply wrap the clothespins with red, white, and blue washi tapes. Then glue them in a wreath form. Hang by the door and you’re done!

If you can find washi tapes with stars on the print that would be great for the patriotic theme!

9. Wood shim and starfish flag

Are you planning a beach getaway for the 4th of July? Add some patriotic decor to the beach house or cottage by hanging this patriotic wood shim and star flag on the front door!

decoration for 4th of July - Wood shim and starfish flag
image from CRAFTIMENTS

This 4th of July decoration is made of red and white wood shims. And then, a blue starfish is attached to make up for the blue and white part of the flag.

10. Patriotic shutter

Do you have an old shutter lying around from a previous home project? Turn that into an American-flag-inspired rustic decoration for 4th of July!

Lean it against a wall beside the buffet table, or use it to welcome guests on your front porch!

11. Giant paper flower American flag

This make for a cool patriotic backdrop for a buffet. Hmmm… those foods looked even more delicious with this decor! It’s also a nice spot for picture taking!

The paper flowers are made out of cardstock and formed together with lots of glue sticks and a glue gun. You can reuse the paper flowers for another occasion too, so this is definitely worth your time!

12. Paper flowers

Do you love papercraft like origami? If so, make your own paper flower decorations for the 4th of July! The best thing about this DIY project is that you can use these all year long.

Use double-sided scrapbook paper, wood skewers, buttons, and a glue gun. Then, use the paper flowers as centerpieces for your table!

13. Mason jar candle holders

Here’s another awesome 4th of July decoration that you can make with mason jars! And it’s very easy!

Make candle holders to light up your place, perfect for when you’re planning a nighttime barbecue party!

Fill the mason jars with colored white long grain rice. Pour in the rice in layers of red, white, and blue. Then place tea light candles on top. You now have patriotic candle holders! Easy peasy!

14. Patriotic ribbon windsock

Decorate your yard with this patriotic ribbon windsock. Imagine all the colors flying around as the wind blows! It will surely make a beautiful sight that will delight your guests!

This was made using an embroidery hoop and ribbons. If you have scrap fabrics in your craft room, you can use them too! Make sure everything is red, white, and blue!

15. Patriotic paper chain

This is another easy DIY patriotic-themed 4th of July decoration!

You may hang these paper chains anywhere – on a mantle, as a backdrop, line up your buffet table, string it around the yard – the possibilities are endless!

Patriotic paper chain
image from LOVE THE DAY

17. Popsicle stick flags

Having a sit-down meal for the 4th of July? Use these cute popsicle stick flags as your place cards. If you are having a buffet, then use them as dish markers!

The stars are made out of rhinestones and a ribbon was wrapped around the “Flag pole”. Use painter’s tape to make sure you do a clean painting job!

18. Firework blocks

This is a very easy DIY project and what is the 4th of July without fireworks anyway? Gather some wood blocks, wire for the wicks, and then paint the blocks red, white, and blue.

Embellish the firework blocks with twine and a wooden star. Simply add your own twist to it if you wish to be more creative!

19. American flag candle log

Do you have some thick branches lying around the yard or a thin log? Turn this into a candle holder and make it your table centerpiece.

In this project, the holes are made with a big bit and are big enough to fit tea light candles. We recommend using glass tea lights to avoid any fire hazards – the tin cups that tea lights usually come in may not be safe enough for this project.

20. Pledge of allegiance sign

Remind everyone about the pledge of allegiance with this DIY Sign. It will take some time and effort compared to the rest in this list but it is all worth it and you will surely be able to use it for many years to come!

Show your American pride!

Do not be left behind when it comes to showing American pride! With these 4th of July decoration, I am confident you will end up with a home or party that screams how much you love your country and the freedom we now experience.

Most of all, this is our tribute to the great men and women of old who made all these possible!

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