21 Simple and Pretty Kids Room Decor Ideas and Designs

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Simple and beautiful decors for your kids' rooms!

Your child’s bedroom is not just about colors and toys. It is your child’s personal space to sleep, play, relax, and study.

But the thing with kids is that their favorites come and go as they grow up. Doing a permanent themed bedroom design could mean you will have to remodel everything again once your kid loses interest.

To avoid wasting money, why not stick with a basic color palette and just incorporate themes through decors that you can easily replace as the years go by? This way, the bedroom becomes a space that can easily be changed as your kids grow up.

To help you with this, here are 20 kids room decor ideas that are simple and easy to do! I’m sure you’ll find something that will fit your home.

Let’s get on with it!

1. Stick with neutral colors.

Most of us instinctively go for bright colors and wallpapers in their kids’ bedroom.

To make a room that can accommodate the constant changes in your child’s interests, you may simply start off with neutral colors like shades of white, brown, gray, or blue. Then add other colors through decors.

With a neutral color palette, it is easier to mix and match with whatever theme appropriate as your kids grow.

kids room decor - neutral colors
Image from Moshi

2. Use wall decals.

Wall decals are removable stickers that you can just stick on the walls and voila, you’ve got a nice wall decor already!

These come in lots of themes and sizes. Some can even cover up most of the wall.

Pick something that your child likes and will make him/her enjoy the bedroom more!

kids room decor - wall decals
Image from Home Design Lover

Buy wall decals here (Amazon).

3. Create an art gallery on the wall.

Turn your kids bedroom into an art gallery by simply displaying their own drawings, paintings, doodles, and other artwork on the wall.

Place these in frames for an organized look!

Here’s another sample!

kids room decor - wall art gallery (paintings)
Image from Pinterest

4. Give your kids a teepee.

A teepee is a popular decor for kids bedrooms. It is not only pretty to look at but it is also functional since your kids can actually use it!

Set it up on a carpet. Then throw in some cushions and stuffed animals. It’s a perfect reading nook or simply a place to hang out in.

kids room decor - teepee
kids room decor - mom and daughter inside teepee

5. Add a Waldorf playstand.

Your kids will definitely love a Waldorf playstand in their room because it can be many things to them!

They can use it for role playing and pretend play. It can be a bedroom, living room or kitchen. It can be a store too, where they can pretend to sell items. They can even hold a puppet show in there!

And when they feel tired already, simply add some cushions and blanket and the space can be used for resting or reading their favorite stories.

Waldorf playstand
Image from Kids Who Play

6. Add a storage bench in the room.

Instead of getting little chairs, you may opt to invest in storage benches. You can use it for many years, plus, it doubles as storage for your kids’ stuff!

kids room decor - storage bench
Image from A Beautiful Mess

7. Install a pegboard on the wall.

Pegboards are one of the most timeless fixtures that you can install in your home. These are extremely functional, plus you can easily transfer the placement of shelves and hooks in them.

Add one in the kids bedroom. Then you’re free to decorate it as you please!

kids room decor - pegboard in the boys room
Image from This is Our Bliss
kids room decor - pegboard in the boys room
Image from This is Our Bliss

Sometimes you can just simply arrange each item well on the pegboard and this can already double up as decor! Just add a few more decorative items.

As the theme of the room evolves, and your kids’ needs change, the pegboard can stay in place and accommodate those changes as they come.

8. Create oversized blocks.

Create a couple of oversized blocks for your kids room.

For example, these oversized letter blocks are not just decorative, but most importantly, these can be used as toy storage too.

Oversized blocks
image from HGTV BY CHIP WADE

As your kids grow, they can also use these as tables and chairs, so it’s really flexible – a nice choice of a decor for your kids room.

9. Be generous with washi tapes!

Here’s a really simple decor idea when your kids room is too plain. Add patterns and colors simply by sticking washi tapes on the wall!

Here’s one that uses washi tapes only to decorate the room.

Washi tape
image from LOVING IT

Washi tapes come in different colors and patterns. Unlike other types of tape, they do not leave a sticky mess or residue when you use them, so there are fewer chances of damaging the wall.

Washi tapes also blend well with other decorative items. So if you already have a decor placed in your kids’ room, these tapes are nice additions.

Take this one for example. The washi tapes go really well with the boxed shelves of decor on the wall!

kids room decor - using washi tapes
Image from Home My Design

10. Make it magical with glow-in-the-dark stars.

To make this work, you will need removable glow-in-the-dark stickers.

These stickers are well-loved and have been popular for several years – even adults use them! Every night can be magical for your kids – a great help too when your kids are afraid of the dark.

You will find many of these stickers in Amazon. Get them here!

11. Put a race track rug on the floor.

For the boys bedroom, get a race track rug. Most of these have a maze pattern that your kids can follow and they have to figure out how to end up in the finish lines. These rugs come in many colors and sizes.

Surely, they will have fun playing on the floor with this rug! Also a subtle way to protect the floor in the boys bedroom!

Race track rug
image from KID CARPET

12. Use chalkboard paint on the walls.

Bring out the artist in your kids and let their imaginations run wild! Paint the kids bedroom walls with chalkboard.

This can help the kids create their own world within the room. Even you as a parent will surely have fun too!

Chalkboard walls
Image from DECOIST.COM

13. Make a T-shirt headboard.

This is a decor idea that you can change as time passes.

What I love about this is that it allows you to repurpose your kids’ old clothes. It’s pretty useful when your kid does not want to let go of his favorite shirt. Just put it up on the board!

In case you need more inspiration to repurpose your old clothes too, we have covered some creative ideas here: Recycle Clothes with these 20 Awesome Projects!

14. Decorate the walls with letters.

Personalize your kids room and make them feel like it’s truly their own room. Decorate the room with a monogram of their first names.

For example, when they share a room, display their initials on top of their beds.

kids room decor - decorate walls with monogram
Image from Homedit

One way to make kids feel like the room is truly their own is to decorate the room with a monogram of their first names.

There are many ways you can create your own monogram letters. One good example is by using cardboard as a base. Then stick materials on it like wrapping paper, washi tape, buttons, beads and stickers.

You can even use old and damaged toys to create a monogram!

Monogram letter

Now if your kid has her room exclusively hers, you may also display her whole name using these monogram letters.

kids room decor - name in monogram
Image from Homedit

15. Stick paper flowers on the wall.

A cute temporary way to decorate a girl’s bedroom is to make paper flowers and stick them on the wall. This is lovely and truly feminine!

Create different kinds of flowers in different sizes and fill just a portion of the bedroom. If you want the entire wall decorated, well feel free!

It gives a unique look to the room and your girl may want to keep it until her teenage years!

16. Hang fairy lights in your girl’s bedroom.

Does you daughter love playing princess? If so, decorate her bedroom with fairy lights!

Choose a light fabric and hang it above her bed, forming a tent-like setup, or a canopy, depending on which is more appropriate in the kid’s room. Hang the lights and that’s it!

Welcome to fairyland!

fairy lights for girls bedroom
Image from lights4fun

Buy fairy lights at Amazon.

17. Hang pictures and postcards on the wall.

Instead of hanging your kids’ pictures on the wall using the usual frames or corkboards, hang them from a string.

Let your kids collect postcards and put those too!

kids room decor - pictures and postcards on string on the wall
Image from HGTV

18. Choose chocolate and creme colors.

This is an alternative color to the usual pink, blue, grey and yellow colors that’s often used on kids’ rooms.

The backdrop is a neutral color, making it very easy to change colors as your child matures and develops different interests.

kids room decor - chocolate and creme color
Image from Ideal Home

19. Stick a growth chart on the wall.

Track the kiddo’s height with a growth chart like this!

kids room decor - transform an old dresser
Image from Fawn Over Baby

Choose something that will go well with the theme of the room. Like this arrow growth chart that blends well with the overall rustic feel of a boy’s room.

20. Transform an old dresser.

If you have an old dresser, paint it to give it a new look!

You can give it different shades, like this girly pink dresser. The pink color at the bottom is the original.

Image from Project Nursery

21. Hang a model airplane in the boy’s room.

When your boy loves flying, hanging a large model airplane in the corner of the bedroom can be just the right decor! Your boy will love it I’m sure!

Keep it simple!

As you can see, decorating doesn’t have to be that hard. With these kids room decor ideas, you can create a happy place for them without having to spend a lot of money.

So go on and play around with simple decors and have fun with your kids too!

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These decor ideas and designs will surely turn your kids room into a happy place! Simple and easy to do so I'm sure you'll find something for your home!

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