20 Spring Decor Ideas to Style and Brighten Up Your Home!

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spring home decor ideas

The winter cold has gone and we welcome the warmer weather! What better way to welcome this season than change our home’s decorations?

Indeed, as plants start to grow again, and flowers begin to bloom again, spring is also the perfect timing to give our homes a new look and feel.

So after you spring clean your home, taking away the winter blues, make it look brighter and feel fresher, and just as good as the season!

Hence, we gathered the best spring decor ideas that you can pull off in your own home. Whether you are looking for a simple flair of color, or something elegant but affordable, we’re confident there is something on this list that will call out to you!

Let’s get on with it!

1. Flowers in a display dome

This is a romantic spring decor idea that will also give your home the vintage feels. Remember that iconic enchanted rose in Beauty and the Beast? It’s been every girl’s desire since it came out.

You can easily recreate something like it for spring! Take this one for example. It’s not a rose but, you get the idea.

spring home decor - flowers in a display dome
Image from Lobster & Swan

You can make this for any flower you like! After all, online ordering has made it easy as ABC to get just about any flower you want in no time. From exotic tropicals to showstopping anemones, the flower collection by bouqs’ can be a great source of inspiration!

2. Pinecone flowers

Got a lot of pinecones lying around in your backyard? Turn these into flowers for spring!

When you flip over a pine cone, it looks similar to a zinnia flower. Paint these and you’ll end up with these beautiful pieces.

spring home decor - pinecone flowers
Image from A Fanciful Twist

Put these in a bowl for centerpieces or use them for wreaths. It’s a home decor project that is too easy to ignore this Spring!

3. Faux wall of plants

Make your indoors feel like a garden thanks to this great idea from blogger Emma Chapman!

She installed what she calls a faux living wall in her home office and it definitely looks so much more relaxing!

Guess what – her wall is just made out of astroturf and artificial plants. No need to worry about maintaining everything! You can easily pull this off!

spring home decor - faux wall of plants
Image from A Beautiful Mess

The charm of Emma’s faux living wall is its simplicity and its versatility. You can customize it to your own taste. For instance, if you’re a fan of florals, why not infuse a touch of romance and elegance with pink rose bushes? These artificial bushes not only add a pop of color but also bring a hint of English garden charm right into your home office. 

Unlike real roses, they require no watering, pruning, or any sort of maintenance, making them perfect for a hassle-free living wall!

4. Statement floral artwork

Do you have dark walls? That does not mean you can not join in the fun of Spring decorating!

Put a bold floral statement artwork like this in your bedroom.

spring home decor - floral artwork
Image from Alvin Wayne

Then, fill bud vases with flowers having the same color as the art piece. Place them on the bedside tables for balance.

5. Flowers in a teacup

This sweet-looking teacup floral arrangement is something that anyone can easily fall in love with! The best thing about it? It is so easy to do!

spring home decor - flowers in a teacup
Image from Craftberry Bush

It’s a simple flower display that makes a beautiful centerpiece around the house. We love that moss as a finishing touch – it’s basically spring in a cup!

6. Pompom tree

Here’s a great spring decor idea that will add a lot of color to the room!

Simply gather a couple of branches. Then make pompoms out of felting wool (you can use any color theme you want). Glue the pompoms on the branch with a hot glue gun. Then place the branches on a tall clear vase.

That’s it! Simple and cheap!

spring home decor - pompom tree
Image from Wayaiulandia

7. Umbrella wreath

If you are looking for a totally unique wreath for your front door this spring, then look no further! Try making this tulips umbrella wreath!

No need to use fake flowers. You can use real flowers for this beautiful wreath! Simply use aquatubes. They’re available in Amazon. Get one here!

8. Succulent centerpiece

This is a spring home decor that is not too floral, but too lovely to miss!

It’s a DIY – a beautiful piece made of dollar store materials and reindeer moss. All the elements in this centerpiece just go so well together!

spring home decor - succulent centerpiece
Image from DIY Beautify

9. Flower chandelier

This DIY project makes use of a wooden embroidery hoop, ribbon, lace, pink and peach roses, white peonies, and lilacs. The end result just looks so beautiful and romantic!

spring home decor - flower chandelier
Image from Honestly WTF

10. Flowers on antique trunks

This spring decor combines hard and soft textures which is a great staple when it comes to fashion and design trends.

If you have some antique trucks lying around in your attic, and you have the space, take them down and turn them into home decor for spring just like this one!

spring home decor - flowers on antique trunks
Image from The Mccartneys

11. Hanging mason jars

Ever since mason jars were a thing, it looks like we would never hear the end of this craze. There is just so much that you can do with them and this spring decor idea is just one of the best things you can do with it!

You can even pull this off with faux flowers if you want them up on your walls for a long time.

spring home decor - hanging mason jars
Image from Decorating HQ

12. Dollar store topiary tree

Create your topiary tree in less than an hour using items that can be found on dollar stores. It’s a simple, but nice springtime decor that will add greenery in your home!

Try something like this!

dollar store topiary tree
Image from Home Made Lovely

13. Sun hat wreath

Along with spring’s warm weather, everything just feels so light and bright. and so it’s time to bring out the sun hats!

Make this low-cost sun hat wreath to add sunshine onto your front door. You can still use this even in summer!

sun hat wreath
Image from We Three Shanes

14. Branches in a bottle

Here’s another decor that’s simple and easy to pull off!

Get a few tall flowering branches and then place them in a jug that has character or a unique shape. Put water inside. And that’s it!

Just change water as needed and you’ll have this lovely home decor with you the entire spring!

branches in a bottle
Image from A Cultivated Nest

15. Gazebo birdhouse

Now that the sun is out longer, the birds are back to make your days more musical. So encourage them to hang out longer in your yard!

Hang DIY gazebo birdhouses around. Paint them in bright colors to add splashes of color to your home!

gazebo birdhouse
Image from pop shop america

16. Tulip bucket

If you are looking for something antique and romantic, this is for you!

tulip bucket
Image from Vibeke Design

An old metal bucket is used to hold a bunch of tulips. You can easily situate this on your porch, on top of a mantel, or as a centerpiece.

It also gives you a lot of color with an element of timeless grace. Now that’s awesome!

17. Grass displays

Living greens will always be a hit for home decor no matter what the season is. So this spring, why not try grass displays?

Plant wheatgrass or lemongrass on a rustic centerpiece, like an old drawer such as this.

grass displays
Image from Country Girl Home

Display it on the dining table and it adds tranquility during mealtimes!

18. A planter full of flowers

Gather different spring flowers – daisies, tulips, daffodils and the likes. Arrange them in a planter. Then display in the front porch!

a planter full of flowers
Image from The Happy Housie

What a simple and graceful way to welcome spring in your home!

19. Plants in china

Turn your china cabinet into a greenhouse!

Imagine having that into your dining room. What a refreshing and relaxing feeling it gives your home!

Just keep the cabinet doors open to give the plants the air they need.

20. Spring in the kitchen

Keep your kitchen organized and clean, then bring in the flowers and plants! Even the fresh produce can double as home decor so put them on display too!

Decorating your home for spring doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive!

Decorating is always a thrill! And this list proves that doing so doesn’t have to break the bank. You can make use of simple home decor ideas for spring that are beautiful and easy to do.

Indeed spring is a time of renewal, and what better way to celebrate it than to change up your decors? We hope that you have been inspired by the decors that we listed here.

Enjoy your springtime season!

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Say hello to spring with these beautiful home decors! Beautiful and easy to do!

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