20 DIY Garage Storage Ideas

With these DIY garage storage ideas, you will see that organizing the garage doesn’t have to be that expensive. There are many things you can do, yourself, to organize your garage.

Yes, it takes time to set all these in place. But when you’re done you’ll feel that it’s worth it. And you have saved much money in the process! Yay!

So let’s get on with this!

1. Recycle plastic bottles.

I’m sure you have empty plastic bottles around your home. Here is one way to put them into good use.

Use them to store small items in your garage – nails, screws, bolts, nuts, washers, staples and the likes.

DIY garage storage - using plastic bottles for the little stuff
From Pinterest

These small stuffs are often scattered all over the garage, and even inside the house. So here’s a clever way to tame the clutter. And using something that we often call trash – empty plastic bottles!

2. DIY a screw driver storage shelf.

Screw drivers are among my hubby’s favorite tools. These are also among those often misplaced.

We have a toolbox to put those screw drivers. But I think this idea is better than that. Each screw driver gets a specific spot on the shelf.

A screw driver storage shelf allows you to see everything in one glance. And that makes locating a screw driver easier than when you just gather them all in a toolbox.

3. Create recycle bin hangers.

There’s probably no better place for recycle bins than the garage. But don’t let them take too much space, or get kicked around the garage. Make hangers like these!

Maximize your wall space by fitting as much recycle bins as you can. This trick also keeps those bins off the floor which literally saves you a ton of floor space!

4. Use old magazine holders for sandpapers

Sandpaper is one of the things we often misplace at home. Yup! I’m guilty!

So when I saw this organization idea, I knew this is such a bright idea to keep all those sandpapers in place.

If you need something more spacious to house your sandpapers, then you might want to make a shelf just for it! Visit The Geek Pub for the tutorial.

5. Make a sliding storage system on the garage ceiling.

Honestly, I never thought of this. I never thought that the ceiling can serve as storage space in the garage!

Yet it is, and it’s amazing! It adds to the space where you can store your stuff, especially when your garage is small.

This DIY garage storage is also a clever way to keep your stuff out of the way. Great storage for camping gears, toys, seasonal decors, and other things that you don’t often use!

Yes you will need a ladder to get your stuff from up there. But considering the extra space that it gives, helping you tame the clutter in your home, I can say it’s worth it!

Visit family handyman for the tutorial.

6. Use an old bi-fold for your garden tools.

The garage is often the storage place for garden tools, and they sure take space too. But if you have an old bi-fold, well… you’ve got yourself a place for the shovel, rake, trowel, gloves, pail, and other garden tools that you use!

Just spend a few bucks on iron knobs and hooks and you’re good!

using a bi-fold for garden tools
From Hometalk

7. Old pallet for garden tools

If you don’t have a bi-fold, or you lack hooks, an old pallet is also cool!

Simply affix the pallet to the garage wall. Put the tools inside. And that’s it!

using an old pallet for garden tools
From Hometalk

Here’s another sample!

8. Create a spray paint rack.

Get all those spray paints together in one place and be able to see them all in one glance. That’s how a spray paint rack makes your life easier!

It’s so colorful too when you arrange it that way! Add a shelf below the rack for more paints and tools. Visit Reality Daydream for the free plans and tutorials.

9. DIY a fishing rod holder.

When your hubby and your sons love fishing, you can expect lots of fishing rods all over the garage and even in the house!

Well… get those fishing gears all arranged neatly with a fishing rod holder that you can make yourself!

Mount the holder on the wall and you can say goodbye to tangled lines and hello to happy faces every time your family goes fishing! Yay!

10. Build a garage cabinet.

A cabinet is probably the hardest DIY garage storage in this collection. Have you even ever made a cabinet before? (not me… haha! definitely not!)

Anyway, using a cabinet is a classic, old and proven way of organizing stuff. It works in every part of the house. And yes it works in the garage too!

DIY garage cabinet
From Tidbits

Of course it depends on how you arrange everything in there. But it still remains to be one of the best spaces to have when you want things organized.

What I love about DIY cabinets is that you can customize it to fit your needs and especially your space. So if you can’t make it yourself, then you can always have someone else do it for you. (wink)

Visit Tidbits for free plans and tutorials.

11. Repurpose tin cans.

Tin cans are great for brush, pencils and other small tools in the garage. So if you have some at home, this is one way to use them again rather than just throwing them into the trash bin.

You can decorate it with washi tape. Or maybe paint it, depends on what you want. Drill a hole at the back, hang it on a hook and that’s it!

12. Use bungee cords for sports balls.

This is pretty easy! All you need is a couple of hooks, bungee cords and two woods to attach the hooks into. Visit Designed to Dwell for the details.

Now when your kids need a ball, they just take that out from between the bungee cords! When they’re done playing, just return the ball in between the bungee cords again. Super easy!

No more rolling balls all around the house!

13. Make a jumbo tape dispenser.

This is a really super creative idea!

Imagine the tape dispensers that we use? You can make something similar for your tapes in the garage. Only waaayyy bigger than the tape dispensers in the office!

This is so useful especially when you just keep your jumbo tapes in drawers.

Now you don’t have to look for your tapes anymore because it’s right there in open view. And also, it’s easier to cut it because you already have a blade in place!

Visit Popular Woodworking for the full tutorial.

14. Use PVC pipes.

Here’s another brilliant idea to organize your long garden tools in the garage. Use PVC pipes to hold them!

You can also use small cuts only… like this.

Also put labels on the PVCs so that you and everybody else in your household won’t get confused when returning the tools.

15. Build garage shelves.

Like cabinets, shelves is another classic organizing must-have. It’s spacious, sturdy and the best part is… it’s easier to make than cabinets!

garage shelves
From Ana White

Just use bins to store your stuff. Then arrange the bins on the shelves. Easy peassy!

Now if you need another shelf that doesn’t have to be as sturdy nor as wide as the one above, just for keeping some tools off the floor, then you might want to build a truss shelf.

garage truss shelf
From Ana White

16. Vertical storage for wheelbarrow.

The wheelbarrow takes up a lot of space in the garage. But when you store it vertically… hmm… it won’t take much space anymore!

With just a few scraps of plywood and hardwood, plus screws, you can make this DIY garage storage system for your wheelbarrow, freeing up lots of floor space for doing your activities.

17. Hang the folding chairs.

When your family needs the chairs, just take them down. Then return them when done!

Hanging these chairs will free up lots of floor space in the garage. Keep them within reach (don’t hang them too high), so it’s easy for you to get them when needed.

18. Make a bike shelf.

Even your bike can be kept off the floor. And that’s by using a bike shelf! It’s up to you whether you’ll make it small only like this.

DIY bike shelf
From Sightline

Or this… with extra shelf for storage.

DIY bike shelf with storage
From Sightline

19. Make a magnetic tool hanger.

It is true that an often overlooked space in the garage is the space under the shelves. This DIY garage storage project makes use of that extra space!

In here you can store small tools by mounting a magnetic strip to the bottom of the shelf. Visit Instructables for the full tutorial.

20. Build a hose hanger.

We definitely need this in our garage!

Our water hose winds up all over the garage. We tried tying it up but it was difficult pulling it, then returning it that way, so that tactic didn’t work for too long.

So when I saw this, it was like a light bulb in my head!

Don’t rush!

I know you want an organized garage as soon as possible. The sooner the better, right?

But when you’re into DIY, you don’t rush things.

Take your time. Measure the space where you will put your DIY garage storage projects. Customize them exactly to your space.

It will take time and probably more effort on your part. But as I’ve said earlier, when you’re finished, it’s going to be worth it!

So always remember… you can organize your garage in budget-friendly ways!

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