Laundry Room Decorating Ideas that Will Motivate You to Wash Clothes Better!

Washing clothes will feel less like a chore with these laundry room decorating ideas!

Laundry room decorations to motivate you to wash clothes better!

The laundry room is a space where hard work happens and it is no hidden fact that laundry is a tedious chore that not everyone looks forward to.

But if you get to make the laundry room look like a place that everyone would want to use and hang out to, you will be surprised how people around the house would be more inspired to do their own laundry!

Here are some simple laundry room decorating ideas that will surely brighten up your laundry room, and motivate you and your family to wash clothes better!

1. Hang a Lost Socks sign

Isn’t it annoying when you end up with socks with no pairs after doing a load?

Put up a lost sock sign on the wall. Use that to hang up the mismatched socks! The next time you or somebody else does a load and finds the pair, the socks can be reunited again!

Lost socks sign
image from SALTY CANARY

2. Put some laundry quotes!

Putting up laundry-themed quotes on the walls is another great laundry room decoration and a real motivator!

There are lots of quotes and sayings to choose from. You can even print them out yourself so you can choose your own font and colors. Give it a good frame and hang it on the wall, or set it on the countertop or on open shelves.

Laundry quotes
image from ETSY

3. Make a laundry guide available for everyone to see.

When you are teaching your kids to do their own laundry, they will need a guide to remind them what to do in case you are not around.

A framed laundry symbols and stain removal guide wall art like this one will definitely help them out! And it looks decorative too!

Laundry guide
image from ETSY

4. Arrange some seats and a table in the corner.

Set up a spot in the laundry room where you can hang out while waiting for your load to be done. You can read a book here, work on your laptop, do some crafts, do some other work you’re doing. All these without having to leave the room and forget your laundry and your motivation.

Now here’s a sample laundry room corner that I really like!

It has a storage bench (baskets can be stored beneath it) and a round table. A small round table is perfect since it does not take up much space and it allows you to move around easily even if you are in a small room!

Also mix and match the colors so that it adds to the aesthetic design of your laundry room. Put bright colors like yellow – this will brighten up your mood even when you feel like you’re not in the mood to do laundry.

5. How about a vinyl wall art?

Here’s another decorating idea for your laundry room that I find really fun – use a vinyl wall art!

These are stickers especially made for walls. You can either buy a laundry-themed vinyl wall art, or go to a printing shop and just print one of your own!

Vinyl wall art
image from OVERSTOCK

6. Get a rug especially made for the laundry room.

Spills can happen in the laundry room and damp clothes can leak. It helps to have a rug in the room so you do not slip.

Now if you’re getting a rug, why not get one specifically designed for the laundry room? Or choose one that goes with the theme or color palette of your laundry room! Simple!

Laundry room rug
image from EBAY

7. Try an accent wall.

This is very advisable for a small laundry room where you do not have much space for decorating.

Choose a wallpaper which colors inspire you to move. Place that on one side of the room – it can become a main focal point for your laundry room!

Accent wall

8. Grow some indoor plants.

Plants bring life to any room, especially the laundry room! These greens liven up the place and give it a more natural homey vibe.

Now when your laundry room is like a closet with no windows, you probably would have to settle for fake decorative plants but it will still do the job as a beautiful finishing touch to the room. Just make sure you choose lifelike ones!

9. Put a coin bank in the laundry room.

We all have our moments when we toss our jeans in the hamper without checking our pockets first.

Gather all the loose change you can find in pockets in a cute coin bank such as this one. Once full, you and the family can treat yourselves to a pizza or two!

10. Add some lighting.

Most laundry rooms have no windows so they can be pretty dim even with the lights on. This could be a problem if you are doing the laundry at night.

One way to fix this is to install under-the-cabinet lighting. This will not only make the room brighter but will also add to the overall appeal of the room!

Additional lighting

Laundry Room Themes

If you are thinking to have a laundry room makeover, sticking with a theme helps to determine how you’re going to arrange things there, and what decorating ideas to focus on. So here are some themes that you might find really attractive, and most importantly… motivating!

1. Farmhouse laundry room

I’ve always loved a farmhouse theme! The natural feel just drives me and keeps me calm at the same time.

For a country farmhouse laundry room, you will need some wooden elements and a lot of decorative wooden baskets. Crates and wire baskets with cloth will also do the trick.

Add sliding or swinging barn doors to complete the feels!

This will make everyone feel like they are in a country manor or that they are stepping into a relaxing rural getaway!

2. Boho-chic laundry room

The boho-chic theme can instantly give a relaxing and homey vibe to any room and this includes your laundry room! It easily makes the chore of washing, drying, and folding less stressful.

Pull off this theme with baskets, indoor plants, ceramics or pots. Then add knitted rugs on the wall for some color.

3. Futuristic laundry room

Are you a sci-fi lover? If so, you will love this futuristic-themed laundry room idea!

It has a sophisticated feel and it is definitely unique looking with its bright lighting and sleek storage. There is also a computer screen installed where you can watch your favorite TV shows or movies while doing the laundry.

Futuristic laundry room
image from HOUZZ

4. Minimalist laundry room

Tired of clutter? Go for a minimalist laundry room!

I know a laundry room stores a lot of things, so the key to pulling a minimalist look is to get a lot of storage. The sight of clutter can easily stress anyone out.

However, with a minimalist laundry room, you walk into a neat and clean room that lets you focus on the task right away.

Check this example where the homeowner invested in closed storage to hide away the clutter. All that is left on the counters are the things that you usually need to wash clothes.

Minimalist laundry room
image from THE SPRUCE

5. Industrial laundry room

An industrial-themed laundry room can teach everyone the value of hard work or just make the laundry room more manly (great if your home is dominated by males).

Incorporate pipe-like fixtures on your shelves just like in this example. You may also use exposed bricks or make do with wallpaper bricks.

Industrial laundry room

6. Beach laundry room

Do you love the beach? I sure do! We look forward to a trip to the beach every summer!

That’s why a beach-themed laundry room is also among my favorite decorating ideas in this list!

Paint your cabinets or shelves in shades of blue or turquoise. Use wooden baskets and furniture. Add some seashells or starfishes as decorations.

This will definitely turn your laundry room into a refreshing part of your home!

Beach laundry room
image from BELLE VIVIR

7. Retro laundry room

Step back in time with a retro-themed laundry room. This will make you feel like a Stepford wife!

It helps if you can find a washing machine that has a retro look. If not, you can customize a retro-looking case for your modern machines. Gather some retro furniture or wall art and you can easily pull this theme off.

8. Hidden laundry room

Not everyone has the luxury to have a separate laundry room.

Now when you laundry room is just a corner in the kitchen or the bathroom, you might prefer to have that part hidden when guests are around.

You can do this through custom-made closets. If you do not have the budget for that yet, make do by covering the machines with shower curtains or table skirts.

Hidden laundry room
image from HOME-IDEAS.RU

Your laundry room deserves a good design!

Laundry day is rough enough so why not do all your chores in a pretty and stylish place?

Your laundry room should not only be organized functionally – it should be stylish too. And it should give off an overall ambiance that would make anyone using it feel relaxed instead of stressed out.

With these decorating ideas, I am sure you can incorporate a couple of them into your own home and make your laundry room look better.

Now everyone in the house will feel more inspired and motivated to do their laundry!

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Be motivated to wash clothes better with these laundry room decorations!

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