20 Fun & Exciting Mood Tracker Layouts for the Month of January

Add a mood tracker in your bullet journal this January – be inspired by these layouts!

mood tracker layouts for January

If you have been using a mood tracker, you now know that it’s useful for many reasons.

It helps identify triggers that affect your mood. It helps you spot patterns to better understand the shifts in your mood. Above all, it’s a tool that lets you determine factors that will help you in improving your mood.

Hence, if you are starting to make your spreads this January, a mood tracker is one of the most important layouts you can add in your bullet journal.

You can easily draft one from your imagination. But if you’re like me and you love inspiration from other bullet journalists, well, this is for you.

In this post, you will find various mood tracker layouts that are truly fun and exciting to create, based on the theme ideas that we posted for January. If you haven’t seen our BuJo theme ideas for the month, here it is – 20 Bullet Journal Theme Ideas for January to Welcome the New Year

Now let’s jump in to the mood tracker layouts!

1. Butterfly

You may have seen lots of mood tracker with the butterfly theme in the month of May. But it doesn’t mean you can only use it for that month.

Butterfly is a nice and inspiring theme for January too, as it symbolizes transformation. If you’re planning to start transforming your life this year too, then don’t hesitate to use a butterfly theme in you BuJo.

So, here’s a mood tracker with the butterfly theme.

A butterfly for everyday looks really nice too.

If you like vibrant colors, here’s an orange-colored butterfly mood tracker!

Image from Notebook Therapy

Now this is my favorite butterfly mood tracker!

2. Snowflakes

Now you’ll see lots of snowflakes in January, and yes, it’s a pretty theme for your BuJo this month.

If it’s fun, and you find yourself in a good mood when drawing snowflakes, then by all means, make a snowflakes mood tracker! This may also help you uplift your mood when you’re having a bad day.

Considering that, here’s a snowflakes mood tracker that’s so easy to make!

mood tracker for January -snowflakes
Image from: Pinterest

Here’s another version of a snowflakes mood tracker for January. It looks simple, but sometimes that’s just how we want things to be, right?

Image from: Pinterest

And here’s another using some purple colors. Indeed, coloring the snowflakes is fun! At the end of the month, you will be surprised to see how colorful this thing can be!

Image from: Reddit

3. Fireworks

Having fireworks as a mood tracker design may make you feel merry every day, and fireworks is just a nice theme to look at to everyday.

Here’s a colorful sample of a fireworks-themed mood tracker, why not give it a try this January?

Image from: Amino

This one is quite detailed but cute to use. I bet you’ll love it too!

mood tracker for January -fireworks
Image from: Pinterest

4. Hot Air Balloon

Hot air balloon is another beautiful theme for January, and yes, it makes for a beautiful mood tracker!

Here’s a simple layout and it’s easy to fill up too. I’m sure you’ll love going back to it everyday!

5. Kitchen

If you love spending time in the kitchen and finds it to be your happy place, then you’re going to absolutely adore this kitchen mood tracker!

It might just make you fall in love even more with your kitchen. Whip up your favorite dishes this January with this kitchen mood tracker by your side!

6. A New Chapter

Be inspired to begin a new chapter in your life this month. And let your mood tracker say that too!

mood tracker for January - start a new chapter
Image from Little Craft Mouse

7. Sushi

If you are a sushi lover and seeing it makes you feel inspired, why not try this mood tracker for your bullet journal this January?

Here’s a very detailed and colorful mood tracker using the sushi theme. I must admit, I’m not a fan of sushi. But just looking at this mood tracker makes me want to try.

mood tracker for January - Sushi
Image from: Pinterest

8. Winter Wonderland

The winter wonderland theme surely creates a magical atmosphere. And here’s a mood tracker showcasing a cute and charming snowman. So cute a page for a bullet journal!

mood tracker for January - Winter Wonderland
Image from: Pinterest

9. Travel

If you love to travel, this can be just the right theme to have in your BuJo!

Here are those travel suitcases in a mood tracker. It’s just so adorable!

If you like something simpler, with just a few suitcases, try this one!

10. Snow

This is somewhat similar to the snowflakes mood tracker, but not as intricate as that. Just one drop of snow for every day will do. Various shades represent the moods.

Be inspired to create a positive and joyful atmosphere this January amidst the snow with this mood tracker by your side!

mood tracker for January - Snow
Image from: Pinterest

11. Oranges

If a bright theme is your choice, you can’t go wrong with oranges! Here’s an orange-themed mood tracker that will surely brighten up your journal this January!

You can draw small orange slices like this.

Image from: Amino

Or make it one big orange slice like this!

Image from: Pinterest

12. Lantern

If you’re feeling creative, lanterns are a great fit! Try this red lantern mood tracker this January with all its fine details.

red lanterns
Image from: The Smart Wander

If you like it yellow, there’s also one for you!

Image from: Pinterest

13. Party

If you love parties and being in one makes you feel good, bring the party atmosphere in your BuJo! Here’s a really cute pink mood tracker with all the party goodies fit for January.

Image from: C Shop

14. Books

Be inspired reading with a books theme. And surely, you will love those mini books in a mood tracker! Just looking at this mood tracker makes me want to read like three new books this January.

mood tracker for January -Books
Image from: Lemony Fizz

15. Coffee

If you’re a coffee lover, you’re going to love this! Here’s a cup of coffee with all the nice coffee beans! Just looking at this mood tracker makes me feel like I’m smelling the aromatic goodness of coffee.

Image from: Reddit

16. Flower

Flowers are such a nice theme, and even in doodling, flowers make for beautiful doodles!

Here’s a beautiful lotus flower. And pink colors are just so nice – it fits this mood tracker very well.

Image from: Etsy

If you like something brighter, try a sunflower mood tracker. You can use orange or yellow colors for the moods.

Image from: Pinterest

17. Rain

I find this the easiest mood tracker to make in this list. The clouds are very easy to draw. The droplets are even easier!

You bet this will make for a nice mood tracker this January!

Image from: Crazy Laura

And here’s another version, with the clouds included in describing the moods.

Image from: Pinterest

18. Mountains

Mountains is another beautiful theme to love, especially when you’re looking to fulfill lots of adventures this year!

And here’s a mood tracker to inspire you with that!

mood tracker for January - Mountains
Image from: Crazy Laura

If you need a simpler version, try this one here.

mood tracker for January - Mountains
Image from: Reddit

19. Music

Oh, I surely love music, and looking at these notes just makes my heart feel merry! It’s a nice and creative mood tracker that you can also try this January!

Image from: Pinterest

20. Home Sweet Home

Home is my favorite place and I do believe in the saying, there’s no place like home. Houses make up for a beautiful mood tracker too!

Here’s one with various kinds of houses. Reminisce your memories with your loved ones and create happy memories again this year! Here’s a mood tracker with the home sweet home theme – it’s perfect to start the year this January!

mood tracker for January - Home Sweet Home
Image from: Just Bright Ideas

Time to pick your favorite mood tracker for January!

You might have been blown away by the designs of these mood trackers. But we’ve now come to the point when you need to make a choice already.

You may have already started your bullet journal for this month. But if you don’t have a mood tracker yet, you can add one anytime. It’s okay if you haven’t started at the very first day. This can be your first day!

So, pick your most favorite mood tracker and include it now in your bullet journal pages for January!

Looking for more mood tracker ideas? Check these out!

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