Declutter Checklist for the Home: Free Printable!

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Decluttering feels overwhelming when you don’t know where or how to start.

It makes it worse when you come across an item that makes it hard to decide what to do with it.

Should you throw it already? Perhaps you can just give it to a friend? Or should you keep it just in case you may come to use it again?

This is why when you’re just starting to declutter, it’s important to focus your efforts on those items that are easier to decide whether to keep or let go.

That’s what I had in mind when I decided to create this declutter checklist.

I wanted an easy start. Not just for me, but for you too. After all, who wants a hard start, right?

So I’ve gathered 50 items that are easy to declutter. Easy because, well, you won’t need to make complicated decisions with these items. And you won’t feel like decluttering is something complicated either.

All that’s needed is pure common sense.

I’ve listed these items in a printable. And it’s yours, for free!

declutter checklist - 50 easy things to declutter

But wait… there’s more!

We have created a more comprehensive decluttering checklist, and we decided to include some of its pages in this free printable, altogether creating a Mini Declutter Workbook!

The Mini Declutter Workbook

Here’s what you will get in this free printable declutter checklist.

1. Why am I decluttering? (1 page)

Why do you want a clutter-free home? What are your reasons?

It’s very important to establish from the very start why you are in this journey.

At first, decluttering will excite you! As you start making progress, you’ll see that you are slowly turning an area from chaotic to calm, and this feels satisfying.

But your feelings as you move on with the clutter will not be the same as when you started. Some of the time you’ll feel lazy, you’ll get bored, and if this continues, you’ll eventually stop. Clutter will pile up again and you are back at where you started.

That’s not what we want. So this page is here for that.

why am I decluttering printable

This is your Go-to page when you feel bored, lazy, overwhelmed or demotivated to declutter.

Come back to your reasons! Recall why you are decluttering and remember how important this is for you.

2. Undated declutter calendar (1 page)

declutter calendar

Use this calendar to write your decluttering plans. Which item or what area of the home will you focus on for each day? Write it down!

It doesn’t have dates, so you can use it to start at any month and at any day. I also included a short inspirational quote at the bottom to motivate you to declutter.

3. 101 things to declutter from your bedroom (2 pages)

This is among the very first printables that I created and used when I was decluttering my bedroom back then.

Of all the rooms at home, I decided then to declutter my bedroom first (I was still single back then by the way), because it was my haven. It’s the room where I felt the most control. It was where I worked, where I relaxed after a long day, where I think of what to write. It was my room!

And it was so cluttered, more like a storage room than a lady’s room. So I created this declutter checklist to guide me. And now it’s yours too!

declutter checklist - 101 things to declutter from bedroom

4. Quick Declutter Checklists (4 pages)

You will also get a quick declutter checklist like this for five rooms – bathroom, bedroom, kitchen & dining room, living room and laundry room.

Use these to guide you on which items or area you need to focus. Check off each item as you finish!

declutter checklist - declutter and organize pantry, kitchen and dining room

Let’s start decluttering!

These declutter checklist printables are yours! Subscribe and get it FREE here! And start decluttering today!

If you want the whole package, then just get the 128-page Declutter Your Home Binder!

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2 thoughts on “Declutter Checklist for the Home: Free Printable!

  1. Lizette Norris

    This was a very insightful article and the mini handbook will make decluttering easier for me.
    I am not able just to get RID OF EVERYTHING…….
    Its my whole life I have to change to accommodate the new open space in my life and make sure it stays open and clear.
    This will help tremendously.

    t\Thank you

    1. Em Mendoza Post author

      Hello Lizette! I’m glad you found it helpful! Change is really challenging. But just take it one day at a time.


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