20 Bullet Journal Mood Tracker Designs for December

Keep track of how you feel during the busiest month of the year. Check out these mood tracker layouts you can use in your bullet journal for the month of December!

bullet journal mood tracker designs for December

One of the most significant bullet journal layouts you can create is the mood tracker. As the name puts it, a mood tracker is a tool that records your mood each day. The purpose is to help you understand your mood patterns and possibly identify what triggers your negative mood and how you can deal with these factors in the future.

There are many ways to create a mood tracker for your bullet journal. Just like most BuJo pages, mood trackers can also follow any theme you want. You may be surprised to discover how bullet journal enthusiasts have become creative with it.

You can create a mood tracker every month to track how you feel. Here are 20 mood trackers to inspire you in the month of December!

1. Winter forest

This is a simple yet festive mood tracker that is fitting for December. Each tree on the page represents a day of the month and you color each tree depending on your mood.

Here, the bullet journalist assigned the colors in a way that the darker the color of the tree, the darker your mood. By the end of the month, you can easily tell how your general mood has been for December.

2. Snowflake

When winter comes, snowflakes can be seen anywhere. Snowflakes are a favorite winter symbol.

This mood tracker is inspired by a snowflake, and you can color the parts of it according to your mood. Use shades of blue and cooler tones of purple to end up with a great-looking snowflake at the end of the month!

3. Snow-capped mountain

This mood tracker uses a circular design where the outer ring or frame is divided into the number of days December has. Each division will then be colored in depending on the mood of the day.

The drawing of snowcapped mountains and the starlit sky inside the circle makes this an attractive December layout to have for your bullet journal. I believe that can lighten up your mood!

4. Winter Wonderland

This snow-covered village will make you feel the winter magic right away. Each house represents a day in December and you color in the houses according to your mood.

By the end of the month, you will have a colorful winter village in your bullet journal!

5. Reindeer mood tracker

The reindeer is probably the most popular animal when Winter comes. Here is a mood tracker of a geometric reindeer and the days of December are represented by the light bulbs in the string light wrapped around the reindeer’s antlers.

It looks very simple and pretty and it’s a great idea when you do not want to use too much color on your bullet journals.

6. Candle mood tracker

Scented candles are in demand come the Winter season. People light it up in their homes and it’s a good go-to present when you need a last-minute gift. So, this candle-themed mood tracker is a great idea for December.

Each candle represents a day in December, and you color the candle depending on your mood. I love this mood tracker! I’m just attracted to the colors, and the candles were carefully drawn. Lovely!

7. Winter wreath

For the minimalist, who want a simple yet pretty mood tracker layout for December, this will do the job for you.

It combines the elements of snowballs and snowflakes in one winter wreath. It is drawn so neatly. Here, the snowballs represent the days in December.

 Winter wreath by @bujotrulla
Image from: Cute Bujo Trackers

8. Mittens mood tracker

December is the time when mittens are in demand – especially when you have to deal with a lot of snow.

This mood tracker is inspired by this winter must-have accessory. If you are feeling creative, you can design the mittens however you want – just make sure to allot something for every single day of December.

9. Winter quilt

The nights get a little chillier in December. Everybody loves to stay in and snuggle under the covers these days and December is filled with busy days and lazy, cozy nights.

This mood tracker uses a quilt blanket for inspiration and every pattern represents a mood! So, instead of simply coloring it in, you have to draw the pattern too.

The extra effort is worth it though. You can just imagine how pretty this will turn out by the end of the month.

 Winter quilt by Redditor crazy_cat_lady7508
Image from Reddit

10. Mountain sky

This mountain sky mood tracker will definitely add some color to your bullet journal pages. I love the color palette that consists of hues of blue and gray. It definitely captures the cool and chilly December vibe that everyone can relate to!

11. Socks mood tracker

Long, thick socks are well-loved during the winter season. This mood tracker layout is inspired by winter socks where every stripe represents a day in December.

You can also show your creative side with this layout by making your own design. Just make sure to allot enough space for every single day!

12. Snowy day

Here is another beautiful December mood tracker that will make your bullet journal a little more attractive.

The creator draws a window with the snow falling outside. The books and steaming cup of hot beverage do add a nice touch. The days of December are represented by the string lights around the window.

13. String light mood tracker

The whole world just lights up every December! This mood tracker makes use of a string of lights to track down your mood with every light bulb representing a day in December.

String lights are indeed a common sight during winter, so this is a great idea for December!

14. Ice skating penguin

Love penguins? This mood tracker is calling out to you!

It’s a cute illustration of a penguin on skates. The days of the month can be found on the scarf around its neck. By the end of the month, this penguin will be sporting a colorful striped scarf!

 Ice skating penguin by Plan Outside the Box
Image from: Pinterest

15. Tea bag mood tracker

If you love to warm up yourselves in the winter with a hot cup of tea, this is a great mood tracker that you can use for December.

Each tea bag represents a day. The key for the colors is in the cup at the bottom of the page. Color each bag appropriately.

16. Embroidery mood tracker

December is also the season of crafts and if you love embroidery, you will love this December tracker.

This tracker showcases the embroidery of a wreath, and you track your mood of the day by coloring the leaves with the appropriate color.

 Embroidery mood tracker by @ihggs
Image from: ihggs by Instagram

17. Yarn ball mood tracker

As mentioned earlier, winter is the season for craft-making. If you like knitting, you will love this yarn ball mood tracker.

Every strand you can see has a day assigned to it and you can color it in accordingly. With the right colors, you will end up with a nicely colored-ball by the end of the month!

18. Hot drink

If you consume a lot of hot drinks like coffee or tea during December, this mood tracker layout will work for you. Each mug represents a day in December, and you color the steam or the cup depending on how you’re feeling that day.

 Hot drink by Redditor journalmepretty
Image from: Reddit

19. Ugly sweater

It is no secret that ugly sweaters are a thing during winter. In fact, some people go the extra mile to get their hands on the ugliest sweater they can find for holiday parties and gatherings.

This ugly sweater mood tracker looks as fun as wearing one.

20. Igloo mood tracker

The bullet journalist created this for her January BuJo. But you may also use this mood tracker for December.

It’s a cute illustration of an igloo with a penguin sitting on top of it! The major ice blocks on the igloo represents the days. It’s a great December mood tracker when you are experiencing an icy winter in your place, or if you just simply love penguins!

 Igloo mood tracker by Melayna Trento
Image from: Pinterest

It’s always a good idea to track your mood in December.

The end of the year is always a busy time and things can get stressful. Tracking your mood in December will always be a good idea to keep yourself in check as you deal with the holiday rush and the season of holidays and reunions.

With these layouts, tracking your mood will be a fun task for you that you will want to do every month from now on!

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The end of the year is always a busy time and things can get stressful. Hence, here are mood tracker ideas and designs for the month of December.

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