20 Easy & Minimalist Designs for a Bullet Journal Mood Tracker

BuJo mood tracker minimalist layouts

Did you know that one of the best ways to take care of your mental health is to track your mood regularly? Mood trackers are a simple but powerful tool that can help you understand your mood swings and later on, help you maintain a more consistent mood. And you can keep one through bullet journaling!

Bullet journals are a popular organizational tool. It helps you keep track of everything and mood trackers are just part of it.

If you look up bullet journals, you may feel intimidated by all the art and colors – especially when you are not an artist. But minimalist bullet journals are actually simple and neat. Even the busiest adults can maintain a minimalist bullet journal.

If you want to keep track of your mood through a BuJo, and you want it done in the simplest layout possible, check out these mood tracker ideas with minimalist designs!

1. Line mood tracker

This minimalist mood tracker is very simple and easy to maintain. It works like a line graph.

The days of the month are on the side, and you draw three faces on the bottom. Each face represents a mood – sad, neutral, and happy. All you have to do is draw a line up to the face that represents the mood you are in for the day.

2. Line and dots

This minimalist mood tracker started out as simple dots. The intention was to just color the dots in.

But the artist decided it would be cute to put lines between the dots and connect them. And it was a good call because the finished mood tracker looks great!

Line and dots mood tracker by @bu.joos
Image from: Bu.joos @Instagram

3. Positive and negative

This is a very neat and simple mood tracker that allows you to track your mood twice a day – from morning to noon and noon to evening.

Simply use arrow signs to indicate whether you are in a positive or negative mood. A line is all you need if you feel neutral. Neat and simple, right?

4. Monthly mood tracker

This is a detailed minimalist monthly mood tracker that you can write by hand on your bullet journal.

With this format, you can track down your mood in the mornings, afternoons, and nights. After all, we don’t stay in one mood all day, right? This is particularly useful when you go through several mood changes in a day.

Monthly mood tracker by KazrusPrintables
Image from: ESTY

5. Weekly mood tracker

You can easily copy this minimalist mood tracker. List down the moods you usually feel on the right side and have the days on top. Then, just fill in the circles to indicate what mood you are in for most of the day.

This layout also allows you to mark multiple moods which is even more useful when your mood shifts many times during the day.

 Weekly mood tracker from Zazzle
Image from: Zazzle

6. Mood, sleep, and work tracker

This is a great layout that incorporates how you feel about your general mood and the hours you spend sleeping and working. Just assign different colors for each one to track your graph easily.

You can tell at a glance how everything is doing. It’s an efficient use of space on your bullet journal too!

7. Anxiety Tracker

If you are tracking your anxiety, in particular, this is the mood tracker for you. It will help you track the days you get anxiety attacks.

At a glance, you can easily tell how often the attacks come. This will help you better identify the triggers by recalling what has happened during that day. It’s best when you pair it with a daily journal or diary.

Anxiety Tracker by With Love From Bex
Image from: With Love Bex

8. Anxiety by the Hour

This is a printable sheet but you can easily copy the format yourself in your bullet journal.

This mood tracker allows you to have a deeper look into your anxiety levels since you get to track them by the hour. You get to rate your anxiety level on a scale of 1 to 5 and you can write notes on anything significant that you think triggered your anxiety.

9. Plain mood tracker

This minimalist mood tracker is so simple that anyone with a busy schedule can pull it off!

There are markers for Mondays to let you know the start of the week and all you have to do is fill in the space with the corresponding mood for the day. You don’t even have to use colors if you do not want a colorful page – just use a pattern key that you can do with your pen.

 Mood tracker by Claristella
Image from: Reddit

10. Year in pixels

If you don’t mind having a bit of color in your mood tracker, you should give this layout a try. This is actually quite popular for BuJo enthusiasts because of its simplicity.

As you see, a color is assigned for every mood. By the end of the year, you will have a box filled with colors.

11. Stress, motivation, and energy

This line graph lets you rate your stress, motivation, and energy levels on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 as the lowest and 5 as the highest point. This way, you become more specific about how you are feeling in these areas.

The lines do not intersect with each other with this kind of layout so you can easily assess how you have been doing at the end of the month.

 Stress, motivation, and energy
Image from: Paige @Pinterest

12. Memories and mood tracker

This minimalist mood tracker lets you write about your day and track how you feel about it. You can see each line starts with the date, a space to highlight with the color corresponding to your mood, and a space to write about what you did or what set out such mood.

13. Constellation

This mood tracker is a line graph but instead of using dots, you use stars. The end result of the mood tracker makes it look like you are forming your own constellation on your bullet journal page – minimalist and creative!

14. Music sheet

This is a totally simple and unique mood tracker that does not take up much of your time. Each note represents a day in the month. The higher the note, the better the day.

This is great when you are looking for a minimalist mood tracker and you are a music lover.

15. Mood and weather tracker

This is a mood tracker that lets you track the weather at the same time. The pink pen is for tracking the mood and the black pen is for tracking the weather.

It’s a very simple line graph that you can easily follow.

16. Circles

This mood tracker is very simple and easy to make. All you have to do is draw circles to represent a day in the month, create a color or pattern key, and fill in the circles according to your mood.

You can use coins to make the circles too!

17. Floral grid

This mood tracker uses a grid layout and the space in the middle is used for a simple floral design. You can replace this with any design you want if it’s too much.

Each square in the grid will be filled with a pattern that represents the mood you are in for that day.

Floral grid
Image from: Teanbujo @Instagram

18. Moon mood tracker

This mood tracker is great for minimalists since it uses the colors black and silver. It’s a great layout to try if you want to maintain an all-black and white bullet journal.

Each phase of the moon represents a mood and all you have to do is fill the moons in with how you are feeling each day.

Moon mood tracker
Image from: Feli’s @Pinterest

19. Flower mood tracker

This minimalist mood tracker makes use of flowers and colors in a simple layout and design. The higher the flower, the better the mood. This is a great mood tracker layout when you also like to doodle from time to time.

20. Hanging lights

This is a simple mood tracker that you can easily recreate in your own bullet journal. Each hanging light represents a day in a month. Like most mood trackers, you will be using colors to indicate the mood you felt for the day.

In this case, the length of the lights is just for aesthetic reasons.

Our moods can shift like the weather.

This could be natural but when you are feeling down more than usual, you should know what is triggering it. So, by using a mood tracker, you will be able to find solutions to help you feel better inside and out.

Look for the layout that would work best for your needs and then start exploring other layouts in the following months if you feel like you want something more.

These minimalist mood tracker layouts are simple and easy to make, so making one shouldn’t be that hard. We’re confident that you will definitely find something that will work for you!

Looking for more mood tracker ideas and designs? Check these out!

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Want to keep track of your mood through a BuJo in the simplest design possible? These minimalist mood tracker layouts are just what you need!

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