Tips to Make Your Bathroom Bright and Spacious

how to make your bathroom bright and spacious

A dark bathroom not only feels much smaller than it is but also has reduced functionality, especially for your grooming needs.

However, there are some very clever tips you can follow if you want to lighten up a bathroom that has no window, or very little natural light.

Let’s get through each one!

A small window that reflects natural daylight

A small window that reflects natural daylight

If your bathroom has no window but can accommodate one on an exterior wall, then building in a small window will immediately help to brighten it up!

Avoid putting in a window that will need a curtain for privacy because a curtain or blinds will reduce the light.

Consider fitting a window with frosted glass instead. This allows you to let in natural light, but no one will be able to see into your bathroom!

Frosted glass shower enclosure to brighten up interior space

Frosted glass shower enclosure to brighten up interior space

Shower curtains can make a small or dark bathroom appear even drearier.

So, consider protecting it from water splashes by installing a glass shower door instead. It will give your bathroom a trendier feel and they are a modern upgrade that adds value to your home.

You may also invest in waterproof PVC shower panels to create the look of an enclosed shower and to make a bold statement.

If you feel that clear shower doors don’t offer you the privacy you desire or will be difficult to maintain, again consider using frosted glass.

Frosted glass shower doors can brighten up the interior space of your bathroom and can offer you privacy while bathing.

Also, frosted glass hides water spots effectively. If you are a very busy person with little time left for cleaning, this reduced maintenance will serve you well.

Another alternative is to use privacy glass or doors which adds interior décor and limits the vision through the glass to the interior space.

There are several frosted glass designs to choose from, but the most popular textures are rain glass or acid etched.

Fab Glass and Mirror offers a wide selection of frosted glass shower door designs. You can also order a custom cut shower door to enhance your bathroom.

Install LED vanity mirror for having a bright evening look

Install LED vanity mirror for having a bright evening look for your bathroom

Besides natural light, lighting is also important for a dark bathroom.

But don’t you worry, because the addition of extra lights need not be a complicated matter, and if you don’t want to add extra sconces or pendant lights, consider installing an LED vanity mirror.

An LED mirror will not only brighten the look of your bathroom but will make it easier to carry out grooming tasks.

Also, LED mirrors can be turned off when you don’t need too much light, but they are highly energy-efficient and offer tens of thousands of hours of light. That means you can also leave them on at night if needed.

The bigger the mirror, the better it will reflect light!

Avoid dark paint and floor tiles

Avoid dark paint and floor tiles for a brighter bathroom

Dark paint and tiles will make a bathroom appear smaller and darker. If you have the luxury of owning your home, then consider redecorating with lighter colors on the floors and walls.

You don’t have to opt for a stark white. There are many hues of white, cream, and some pastels that can be used to brighten up a bathroom.

Glossy tiles can also make it appear bigger because they reflect light.

Accessorize with reflective surfaces

Accessorize with reflective surfaces

Reflective surfaces allow the light to bounce around your bathroom. You can use shiny tiles or add another mirror opposite your vanity mirror to reflect the light.

Bulky cabinets can make it appear even smaller and darker. So instead of that, install open wall mounted shelves to store items. They take up less space but offer enough space for storage and display.

Floating glass shelves are reflective and will brighten your bathroom, but you can even choose black Perspex if you want to add a contrasting color.

Glass shelves give it a more minimalist appeal and allow light to reflect off the surface. Plus, they can be used to display pretty items like plants, candles, and other accessories on them!

Add color with bathroom accessories

Add color with bathroom accessories

It doesn’t mean that the neutral colors you have chosen need to make your bathroom dull. You have chosen them to give it a lighter and bigger feel, but now you can decide how to add color with the rest of the accessories you choose.

Choose a color theme and incorporate it into your bathroom linens and other accessories. Ceramic knobs, colored glass knobs, and painted wooden knobs are a great way to add color to cabinet drawers or the bathroom door.

Another is metallic finishes, which are both reflective and shiny. These need not only be limited to your faucets but can be included in other finishes.

However, never add more than two types of metallic finish otherwise your bathroom can end up lacking consistency.

Avoid making your bathroom too busy.

A dark bathroom that needs light must be carefully planned to avoid making it too busy or cluttered. Whatever finishes and accessories you choose, avoid making it too busy.

Add just enough accessories to make it interesting, and add one color to your neutral tone to create an interesting contrast.

If you do like bright colors, choose to wallpaper one wall with an interesting print or add a rug or piece of art with multiple colors.

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