February Mood Tracker: Lovely Layouts for the Month of Love!

February mood trackers

The most common drawing that represents love is of course, heart. So, don’t be surprised if you see lots of hearts in this February mood tracker collection, as this month is all about love!

You’ll also see layouts with roses, envelopes, love letters and chocolates, but majority is hearts mood tracker.

Now, if you don’t have a mood tracker for February yet, well, here are various layouts to inspire you and ignite that love in your heart!


1. Mini Hearts in Jars (like fireflies)

If you’re familiar with fireflies in a jar, this mood tracker is pretty much like it. Just replace the fireflies with teeny weeny hearts!

2. Hearts in a Jar

A big jar with full of hearts is another lovely mood tracker for February.

February mood tracker - hearts in a jar
Image from Ezel via Pinterest

The hearts drawings don’t have to be complicated. Simply draw them and keep them in the jar!

3. Multi-Colored Hearts

I like the fact that the creator of this mood tracker chose colors other than red. Red hearts are usual for February, so this hearts mood tracker has proven itself unique among the rest, and yes, it’s a pretty deviation!

4. Simple Hearts

For the minimalist, simply draw hearts, and you’re good!

February mood tracker - simple hearts
Image from Planning Mindfully

Then get ready with your red pens!

And just color according to your mood. Again, you can use other colors and shades apart from red.

5. Hanging hearts

To create hanging hearts, simply draw vertical lines, then draw a heart at the end. It’s up to you how short or long your lines will be.

6. Love envelopes

Okay… your mood tracker doesn’t always have to be hearts design. Love envelopes are cool too!

You can color the envelopes to represent your mood.

Or don’t color the envelopes. Color the hearts instead!

7. Love Birds Hearts

Simply draw mini hearts. Then add lovebirds at the bottom!

Oh, those lovebirds are really cute, aren’t they? Now we can see that those mini hearts are their kisses! Oh, that’s really sweet! What a lovely addition to a mood tracker!

8. Heart Crystal

Lovely crystal. Plus, it’s extra useful given the sleep tracker beside it.

Sleep is indeed a big factor that affects our moods either positively or negatively. I can attest to this, myself.

I need like 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night to have a good mood when I wake up. When I don’t get this amount of sleep, I find myself easily irritated and also easy to worry. So having a sleep tracker just beside the mood tracker page is a wise set up.

When your mood tracker is set up this way, whenever you’re feeling stressed, annoyed or tensed on a particular day, you can easily see whether this has anything to do with your sleep.

9. Heart Balloons

Another twist to the heart design – make them into balloons and just keep them together side by side.

February mood tracker - heart balloons
Image from Crazy Laura

10. Mini roses

Roses are another symbol of love. Hence, you cannot go wrong with roses mood tracker for February. Here are adorable mini roses!

11. Rose in a Jar

Familiar with Beauty and the Beast? Here’s the rose in the jar that the Beast didn’t want anyone to touch.

12. One Big Rose

This one is a rather unique way to create a mood tracker. Most mood trackers here will color the drawings to signify the moods. But in this layout, you color the lines.

Simply create one big rose, then draw lines around it. Then color those lines according to your mood each day. The happier you are, the longer you color the line for that day.

February mood tracker - one big rose
Image from Andrea Peacock

13. Bright Red Hearts

Now this is a bold and bright hearts mood tracker!

The hearts drawings are very simple. But the colors, my, they’ll really catch your attention!

14. Hanging hearts and envelopes

Like in a clothesline, draw hanging envelopes and hearts. Again, colors don’t always have to be shades of red.

15. Mini Hearts

Just keep those mini hearts in a horizontal line while alternately inverting the hearts. And what an awesome thing to have a mini calendar above. You’ll easily see what day each date is without having to go back to your calendar page.

16. Tree of Hearts

Another variation to the hearts design – draw a tree of hearts above the trackers! You will feel your heart blooming with love by simply glancing at that tree.

17. A Calendar of Hearts

Rather than adding a mini calendar on the mood tracker, why not just plot the hearts in a calendar format? Nice trick!

Oh, and those two puzzle pieces on top are just awesome! “You complete me.” —- Lovely!!

calendar of hearts
Image from Pinterest

18. One Big Heart

Now this is a really big heart! And from the drawing, you can see that this is very easy to make too.

Simply draw a heart, then divide the space with lines, and that’s it!

one big heart
Image from Pinterest

19. Love Letters

What a unique way to create a mood tracker for February! And it looks like a love letter is being written and there are lots of envelopes floating around… meaning… lots of love!

Oh, and I especially like that typewriter! It makes me nostalgic – thinking back of the old times. Oh, how sweet it is to receive a love letter from your special someone!

20. Chocolates

Chocolates are favorite gifts this love month. So here it is in your mood tracker! For the sweet tooth indeed.

Image from Pinterest

Take your pick!

Whether you like hearts, envelopes, roses or chocolates for your mood tracker this February, you’ve got it in here! So, what’s left now is for you to take your favorite and copy it in your own bullet journal.

Choose a design that is easy to do. Make something that you will be inspired to fill up everyday. Because… I have to emphasize this… no matter how lovely your mood tracker is, if you don’t update it, it won’t mean anything, and it won’t be helpful.

So again, choose the best one for you. Then open your bullet journal and get your mood tracker ready for February!

Looking for more mood tracker designs and layouts? Check these out!

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From hearts to roses, to love letters and chocolates, you have plenty of choices here for your mood tracker this February. Go take your pick!

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