21 Beautiful Decor Ideas for Dining Rooms You Can’t Miss!

Allow your dining room to be a welcoming place! Keep it energetic with these simple, yet beautiful decor ideas for dining rooms!

decor ideas for dining rooms

Your dining room is one of the happiest and busiest spots in the house as it’s the area where everybody gathers to eat. It is only right that you pay attention to the way it looks since it is also a room that guests frequently access!

The type of decor you choose can transform your dining room into anything. It can also show off your personality or style. It will also determine the kind of comfort everybody feels in it.

As you can see, your decor can be anything that you prefer! However, some of us do not even know what we want until we see it. Others often want a setup that is neutral enough to go with any theme or holiday gathering.

To help you out, we gathered these 20 decor ideas for dining rooms to pique your interest and curiosity!

1. Transform your wall into an art gallery.

You can never go wrong with art on the wall!

If you have an art collection, like paintings, you can give your dining room a unique and artsy feel by turning one of its walls into an art gallery. This shows off your taste and collection and gives guests something to talk about while you are sharing a meal.

decor ideas for dining rooms - wall art gallery
Image from mitlykkehjem via Instagram

Art does not have to be expensive! You can find some in flea stores and thrift shops. You can even have artworks digitally printed these days and just DIY the frames!

2. Create a wall art using plates.

Decorative plates are often a common go-to gift and if you have received a few, you may want to put them on display. The dining room is just the place!

Instead of paintings, use the plates as wall art. You can use China, flea market finds, and even plain plates! This is definitely better than keeping all your pretty plates behind glass.

decor ideas for dining rooms - wall art using plates
Image from mmmcrafts

3. Upgrade your flooring to epoxy.

If you want to give your dining room a modern and sleek look, consider upgrading your flooring to epoxy. Epoxy flooring is not just for commercial spaces, but it’s also becoming popular in residential homes. It’s highly durable and easy to maintain, making it perfect for high-traffic areas like the dining room.

There are countless design options available – from solid colors to intricate patterns – giving you the flexibility to match it with your decor style.

To achieve this, hire professional epoxy flooring contractors who have the experience and expertise to properly install this type of flooring. They can help you choose the right color and finish that will complement the rest of your dining room’s design elements.

Image from Leggari

4. Put a bowl of fruits or a vase with flowers on the table.

This is one of the classics of decor ideas for dining rooms. If you’re looking for that one simple no-fuss decor, this is it!

Even a plain-looking table will easily brighten up with a bunch of fruits or flowers!

5. Do the mirror trick.

If your dining room is dim or small, do the mirror trick!

Put a big mirror on the wall and this can make any room look brighter and larger. But, you may go to flea markets and choose mirrors in different sizes and frames. These can then double as wall decor for your dining room.

decor ideas for dining rooms - do the mirror trick
Image from Decorloving

6. Hang large portraits for a dining nook.

For homes that do not have a separate formal dining room, a dining nook like this one one is common.

Simply hang one or two large portraits on the wall and you’re good!

decor ideas for dining rooms - hang large portraits for a dining nook

7. Play with mismatched seating.

Not everything has to mix and match. You can use mismatching chairs on your dining table and it will still look great. It can even feel Bohemian!

decor ideas for dining rooms - play with mismatched seating
Image from Tuvalu

See how they used different colored wooden chairs? You can find some like these in thrift shops and flea markets. Or if you already have wooden chairs like these, simply paint them!

8. Place crates and wicker baskets on floating shelves.

If you have floating shelves in the dining room, using crates and wicker baskets can already function as home decor! It looks so natural and homey!

decor ideas for dining rooms - place creates and wicker baskets on floating shelves
Image from Pinterest

Oh use the crates and baskets to keep your stuff of course!

9. Bring in plants for coolness and freshness!

Being close to nature is indeed very relaxing. And yes, placing plants inside your home brings coolness and freshness that creates a stress-free vibe!

decor ideas for dining rooms - bring in plants for coolness and freshness
Image from Gardeningetc

10. Hang a few cups on the wall.

If you like something minimal, simply hang some decorative cups on the wall. And that’s it!

decor ideas for dining rooms - hang a few cups on the wall
Image from Visual Hunt

11. Brighten up with colors!

Colored chairs… colored bench… colored pillows… colorful flowers… and pictures of love. All these make up for a beautifully decorated dining room!

You don’t even have to use a table cover for this. Everything else makes the room colorful already! You can have the table bare.

decor ideas for dining rooms - brighten up with colors
Image from Home Design Lover

12. Choose light-colored wood and large mirrors.

This gives a minimalist look in the dining room.

Go for lighter-colored furniture. Then use large mirrors. Your dining room will look bright and spacious! Just add a vase of flowers and that’s it!

Choose light-colored wood and large mirrors.
Image from Home Designing

13. Cover the table with a brightly colored tablecloth.

Most of the time we go with plain and neutral-colored tablecloths, which is great because these can go with any theme and occasion.

However, when everything else is already in neutral colors, a splash of bright color can definitely make a statement!

Cover the table with a brightly colored tablecloth.
Image from Good Housekeeping

The best thing about it? Stains can easily be disguised (depends on the pattern, of course) so you can still use the table cloth even if it has gone through a couple of spills!

14. Invest in unique lighting fixtures.

Even if you don’t have any major decor on the wall, and your table and chairs are plain, your dining room can still look elegant. And this thanks to unique and contemporary lighting fixtures!

Invest in unique lighting fixtures.
Image from The Spruce

15. Make it a library-dining room combo.

Now here is a great idea for book lovers!

If you have a formal dining room but it’s barely used, consider converting it into a library. Your books can then serve as decor!

Also, the room becomes multifunctional and there is no waste of space!

Make it a library-dining room combo.
Image from bSpoke

Here’s another library-dining room setup that you will also love!

Make it a library-dining room combo.
Image from Southern Living

16. Collect the antiques.

Antique pieces of furniture, like chairs and tables, are built to last. Collect antique chairs for your dining room and this will give your home a polished look.

Add other accent pieces that are also antique like a mirror, chandelier and candle holders. These are enough for a dining room decor that truly stands out!

Collect the antiques.
Image from HGTV

17. Cover with linen.

Using linen covers for your chairs and table will definitely make a difference. Here’s a dainty dining room setup using this classic decor style.

Cover with linen.
Image from Southern Living

18. Place a rug underneath.

This is another one of those no-fuss decor ideas for the dining room!

Simply sneak in a rug underneath the table and chairs. Choose one that will fit in the theme of your dining room.

Place a rug underneath.
Image from Decoist

19. Use appropriate curtains.

What vibe do you want to feel in your dining room? Do you like a softer and homey feel? Use lightweight curtains.

Or do you need something formal? Select a simple neutral fabric which can act as an elegant backdrop.

Whatever statement you want to show in the dining room, you can do so by choosing the right curtains. This surely adds to the overall texture and ambiance of the room.

Use curtains.
Image from Homes & Gardens

20. Highlight the room with wallpapers.

Just like with curtains, wallpapers also add texture and visual to your dining room. Choose a wallpaper that will match the color of the walls, the decor that you already have, and the overall theme of the dining room.

21. Style it like a farmhouse dining room.

I can’t help but fall in love with farmhouse design. It’s bright, airy and feels very natural! You’ll feel calm and ready to enjoy the meals served with your loved ones.

Style your dining room like you’re in a farmhouse. Select traditional wooden furniture, natural materials, a farmhouse style chandelier, wooden frames, baskets, white utensils, anything that will add to the rustic feeling in the room!

Style it like a farmhouse dining room.
Image from Curated Interior

Now, transform your dining room!

Whether you have a dining room that you use every day, or a preserved one for hosting guests, and whether it is big or small, it can benefit from a nice and appropriate decor.

And so we hope that you have found at least one from these decor ideas for dining rooms that you’ll want to adapt in your home!

Oh and don’t be afraid to experiment with decor from time to time. Only with experimenting will you be able to see the many potentials your dining room has!

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