50 Things to Declutter Without Any Regret!

One of the reasons why you may find it hard to get rid of clutter is that voice in your head that tells you… I might use this again one day.

While there are things that may whack your head in deciding whether you will still use them or not, there are also those things where you can safely say I’m not using this anymore.

This post is all about that.

If you feel that decluttering is hard because you’re thinking that you might regret it later on, here are fifty things that you can get rid of with confidence and without feeling sorry about it.

Here we go!

1. Extra buttons you get with clothes

They’re nice, but, when was the last time you ever used an extra button? If you’re not a button collector, and you’re not into button crafts, you can safely say buh bye to those buttons.

2. Broken hangers

Seriously… what are you going to do with broken hangers? That’s what I’m talking about!

3. Old and worn-out shoes

Do you ever wear an old and worn-out shoe? What are you going to do with that?

4. Broken eyeglasses and sunglasses

Will you do anything to make it unbroken? Nope? That’s the point!

5. Expired medicine or vitamins

Expired ladies… the word is EXPIRED. Buh bye!

6. Dried up nail polish

Really? You’re gonna undry it? Show me!

7. Expired make-up

Again… expired…

8. Rusted hair accessories

Will you wear something rusty? Give yourself some love. You know even God wants something better for you than that.

9. Expired sunscreen

The cousin of expired makeup… buh bye!

10. Stretched out hair ties

It won’t hold your hair. Believe me. Get yourself some ties that will keep your hair in place!

11. Old toiletries

Tell me… will you still use these? I doubt that.

12. Old hairbrush

Go get yourself a new one!

13. Old toothbrush

Don’t tell me you’re gonna brush your teeth with that. I’ll understand if you’ll use it to dust away those teeny weeny spaces. But if not, what will you do with that? Buh bye!

14. Empty shampoo bottles

Repurpose them ASAP if you’re in to that. Here’s a video that transforms a shampoo bottle into a cute money purse.

If you won’t repurpose them soon… well… buh bye!

15. Old loofahs

A plastic loofah is good for two months only. If it’s a natural loofah, the time is even shorter – three to four weeks only. If you won’t throw it after that, molds will grow into your loofah! I know you don’t want that.

16. Expired pantry items

You won’t ever sprinkle your food with something expired, right?

17. Expired food

Nobody should be eating that. Nobody.

18. Junk food

Replace with healthier choices. Don’t you want to be healthier this 2020? Start now. Throw away those junk foods! They’re junk.

19. Expired canned goods

Foods can only last for long. So even if it’s canned, if it’s beyond its expiration date, throw it!

20. Old disposable cups.

Will you still drink from those cups? Not anymore, right? Repurpose them ASAP if you’re into it. But if not… buh bye! Get yourself some cups where you can confidently drink!

21. Broken cups.

Again… broken.

22. Broken food containers

I won’t say it again.

23. Lids with missing containers

Seriously… what are you going to do with these lids when their counterpart containers are gone?

24. Old, rusted and dull knives

Chop chop chop… Nah… it won’t help you prepare dinner. Not anymore.

25. Broken porcelain or china

No matter how beautiful it is. No matter who gave it to you, if it’s broken, it’s broken.

26. Expired coupons

These won’t earn you any discount anymore!

27. Take out menus

How many times have you used those take out menus? Don’t you just log in to the Internet and use that to order your take out?

28. Old receipts that you won’t need in filing taxes

The shredder awaits them!

29. Old store loyalty cards

Just like the expired coupons, these won’t give you discounts anymore. So why keep them?

30. Gross sponges

If it won’t clean even your kitchen counter surfaces, throw it away already, and go get yourself some new ones!

31. Old tickets

Really… what are these for?

32. Empty sticker sheets

You’ve used the stickers. You’re still going to use the sticker sheets? Really? When? Hello shredder!

33. Blurry photos

My… my… is that Uncle John? Uhh…. Dunno.

What’s the use of a photo if you can’t even see who’s on it?

34. Old paid bills

They’re old. They’re paid. Will you still have any use for them? The shredder awaits.

35. Pens with no more ink

Really? You’re still keeping those? What for?

36. Pens that seem to run out of ink when you use them

How’s it different from a pen with no more ink? You won’t write with it, that’s for sure.

37. Dead batteries

They’re dead. What will you use them for?

38. Lights that no longer work

Sounds like dead batteries… buh bye!

39. Headphones/earphones that are no longer working

You won’t hear a clear sound from that anymore.

40. Burn out candles

Just go get yourself a new candle.

41. Samples from hotels

You’ll use them in your next travel? Really? And when is that?

42. Keys with no more locks

It’s not going to open a secret treasure chest underground.

43. Dried paint

It won’t get undried. You won’t paint with it again.

44. Paint brushes that are stiff with paint

Here’s a guide on how to remove the paint if you’re still thinking about removing the paint. Better do it ASAP, because if you won’t, well… get rid of it!

45. Cleaning supplies you’re no longer using

Why keep them when you’re not going to use them anymore? It won’t clean your home just sitting in your cupboard.

46. Watches that no longer work

If it can’t tell you the right time no matter how you tweak it, it’s time to say buh bye!

47. Random wires

You don’t even know what those wires are for.

48. Broken phone chargers

Still hoping it would work? It won’t.

49. Old phone cases

When the phone is gone, the case should also go. And even if you’re still using the phone, if you’re not using the case anymore, time to say buh bye!

50. Empty CD cases

What will you use that for? It’s not like you’re planning to buy new CDs.

And that’s it!

Quick wins are motivating!

When you’re just starting to declutter, it can feel a bit overwhelming. But quick wins, like getting rid of these fifty things, will make you feel that you can declutter, that you can do it, even little by little, and without regret!

So go through this list again, and if you have these things in your home, get rid of them now. When you’re done, you’re 50 things lighter than when you began.

And that’s a pretty good start already!

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