20 Command Center Ideas That You Can Easily Adopt In Your Own Home

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command center ideas to organize your home

Setting up a command center in your home can do wonders for how you run your household. It helps you easily keep track of your family’s schedules, the kids’ chores, meal plans, and paperwork.

This is no exaggeration. A lot of busy moms can attest to this. When you think about all your responsibilities and all the things that you need to keep track of all at the same time, it can be overwhelming!

A command center houses everything for you. The whole family can access it and do their own updates so they do not have to rely on you all the time.

Don’t know where to start? No problem! Here are 20 command center ideas that you can easily adopt in your own home!

1. Utilize a small corner.

Check out how Mom Cassie of Hi Sugar Plum made use of a small corner in the house and turned it into a functional command center!

Corner command center
image from HI SUGAR PLUM

The space seemed small at first but it turned out it was just right to accommodate everything she needs to keep track of.

That small floating corner desk is my favorite! You can set up a stool beneath it, hence, you can sit down while writing notes or dealing with paperwork.

2. Make use of folders for personalization.

Here is one way to make sure that your family command center will not be cluttered – make use of file folders for personalization.

Every member in the household gets a folder – giving them their own space to place their paperwork, or for you to communicate with them. The key is to make sure everybody makes it a habit to check their folders before they leave the house and when they arrive home.

You may also use this folder idea to compartmentalize other paperwork like bills and receipts. It’s perfect for when you have limited space!

3. Use a vacant closet.

Consider converting a coat closet into a command center!

Closet command center

Isn’t this one cute?

The closet doors were taken off. However, if you want to keep your command center out of sight when guests are around, don’t remove the doors. Simply close them to hide your command center.

4. Rustic command center

Rustic is a common theme for interior design. Now if you plan to set up a command center in a rustic-themed room, you should also adapt the theme to your command center.

I really love how this sample has that vintage feel. The clipboards that houses a to-do list with daily, weekly, and monthly agenda blend in really well with the metallic pockets.

5. Wall-behind-the-door

Do you have a back door or garage door in your home? Why not utilize the wall space behind it for your command center?

If you have guests, they will be using the main entrance so you do not have to worry about them taking a peek at your command center. This idea is best though if your kids are old enough to stop banging doors. On the other hand, you can always set up a door stopper so that your command center will not be affected when the door opens.

Wall-behind-the-door command center

6. Monochromatic command center

One thing that can help your command center look clean and neat is to go monochrome where you stick to just one color but use different shades of it.

Here’s a sample command center using different shades of the color brown, achieving a unified and clean overall look.

Monochromatic command center
image from BLEES’ER HOUSE

7. In the Pantry

If you are looking for another hidden command center idea and you have a pantry, you can make use of your pantry doors. After all, everybody uses the pantry!

Just make sure you use materials that will not be swaying and losing their place when people open and close the doors. Choose the right adhesives or hooks to make sure everything stays in its proper place. Otherwise, it will just be a hassle.

Pantry command center
image from SAND & SISAL

8. No storage command center

Sometimes, command centers that provide lots of storage or shelf space just provide a space for the family to dump things in it. Your command center ends up being a catch-all for different items and looks cluttered.

Hence, this command center by the Caldwell Project has just the right compartment space so there is no place for anything else. It’s a great way to ensure that your command center will stay neat.

9. Create an accent wall.

One way to grab attention to your command center is to create an accent wall effect – make it stand out! In this example, aged wood was used, which makes the area stand out among the white walls of the house.

10. Whiteboard command center

If you do not have much to track, you may just use a simple whiteboard as a command center like this example.

I love the way that she placed frames on the board and the ones inside make an effective border for a particular list.

11. By the fridge

The space by the fridge is another good spot in the kitchen to set up a command center since everybody goes to take something from the fridge daily. It is one of those prime locations in the house that everyone would not miss so you can be assured that everyone will be updated.

By the fridge
image from A SHADE OF TEAL

12. Minimalist command center

Command centers can look cluttered when paperwork and notes are exposed. You can take a minimalist approach to stay organized.

In this example, every family member has their own box which keeps the clutter out of sight.

13. Use plastic bins.

If you want an exposed command center but something that does not look cluttered, use plastic bins to organize your stuff. Take this example for instance – everything looks so clean and orderly. The key is to make use of matching plastic bins and containers so that everything looks uniform.

Use plastic bins
image from THE IDEA ROOM

14. Kitchen cabinet command center

Here’s another hidden command center – converting your kitchen cabinet into one!

Again, everyone uses the kitchen so it will not be hard to miss even when it is out of sight. This also ensures your command center will be away from the prying eyes of your guests.

15. Vintage command center

For those who have an old soul, a vintage command center will inspire you to be more organized. I love this example and the vintage rotary phone actually adds to its charm. You can find most of the materials in this sample in thrift shops or maybe you have some lying around in your parents’ home.

image from PATINA WHITE

16. Office command center

If the command center is more about a personal way for you to stay on top of things, and your entire family does not have to be involved, why not turn your office command center into your own office space? All you have to do is to add a desk setup beneath it and you have your own functional home office.

17. Industrial command center

An industrial-themed command center demands attention and reminds your family that you mean business.

In this example, the wall was painted with chalkboard paint. Even the clipboards were also painted with chalkboard paint. A wooden frame was used to highlight the calendar on the wall. The metallic stencil letters that make up the month and the wired baskets complete its industrial look.

image from LOVELYETC.COM

18. Go magnetic

You can make use of magnetic trays and boards for your command center like this example – the overall result is a clean, modern, and industrial look that definitely demands attention. Use metallic elements like wire basket and brass clips.

Go magnetic
image from HOME WITH KEKI

19. Flexible command center

If you want a simple and quick solution for your command center needs, you can make use of hanging document organizers like the ones here.

Movable command center
image from HOME TALK.COM

This is a great idea if you are just renting, or you move around or travel a lot. You can easily take your command center with you no matter where you go!

20. Ready-made entryway command center

If you do not have much to organize or keep track of, or you have limited space, limited budget, and no sense of creativity, you may simply purchase ready-made entryway command centers like this one. It provides a one-stop station that allows you to leave messages, sort mail, and hang your keys.

Ready-made entryway command center
image from DH IDEAS

Life does not have to be stressful.

With all these command center ideas, I am sure you can now envision the one that’s appropriate for your home. As you can see, life does not have to be stressful! Be a more organized homemaker, wife, and mother by setting up your command center now!

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