10 Awesome Makeup Organization Ideas You’ll Actually Want to Try

Do you just throw all your makeup in a drawer?

Or perhaps you just store them all in a makeup bag.

No wonder your bathroom counter looks like a war zone in the morning.

Do yourself a favor. Get serious about organization before you drive yourself crazy!

Here are 10 awesome makeup organization ideas to help you take back control of all your makeup collection!

1. Store your makeup brushes upright.

How many makeup brushes do you have?

Do you usually rummage through a drawer containing 75+ brushes?

If you are in a rush, finding the right brushes quickly is very important. So instead of storing them in a drawer, get some holders, and store them upright. This makes things 100% easier.

Also, if you just washed your brushes, storing them upright makes drying easy. It also keeps the bristles from getting squished.

Now when it comes to storing brushes upright, you have many options.

  • There’s the famous Socker Pot from IKEA.

Image from Pinterest

This can hold all your 75+ brushes.

Another popular organizer among makeup vanity lovers is the…

  • Skurar Plant Pot, again from IKEA.

Image from Who is Mocca

The brushes are not as upright as that of the Socker Pot.  But if you put some coffee beans or beads inside, it’s going to do the trick!

  • Alternatively, you can DIY your own holders.

A very good example is this copper cup organizers on the wall made by Laura.

These copper cups are tied to a wood using a colored leather lace.  You may not notice the wood at first, because it’s been painted with white really neatly. So if you look at it, it’s as though the copper cups have just been glued to the wall.

Another is a simple flower vase that you can re-purpose as a makeup brush holder.  Just stuff some coffee beans inside.

Image from Cosmopolitan

  • Turning aluminum sheets into a makeup brush organizer is another awesome DIY project.

Here is the full tutorial from Ashley.

  • Candle holders are also perfect.

Image from Axelle Blanpain

Image from Slashed Beauty

When you’re done with your candles, don’t throw those glass jars just yet. Wash and wipe them dry. Then let your brushes in!

How’s that for a no-cost organizing?

Now if you don’t like to keep your brushes on the counter, or you hate taking it back and forth from under the counter, you can just…

  • Stick it in the cabinet door.

Image from Clean and Scentsible

Get stick-on pockets then simply stick them inside the cabinet door.

2. Compartmentalize your drawers.

If you’re keeping your makeup in a bag, putting them in a drawer makes them more accessible. Storing in drawers also frees up a lot of counterspace.

But don’t just throw in your makeup. You know how messy that can be.

A simple organization system can be a big help. And that is, having compartments inside your drawer.

Here are simple things you can use to organize makeup in your drawer.

  • Acrylic organizers

Image from Clean and Scentsible

Combine long and short trays. You can stack them. Then when you need a set, take out the tray. When you’re done, simply put it back.

  • Mini Loaf Pan

Image from Cosmopolitan

Use it to organize small items like your lip shades.

  • Plastic baskets from the dollar store

Image from The Summery Umbrella

Image from Missy Sue

These small plastic organizers can be just as adorable as the other dividers out there. But you can get them for only $1 each at the dollar store.

Organizing doesn’t have to cost that much.

3. Magnetize.

Make a magnet board.

From Laura Thoughts

I love it because this is super handy! And you can see all your beauty products in one glance so it saves you a lot of time looking for a particular shade.

When you’re done, just snap the makeup back to its place.


4. Use small plastic drawers.

Image from Missy Sue

5. Line up your eye shadows.

Image from Refinery 29

If you have lots of individual eye shadows, you can keep all of that in pretty and colorful rows. All you need is an ice cube tray.

You can classify your eye shadow collection by color and by type, and no crumbling.


6. Keep your palettes in line as well.

Eye shadow palettes can be easily stacked. However, you can keep a better eye on your collection if you can see them at a glance.

  • Use ice trays for small palettes.

Image from Slashed Beaut

  • A dish rack for the large ones

Image from Slashed Beauty

  • Or a wire letter organizer

Image from The Pixel Odyssey

  • You can also choose a wire basket for the entire collection.

Image from Pinterest

7. Separate your lipsticks.

Depending on the collection that you have, it can take you a lot of time looking for a particular shade of your lipstick. But if they are separated and you can see the shades right away, it is easier for you to get what you need.

  • Cookie trays are great separators.

Image from Slashed Beauty

It keeps the lipsticks leaning at an angle while they are stacked. So even if you keep them inside a drawer, you can easily see each one of them.

Remember this the next time you buy a box of cookies. Don’t throw the plastic tray!

  • Drawer dividers from the dollar store can be arranged into a mega lipstick divider.

Look at those tiny little compartments. Perfect for each lipstick!

At first glance I thought this was an expensive divider. I was both shocked and amazed that this is but a combination of drawer dividers from the dollar store.

If you have a large collection of lipsticks, try this one out. It’s easy to make and will not take much of your time, nor your wallet.

Check out the video from Futilities More.


8. Arrange in levels.

If you’re the kind of gal who doesn’t want to hide her beauty products after every use, you will want to try this.

Arrange your cosmetics in levels using a two-tier or a three-tier organizer, and feel free to have them on display.

For that, you can always make your own two-tier or three-tier makeup organizers. And you won’t need expensive materials because you may already have them in your home.

If not, just a trip to the dollar store will do.

They are also very easy to make.

  • DIY Two-Tier Makeup Organizer

Image from Picklee

This two-tier organizer is made up a metal can and two silver plates, one small and one big.

The plates were simply glued to the can!

If you want three levels, just add another metal can and plate.

  • DIY Three-Tier Makeup Organizer

Image from This Casita

You can also use faux silver trays and candlesticks like this three-tier organizer.

And spray-paint them with the color that you love!

9. Hang them up!

  • You can use a shoe organizer.

Image from Salto Quinze

  • Or customize according to your needs.


Image from A Girl and a Glue Gun

Hang them up in the bathroom. And when you’re done, you can leave it hanging there, or hang it somewhere else… the bedroom maybe?

Your choice.

10. Prepare for flight.

If you travel often, you need to have those make up kits not only organized, but always ready and handy.

  • One great idea is this sushi mat brush organizer.

It’s a simple DIY that you can make out of a sushi mat and an elastic.  Simply slide the brushes in and the elastic will hold them tight.

When you’re done, roll the mat and tie it with a ribbon.

Images from Irina’s Cute Box

  • Alternatively, you can have a fabric brush holder.

Image from DIY & Crafts

  • Invest in a good makeup travel bag.

Ah, the makeup bag.

Image from Urban Outfitters

Select one with compartments so that your beauty products are not jumbled, and you have a designated place for each.

Just don’t get into the habit of keeping everything in your bag, or still using it even if your travel is already over. You know how things can get out of control when everything is kept into just one bag. Unless, you’re living a very minimalist lifestyle and a bag is just enough to contain every makeup and brush you own.

Makeup organization can be a trial and error.

Don’t fret if at first, you really don’t know the kind of organization that’s effective for you. You will learn it soon enough.

Continue to experiment with these makeup organizing ideas until you find your sweet spot.

Some of these use household items that you may already have, only waiting to be re-purposed to organize and display your beauty products.

Others are simple items you can find at the local dollar store.

Just remember that, whichever you choose to do, enjoy it! Love it, like the way you put on your makeup to get that gorgeous look.

Because organization doesn’t have to be a chore.

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