Blueberry Smoothie Recipe: Healthy and Bluetiful!

This blue-tiful blueberry smoothie is made with frozen blueberries, apple, spinach, banana, ground flax seed, peanut butter powder and almond milk. All seven ingredients are blended together for a delicious and super healthy way to start your day!

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20 Brilliant Garage Storage Ideas

garage organizing solutions

The garage is actually the car’s place in the home. But you know very well that it’s not just the car that lives there.

It’s a catch-all place for almost anything that you won’t store in the house – woodworking stuff, kids’ toys, garden tools, camping gears, seasonal decors, etc.… Read the rest

20 DIY Garage Storage Ideas

With these DIY garage storage ideas, you will see that organizing the garage doesn’t have to be that expensive. There are many things you can do, yourself, to organize your garage.

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20 Easy and Smart Ways to Repurpose Pill Bottles

Don’t throw away your pill bottles – you can repurpose them and use them in so many ways!

repurpose pill bottles

How many pill bottles have you emptied in your life so far? Have you sent them immediately to the trash bin?

Today, let me open your eyes to the many ways that you can still make use of these little plastic tubes.… Read the rest